Interview with Horror Host Mr. Multo

By Dark Soul

      He is Mr. Multo, the Horror Host of the Morbid Mansion
Theater seen on The Monster Channel.  With a great wit and
Grim Reaper like persona, this new Horror Host is as funny
as he is spooky and a host you should be watching.  I had
the pleasure of meeting him when he joined our Facebook
spin off projects Saturday Night Chillers and Project Horror
Host where he is a member.  The following interview is with
this new rising star in the Horror Host community.

Dark Soul:  Please tell our readers how you got started as a Horror Host on The Monster
Mr Multo:
 Luck!  Seriously, I was chatting with a good friend of mine, Slash Cooper, and I was asking him
for advice on my show, which was on my YouTube channel.  He checked it out and liked it.  He
recommended that I get in touch with Halloween Jack at The Monster Channel.  I was very intimidated, I
had been watching these guys for a while, Halloween Jack, The Bone Jangler, Slash, Octavian Hallow and
Karlos Borloff.  The caliper of their shows are incredible!  Anyway Jack is a very cool guy, he gave a slot
on Saturday night right after the Bone Jangler, no pressure lol.  It's actually very cool at TMC, everyone is
very professional and kind.

Dark Soul:  Love the whole Reaper look you have going on....
what inspired you take on this persona?
Mr. Multo:
 I chose the thing I feared the most, death and figured,
why not turn it into something to laugh at.

Dark Soul:  What is it like running your own Horror Host
show and what are some of the good and bad points in
doing so?
Mr. Multo:
 Well of course, you are your own boss, you pick what
you want to show and when you want to work on it.  The bad points
are the same list I just mentioned, being your own boss makes it to
where you're not held to deadlines and more vulnerable to become lazy.  Your audience needs to be fed, if
you don't feed them, they'll look somewhere else.

Dark Soul:  When did you first take on the role of Mr. Multo and how did you feel when you first
saw yourself in the mirror?
Mr Multo:
 Mr. Multo is my personality, I'm that way 24/7, Sarcastic, prankster that never takes anything
seriously.  When I first looked in the mirror, I thought "what a cheese bag!" hmmmm cheese, now that's an

Dark Soul:  How long have you done your show and what are some of the movies you have
Mr Multo:
 I debuted in 2017 via my YouTube Channel. I've shown, "Curse of the Swamp Creature", "The
She Beast", "Werewolf in a Girls Dormitory", "Killers from Space", "The House on Haunted Hill" and one
of my favorites, "Vampire Hookers".

Dark Soul:  Do you do personal appearances as Mr. Multo for the public and where?
Mr. Multo:
 October 27th in Delphos Ohio, I will be at the "Collect-A-Con" which should be about the time
this issue comes out.

Dark Soul:  Other than Mr. Multo, do you play any other characters for shows or other outlets?
Mr. Multo:
 I couldn't handle anything else.  Mr. Multo takes up all my free time, he is very demanding and I
feel has out grown me!  Was I speaking in the third person? LOL

Dark Soul:  How many episodes have you shot so far and do you have a crew to help you shoot
or are you a one man show?
Mr. Multo:
 I feel like shooting most of them but I'd probably run out of ammo lol.  But seriously, at the time
of this interview 18 shows, plus dozens of promo's and birthday wishes to other host.  No crew, just turn the
camera on and shoot.  I could probably make a few episodes
with just bloopers.  I tend to go off on tangents which make me start laughing and can turn 10 minutes into

Dark Soul:  Where and when can my readers find your show on the Monster Channel and how
often do you produce shows?
Mr. Multo:
 Just check out the guide on The Monster Channel at, they give a listing
every day and a few days in advance.

Dark Soul:  Please give our readers any Facebook or web site info where they can find you?
Mr. Multo: , , , ,

Dark Soul:  Thank you Mr. Multo from one Horror Host to another for this interview our readers
will love it!
Mr. Multo:
 Thank you!
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