Interview with Online Horror Author
Spooky Boo

By Dark Soul

      She is the new voice in horror....and I do mean voice!
You see, author Spooky Boo reads all of her fiction directly
on You Tube, giving her work a truly unique experience for
the listener as they don't have to read her words but rather
hear them in the author's own voice.  I came upon this
author purely by accident and I am so glad that I did. I knew
I wanted to talk with her about her work and her all new
take on horror fiction distribution.

Dark Soul: When did you first get the writing bug and why horror fiction?
Spooky Boo:
I first started writing in 7th grade, but it wasn't until later that I started writing horror fiction.
I've always been a fan of horror movies since I was six years old when I first watched "Night of the Living
Dead" so I guess writing horror stories just came naturally later on. The first horror story I wrote was a short
story about little people who looked like they had raisin faces and were killing people by traveling from
house to house through the sewer. It was never published, but it was fun to write as a kid.

Dark Soul: Reading your fiction on YouTube is a great idea, what made you decide to use it as
your means of distribution for your stories?
Spooky Boo:
At the time I started, I thought it would be more available to people rather than having it
published. You write one time for a newspaper or anthology and that's it. It isn't shared any longer. Sales
stop then people stop reading. I figured YouTube, a podcast, and Patreon would keep the stories alive for
many years to come and I could entertain more people. My favorite compliment is "you really creeped me
out" and I can actually see that in the responses on social media and the sources of the story. If I read this
or something similar, my job is done and I'm happy.

Dark Soul: How many stories have your posted in all to YouTube and what are some of them
Spooky Boo:
I have personally written approximately 60 stories of my own on YouTube. I was reading
creepypasta stories, but YouTube has cracked down on what they call "reused content" which I believe
they consider creepypasta even though we have a creative commons license to tell them. I also want to
just write my own and reading and editing a story a day written by others was taking a lot of time from

I will write just about anything freaky and most of my ideas come from "what if" scenarios. One day I was
standing by the sink while it was having problems draining and the idea was: "What if there was something
alive in the pipes stopping the water?" At first, I thought about a dead rat and that wasn't very scary. Then I
came up with "Sludge" which is a story about green ooze that comes alive and likes blood. Another is
about spiders that came from an experiment and plant eggs inside a body from the spider bite. A few
days later a kid comes down with what they thought were the chicken pox. I also write stories about the
dark web, serial killers, and black-eyed kids or aliens. The sky is never the limit.

Dark Soul: I love the way your read each story, your voice is smooth and yet has a bit of creepy
in your overtone delivery.....sounds great!
Spooky Boo:
Thank you! I've done some voiceover work for a friend who owns an online radio station
and when he mentioned that he liked my voice I ran with it. I know it isn't the freakiest voice around, but
what can you do? I try to keep it slow and creepy.

Dark Soul: What other genres do you write in and are they also on YouTube?
Spooky Boo:
While I used to do some tech writing, now I only write horror stories. I am not a fan of
romance and, although I love thrillers, I like writing short stories. I can run a horror story from point A to
point B in 20 minutes to an hour. An actual thriller would take days--maybe weeks-- and I don't have that
kind of time. Plus, horror is more exciting for me. Writing horror is also a kind of therapy because when
you're angry you can create scenarios you really wish would never happen.

Dark Soul: Do you have other outlets for your fiction such as e-books and print book?
Spooky Boo:
I post all of the text on my website. I also have a podcast on iTunes, Spotify, and
iHeartRadio as well as other affiliates. I'm thinking about putting the stories in an anthology every year and
selling it on Amazon. At this point, I don't believe I have enough stories to sell so this idea is still in the

Dark Soul: What other stories do you have in the works that you would like to tell us?
Spooky Boo:
Oh goodness. All of my stories are based in a fake small town near where I grew up in
Northern California and I have so many ideas. Right now I have about 10 partial stories going on that I
haven't finished. A haunted courthouse, a haunted lakehouse, a creepy doll in the woods, a few dark web
stories. I don't know which one will be next, but I know it will be out next Friday as of the time I'm doing this

Dark Soul: Please give our readers and fans any website links you have so they may find more
of your work and follow you as new fans.
Spooky Boo:
 My website
My podcast: or
My Patreon club/newsletter/commercial free
I'm also on facebook at and twitter at

I also want to add, thank you so much for the interview. I love getting the horror community together where
we can all share our work. It means a lot.
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