Interview With Horror
Host Jackie Blood of
Spooky Hardcore

By Dark Soul

She’s Jackie Blood of Spooky Hardcore and a new driving force in the horror host world. Her
show brings back the old style of movie hosting and she’s dose it with the grace and style of a
true horror fan. The following interview is with Jackie Blood of Spooky Hardcore.

Dark Soul: Please tell us all about Spooky Hardcore Productions and your show Spooky
Jackie Blood:
Spooky Hardcore Productions is an independent production title I founded myself. I figure
you're going to produce your own show you need a title. Inspired by my show's own name. Spooky
Hardcore is a Spooky Show for Hardcore horror fans.

Dark Soul: I love the title Spooky Hardcore….how did the name come about?
Jackie Blood:
When I was young (a kid growing up), I loved scaring friends and family. I was always a bit
of a spooky type of person. I would lurk silently, not intentionally, and would scare people. It was a bit of a
habit really. And being a hardcore fan of my favorite genre (horror), the two went together in a name for my
show. Seemed a proper name for such a show title at the time.

Dark Soul: When did you start the show and what was the inspiration to become a Horror Host?
Jackie Blood:
I started the show two years ago in 2016. My favorite Horror Hosts as a kid were Dr.
Shock and Stella Desire. Those two paved the way for the person I am today. I missed their shows. And
realized that my area had no Horror Host or Hostess, I took it upon myself to return what my favorite city of
Philadelphia was missing.

Dark Soul: To date how many episodes of Spooky Hardcore have you done?
Jackie Blood:
 So far eight, which is four episodes for two hosted movies. Which are THE BAT (1959)
and the original movie DEMENTIA 13 (1963).

Dark Soul: What plans do you have for upcoming episodes?
Jackie Blood:
I am finishing up my hosted movie for the original movie HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL
(1959). Which is approaching Episode 4. Next hosted movie will be CARNIVAL OF SOULS (1962).

Dark Soul:  Growing up, have you always been a fan of horror movies and what are some of the
ones you love the most?
Jackie Blood:
Yes. Well I'd have to say the original silent picture version of The Phantom of the Opera
and The Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Dark Soul: For you, what movie do you think was the scariest film of all time?   
Jackie Blood:
HELLRAISER directed by Clive Barker. It went one step beyond my expectations from the
regular TV horror movies I use to watch.

Dark Soul: What would you like to say to anyone out there who wishes to host their own horror
movie show one day?
Jackie Blood:
Make your dream happen. Share your love of horror movies. And help horror fans to
remember the old ones and the ones you love too.

Dark Soul: So what will Jackie Blood be doing on Halloween this year?  
Jackie Blood:
Hosting another Halloween Special of course. To help spread the spooky cheer of the
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