Interview with Horror Host Slash of
Graveyard Tales

By Dark Soul

The days of the Horror Host are not long gone by no
means as today a new batch of horror fans have taken
up that mantle for an all new generation. This week we
talk with Slash, a hip cool werewolf, the kind you would
like to have a beer with and talk about the thing he loves
most….horror movies. The following interview is with
this stylish werewolf who hosts his own horror movie
internet TV series.

Dark Soul:  Please tell our fans about how you got
started as a TV Horror Host?
 Well from an early age on, I've always been fascinated
by monsters! Frankenstein and the Wolfman in particular. Being this is Indiana, this is Sammy Terry
country, so I grew up watching him with my great grandmother. As I got older Elvira, The Crypt Keeper
from Tales From The Crypt and Joe Bob Briggs all appealed to me. So I pro wrestled on the Indy circuit for
six years off and on, and knew enough about that, that it would pretty much be the same thing. Promoting,
character development and what not.

So with my love for horror, the genre and slapstick and campiness. I figured I could do it. The idea for the
show came up about 2008-09. Myself and a buddy was working night shift and was bored. I'm an artist
and sculptor, so I drew this Wolfman, the basic design of how you see Slash now and we came up with the
concept of the show, Graveyard Tales. Then it sat, and sat for about seven years until I decided I was
gonna do it and then started building the set and doing some small video bits on social media here and
there. I had some guidance early on with a lot of stuff from a haunter who used to own and operate one of
Indiana’s well known haunted houses, Harrodsburg Haunted House. John Jeffries has supplied a lot of
useful and helpful information in an evolving Slash.

Dark Soul:  I love the look of your character, it sort of reminds me of the
werewolf in the first season of "Scooby-Doo, Where are You".  How did
you come up with Slash's look....make-up, costume and back story?
 I took the coolness of Jack Nicholson, mixed it with a Wolfman look, and
an over the top Beetlejuice personality and voice, mixed it all as one and that was
Slash. The more time goes on, Slash's personality becomes a little of his alter
ego. A bipolar, moody, over caffeinated hyper Wolfman man lol. He I believe has
found who he is though. His look has always been what's in my head, the Chris
Jericho spiked hair, the popped collar etc. He is pretty much how I have always
seen him in my head. His backstory is true to who he is.  He's an ex pro wrestler
who got bit by a werewolf and now he takes his love for horror, the genre and
Halloween and with his pals on Slashes Graveyard Tales.

Dark Soul: I really dig your shows set-design, how did it come about and
who built it?
 Thanks! A friend of the show, Toby Long, built the set from what I saw in
my head. We are really on the same page when it comes to this stuff. The set has evolved too along the
way. It's about twenty feet wide and thirty feet long, but the camera has only seen about 10-15ft of it.

Dark Soul:  How many shows will you shoot in a year’s time and how long have you been doing
 There has been reasons I've only done the small amount I have done, I won't go into it.  But my
goal after October is have two a month, one at the beginning and end of month. It seems like I've been
around for a while that's not entirely true. I've been doing it almost two years but not full shows. I've done a
lot of promoting and commercials etc. I self-promote myself to get myself out there, so Slash is all over
which seems like there has been a lot done. That will all change from here on out. So expect more to come.

Dark Soul:  Along with Octavian Hollow, who are some of the other Horror Hosts that you know
and network with?
 Octavian Hallow is probably who I am closest with, we talk daily, he's a good guy. We got some
great stuff coming up here soon, don't wanna give away anything but it's gonna be good! He's really a
HOOT!  The other is Gee Graves, he's been really good to me and has always supported stuff I've shown
and sent him. I've talked some with Bobby Gammonster, he's been good to me as well, also spoke a lot
here and there with Roxsy Tyler, I really like her stuff. Also spoke to Joe Bob Briggs and maybe possibly
working together somewhere down the road as well.

Dark Soul:  Like Baron Van Wolf Stein who I meet in the early years of our magazine Blood
Moon Rising, do you like have other characters that you play as well or is Slash your only alter-
 Well there's only one, Slash lol, and one’s enough lol! But there is more characters on the show.  
There was Dead Zed, he was a dead cab driver from New York. He went back home to momma. Then we
have Hoots the owl, Poe the raven, Bones a pain in the neck skeleton! And many more, but my best friend
is a giant spider named DOOEY!

Dark Soul: Who are some of the Horror Hosts of the past that you most enjoyed watching
growing up?
Sammy Terry (the original), the more main stream was Elvira of course and as I listed above The
Cryptkeeper from Tales from the Crpyt.  I never missed an episode of Monster Vision with Joe Bob
Briggs! Now I will watch those on old VHS or DVDs or YouTube. I catch Svenghoulie now on Saturdays on
MeTv here locally. Also loved Rod Sterling with The Twilight Zone and Night Gallery and loved Alfred
Hitchcock in all no matter the title if it's presents or The Alfred Hitchcock hour, love the man’s work.

Dark Soul: What would you like to say to young horror fans who would themselves would like to
become Horror Hosts and how they should go about it?
As my buddy from The Monster Channel, Brad "The Bone" Jangler said, not everyone is meant to
be in this business, it's no different than the pro wrestling business, or entrainment etc.  Just because you’
re a fan of the genre doesn't mean you need to do a podcast or host a show. I don't want people to take
that the wrong way, but to make it in a thing like this, you got to have that factor that draws the audience
into what you’re trying to "sell" or get them to watch.

I'm nobody but like I stated before, I come from the pro wrestling world and a lot of those skills apply to
what I do now. I can talk on the fly, I know how to pitch and sell what I'm trying to make people watch. It all
comes down to believing in yourself and your character. When Slash is on camera, his game is on there's
no one but Slash there.  I think you can watch all the hosts that are out there and see what I mean.  I don't
mean that in a bad way, it's just not everyone needs to be a host, this applies to all fields basketball,
baseball etc. There’s a difference in a fan and having it to do it. The passion is there, either you can see it
or you can't and it's easy to see who lacks that  Again no disrespect to anyone.

Dark Soul: Where can our fans find your show and how often do you broadcast?
You can find Slash's Graveyard Tales on The Monster Channel at and
through my Facebook page Slashe Cooper/GTV1313. After October, I will be having two shows a month
out, one at the beginning and end of month hosting some of the best horror and sci-fi movies that public
domain offers lol! I would like to thank a few people who have been kind enough to talk or help or become
friends with in this crazy genre! Octavian Hollow, Gee Graves, Roxsy Tyler, Halloween Jack, The Bone
Jangler, Mr. Maniacal,Ms.Monster,Bobby Gammonster, Sluggo,Dead Head Daddy, Mister Mummy,Zed
Bundy, John Jeffries of Harrodsburg Haunted house fame, Bradley Beard, Sicko-Psychotic, Joe Bob
Briggs and Sammy Terry!!! If I forgot anyone please forgive me I was out late last night howling at the
moon!! Thanks for the HOWL of an interview!!!  -Slash
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