Interview With The People Behind The New Web
Series "Space Dad"

By AL J. Vermette

      Last summer when I attended and hosted the action &
Fantasy Writers Panel for the Tampa Bay Comic Con, I wand-
ered into one of the other events that were going on that night.  
It was a live stage production and short film for a new web
series call Space Dad. Well I loved both the live performance and
the pilot episode of the series so much that I got to talking with
Chelsea Noel Kenny, the producer of the show. Below you will find my new interview with the
people behind this very funny and amazing show that is sure to take the internet by storm soon.

AL: Please tell our readers how the idea of Space Dad came to be?
Space Dad:
One day at work while Dan Ballester and Adriel Jimenez were at lunch, they were reflecting
on how much they loved doing the live show and screening for Adriel's last project, Kaijutsu.  They then
talked about developing an episodic project where their characters were searching for something that
would provide the opportunity to continue creating video content and live shows for an extended period of
time.  After brainstorming many ideas, they realized space provided infinite possibilities.

AL: How was the show casted and who are your main actors
for the series?
Space Dad:
We have a really talented group of people that we've
been creating content with for years, so it was pretty easy to cast.  
Dan and Adriel, the writers and directors, play Pat and Benetar re-
spectively.  Their relationship in real life is very brotherly, and they
have a hilarious banter between the two of them that we wanted to
bring to the characters.

AL: How many episodes have been shot so far and how many
do you plan to produce?
Space Dad:
 Right now we have one completed episode, and have
planned out our first season.  As of right now, there's no end in sight!

AL: Where is the show filmed and how long does it take to shoot one episode?
Space Dad:
 We shot the first episode in Clermont and Orlando, and will probably continue to shoot in the
Central Florida area.  Pre-production takes about 2 or 3 months (not including the time it takes to write),
shooting is a week's worth of days spread out over a month, and then another 2 to 3 months for post.

AL: The very idea of a live action play along with the film is a great idea! How did come to be?
Space Dad:
Kaijutsu had a panel at the convention it was screening at, so there was an hour to fill and
only 15 minutes of content.  To fill time, the idea of a live show to introduce the video was born.  It was an
experience that Dan and Adriel loved so much, it stuck with Kaijutsu and led to the creation of Space Dad.

AL: What future plans do you have for Space Dad?
Space Dad:
 This year, we plan on building a full-fledged website and YouTube channel, and are putting
equal focus on developing more episodes and live shows.

AL: Do you have any plans to spin-off the series or other web based shows in the works?
Space Dad:
Right now we're just focusing on Space Dad.

AL: What events or conventions do you plan to show Space Dad to in 2017?
Space Dad:
We'll be screening Episode 1 at Indiana Comic Con (sadly we are unable to do the live show
there), and we'll have a new episode and live show premiering at this year's Tampa Bay Comic Con!  
We're also looking into more venues outside of conventions in the Orlando area.

AL: Where on the internet can our readers find Space Dad and watch it?
Space Dad:
We are still building our website and channel, but follow us on Instagram @spacedadofficial
and like us on Facebook at  We update both regularly and we'll be
making announcements on both once we're live.
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