Blood Moon Rising speaks with rising new film
maker Anthony White on his movie The Devil’s

By AL J. Vermette

Anthony White is an up and coming new filmmaker with some credits
under his belt with shorts Party 85 and Shortcuts to Hell: Volume 1. Now
he is coming out with his feature film The Devil’s Woods about a group
of friends that stop off at a small town while going camping at a music
festival and find more than they bargained for.  I talk to Anthony White
about his experience with the making of the film.

AL: Please tell our readers about your new movie?
Our film is our homage to the horror films of the
70's and early 80's. I wanted to make a classic looking film.
I love the home made, rough looking films of that era. Films
like The Wicker Man, Last House on the Left mixed with the
indie slashers of that time, so I guess that’s what I tried to

AL: How did the story for this film come to be?
I wanted to make a story about ordinary, likeable people who get into a truly horrendous
situation. Granted the "friends going to the woods" genre is not a new idea but that wasn't the point. I
wanted to focus more on the characters and tell a classic story of people getting into trouble and how they
deal with it.

AL: Please tell us about the stars of the film and people
in the crew behind the scenes?
The film stars a host of young talented Irish actors.
It was the first feature film for many of the actors and they all
really did a great job with what I put them through! It was a
tough shoot but we managed to all survive it... Barely!

The film would never have been made without producer and make up artist Mags Dziadura. I shot and
directed the film with the help of Oleg R on second camera and Liam Lynch on sound. Oleg and Liam
where fresh out of college at the time and where fun to work with.

AL: Is this your first movie or are the others in your vault of horror projects:
This was my first film.

AL: Will there be follow up film for this story?
I think this will be a stand alone film. I really
enjoyed the process of making this film and learned so
much from the production but there is no plan for a sequel.

AL: What project do you have waiting in the wings?
I am currently deep into my next script. This will
be an urban tale. I am really excited about this project and
hope to get the ball rolling on it early next year.

AL: Where can our readers find your new horror film?
You can find the film on iTunes, Amazon Prime, Google Play and all VOD platforms. You can
also find the DVD in stores alll over the US or order it from Amazon. Here is the link: https://amzn.
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