Interview With Author Rod Martinez
By AL J. Vermette

He is the author of books and his own comic book.
He is a gifted writer who creates with passion and
great skill. He is Rod Martinez and Blood Moon
Rising spoke with him soon after his appearance
at the Tamp Bay Comic Con.

AL: Please tell our readers about your writing?
I write mostly middle grade and Young Adult my-
stery/thrillers with some paranormal and Twilight Zone
thrown in for good measure.

AL: When did you first start writing?
My first memory was in elementary school, I put together a comic book called
“The Boy Who Liked to Read”. My teacher kept it. Then after high school (upon
following my English teacher’s advice) I dabbled in short story fiction – and I found
out that I really loved writing. My son later challenged me to write a story about him
and his sixth grade friends in an adventure after watching “The Goonies” on TV –
that started me going.

AL: What genres do you write in?
I write mostly middle grade and Y.A. Genres: mystery, thriller, paranormal,
whodunit, Fantasy, sci-fi (depending on the title). I have written a comic book that
was drawn by a very good artist, but I tend to stick to the kid’s stuff because it’s
just fun to put a group of middle schoolers or high schoolers in the middle of a
situation and watch what they’ll do.

AL: What was your favorite work you were the most proud of?
Rod: “The Juniors” a middle grade adventure series. I call it “Scooby and the
Gang meets the Goonies based in Tampa”. It was my 1stpublished book.

AL: What story have you not written yet and can't wait to write and show the world?
Rod: I would love to start book two of my comic book The Gleema 3, but I have so
many stories backlogged.

AL: Where can my readers find your work?
Rod: is my web page but also you can search Amazon,
Barnes and Noble and iTunes Bookstore.

AL: What advice would you give to new writers to send them on the right path to
Rod: First and foremost – do it for the love of writing, people love to read and they’
re always looking for a new adventure to take them away from real life. Give them
that world. Second if you think you’re going to be the next Stephen King or JK
Rowling then don’t quit your day job – oh, and get a day job.
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