Meet Soda: Singer/ Songwriter, Artist &

By AL J. Vermette

    His band "His Mighty Robot" played the very first of
our "Blood Fest" Halloween shows in October 2003.  He
is the author of the novel "The Wizard of Odd" and has
been one of our featured writers for our "Institute of
Horror, Fantasy & Science Fiction" events four times.  
He is an artist and singer/ songwriter and the man
behind his new band "(E)motion Picture."  He is known
simply as Soda, a young man of many talents and knows
how to make dreams come true.

AL: Please tell our readers about what new writings you have been working
Hey AL...well, I've really been focusing on short stories and what not.  Right
now it's hard for me to really commit to something lengthy.  However, I do have a few
things done that need to be gone over and edited or what have you that are more on
the long's just a matter of getting back to it.

AL: We at BMR loved your book "The Wizard of Odd" are there any plans as
to a follow up novel?
It was/is meant to be a Trilogy and I started the Prequel some time ago, got
about 15 pages in and got involved in other stuff.  It's bad, I know...Two will turn 3
years old in June, I was hoping to have another installment of it out...but we will see.  
I've gotta get in the zone again for it and just go for it, ya know?

AL: What book have you yet to write that you would most like to see written
and published?
Honestly, I have this super Vampire Novel all written that I wrote with one of my
best friends who lives in North Carolina.  We are beyond happy with it and it really is
a fierce Vamp story, no BS...we really wanted to rock it and I think we were totally
successful.  It's just got to be edited and that is such a big task.  But see...there is
stuff just sitting around.  I hope we can really do something with it.  I think people
would freak over it.

AL: As a singer/ songwriter and band member. Please tell our readers about
your newest music projects?
My new project I started up in mid December, we are called (E)motion Picture.  
And I haven't been this happy making music in a few years.  I am in love with what we
are doing.  It's really raw and heartfelt stuff and our live shows are really intense, it's
exactly what I wanted it to be.  We plan on recording this June too.  I also put a new
disc out a few months back called "La Coleccion De Fantasia" which is a snapshot of
work I have done over the past 12 years.  It's a cool mix and shows the many musical
faces I have.  I actually offer that disc for free too so if any BMR readers would like to
have one they can reach out to me and I'll make that happen.

AL: Where in New York and Long Island can our readers come and see you
and the band play?
We have two shows coming up in June, all of my dates can be found on my
website at, we play anywhere and everywhere we can really.

AL: What future plans do you have with your novel writing and band
Well, I actually have a few shorts stories which will be coming out in an
Anthology this Summer, all the details for that are forthcoming.  And with music, we
will be playing a lot over the next few months and doing some recording so there is
some good stuff on the horizon.  I'm really excited to share this new music with

AL: What would you like to say to all the young writers out there who some
day wish to be writers and songwriters?
It's not easy, but if you enjoy it, then just do it.  Free your mind into your
creativity and just stay true to what you believe in.  People will appreciate what you
have to offer if it's genuine.
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