Interview With The Writer, Director & Star of The Movie
“Hack Job” James Balsamo

By AL J. Vermette

   What do you get when you mix blood, guts and the lead singer of the rock band
Gwar all in one movie?  Don't know just yet.  Well then add something funny,
something a little cheesy and a whole lot of boobs and you got little movie called
"Hack Job." The following interview is with the films writer, director and the star of
"Hack Job" James Balsamo.

AL:  When did you first become a filmmaker?
 Although I’ve always had a passion for film, I actually started my career as
an actor. I got a little sick of wearing tights, so I switched sides; I have been making
films for six years. "Hack Job" is my first feature film.

AL: Please tell our readers a little about your new movie?
Hack Job is a Horror/Comedy that features Dave Brockie, Lynn Lowry,
Lloyd Kaufman, Debbie Rochon, and Oderus Urungus from the greatest shock rock
band of all time, GWAR. When people ask me about the movie, I tell them that three
things are likely guaranteed: You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll see mummies die in
the Splatstick comedy adventure that is Hack Job! It is truly a must-have for any
gore geek and gratuitous nudity aficionado.

I’ll give you a brief synopsis: James and Mike are tired of art films taking away the
credit that horror films deserve. So, they get a script from the devil to make the best
horror film ever. The script has three stories in it. The first is about Nazis that
awaken a mummy's curse. The second tale is about an alien that crashes a battle
of the bands and then starts eating the contestants, and the last story is about a
man who gets possessed to kill will never guess who possessed
him. Find out this and more in Horror/Comedy HACK JOB!

AL: How long did it take to shoot your new film?
Filming "Hack Job" lasted over six months. Two segments were cut from the
film, so a whole new segment had to be shot from scratch, which set the production
schedule back about two months.

AL: Is this your first movie or are there others you shot in the past?
Although "Hack Job" is my first feature film, I’m not that much of a “newbie”
to the market. I have been making short films and music videos for six years.

AL: What other projects do you have planned in the months ahead?
Oh boy! I just can’t stop - I actually have my hands in three new feature
horror films. One, being "Hack Job 2: The Curse of Voodoo"

AL: Do you shoot only horror films or do you explore other genres as well?
"Hack Job" is actually more of a comedy than a horror film. I was a stand-up
comic for a short time and was featured on NBC's Last Comic Standing. Maybe one
day I’ll venture off the horror course, and make a comedy.

AL: Where was this movie shot and its locations?
Most of the film was shot on Long Island NY and in Manhattan. I did travel
to Los Angeles to meet up with Lynn Lowry and shoot her scene.

AL: For our readers who would like to buy your new movie, where can they
order it?
Definitely go check it out - Hack Job is available at, and
we have some cool t-shirts featuring the poster art drawn by Jeff Zornow.