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What's New in the BMR Underworld                                        Oct 25, 2015

I want to thank everyone for attending our Bloodfest 12 Halloween
Show.  It was a great show that was lots of fun and some fantastic
entertainment.  I would like to thank Gina from the Queens Public Library,
Flushing Branch, for all her help.  Also, we would like to thank all of the
performers, Rogue the Magician, Justin Illusion-magician, Andres De
Jesus-psychic and Shattered Serenade-music. Bloodfest 12 was truly a
success and it was thanks to all who made it possible.

Blood Moon Rising Magazine Issue #62 is has arrive and in plenty of time for
you to enjoy for this Halloween season.  So take a look, read and enjoy all it
has to offer!

There are three new books being released through BMR from
publisher AL Vermette.  Below are a brief description of the
his books.

Kill Fest By AL J. Vermette

Former CIA Operative turned freelance assassin Aurora
Constantine is young, attractive and outstanding deadly.
two years her insane appetite for professional murder has led
her down a dark path of petty contract killings for unhappy
spouses. Her lifestyle of drink and carnage is only grounded
by the love of her sister Athena and girlfriend Kimba.

Now Miss Constantine finds herself in a deadly game of kill or be killed in an
underground competition called "Kill Fest." The event, ran by a man called Fat
Daddy is unknown to the six competitors as they are sent out to score points (make
hits) before they are forced to turn their weapons on each other. Last man or woman
standing wins one million dollars...but is this game of death the real deal or is it
something far more insane when the truth is revealed. Aided by her former CIA
partner Matt Stryker the two set out to uncover the true nature of the game and
survive their competition in open combat. Can Aurora uncover the truth behind “Kill
Fest” before one of her competitions scores her?

BOO Biz: A Guide to Everything Halloween By AL Vermette
Want to know all about your favorite holiday.  Well this book
is just for you.  From everything from how Halloween came
to be to costumes and pumpkins.  Also find out the history of
trick and treating.  This is the book for  you, just in time for

BOO BIZ: A Guide to Home Haunting By AL Vermette
Want to dress up your home for Halloween? Want to make it
as scary as can be before people dress their houses for
Christmas.  This book tells everything you need to know
about how to dress it up, how to make home made props and
the differences to between making your home fun scary or
type that have the kids screaming bloody terror and have
girls hanging on to their guy.

These books are available now just it time for Halloween.  So
check out our products page to place your order. So enjoy

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Issue #62 is all ready
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a little late but we still
manage to get it out.  
So check it out and
have fun reading all
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