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                                                                                  Chapter 3

      Day after long day, Doctor Jackson worked on the ancient mineral, chipping away a little at a time until its outer coating was
scored. With just sharp cutting tools and a hammer, he broke the outer layer of limestone like substance until he was able to open just
enough that he could slip his hand inside a hole and feel the texture of the wing membrane upon his fingertips.

      “Oh my God!” he cried as he switched on his recorder again to make his next log. “Day 15, I have at last broken the outer layer of
the relic and could reach inside and feel the thing that holds the inhabitants within. It feels very much like that of the wing of a bat, only
100 times the size. Its oddly smooth and little light hairs running along the black surface of what appears at least to be a wing.”

      Once he was able to make the initial opening, the rest of the covering seemed to pull away allowing him to rip the rest of the rock
hardened gel away from the object. Although it was now two o’clock in the morning and with little rest since he started this project, the
doctor was not going to stop now. After all, he was at last getting to the root of what was within the hard exterior that locked away for
over a 1.000 years a long lost secret.

      “Its 2 AM but I must keep going! I have freed the relic from is hard carapace and now I have free rein to the object and its lifeless
souls within this skin-like matter that now covers the humanoids within.” he said as the recorder picked up every word he spoke. “I must
now find where this thing opens but looking for such a place seems to be harder than it looks. This wing for lack of a better word looks
as though it wraps around both humanoid subjects and then overlaps slightly to make for a snugger fit. As far as we can see in the EKG
X-rays, that both subjects are held close together with the males arms around the female as his wings…..again for a lack of a better
expression, wraps both subjects together in what seemed to turn into a hard shelled cocoon. Now free of that hard coating, I should be
able to manually open this winged appendage and gain access to the bodies within its folds.”

      Running his hand along the side of the encasement, the inquisitive young man of science knowing full well that he should have
waited at this point until morning when he would be fresh, the weary doctor fumbled for a seam where he could pull apart the two halves
of the wings. He was shocked at how bat-like the texture was as his fingers slid along the black surface of the creature’s wing. Once he
found where the folded layers of the wings overlapped, he tried to wrench the two half’s apart with just his hands. They were locked into
place by strong muscles and his soft human hands could not pry the thing open.

      “Damn, I am unable to open the winged section from the creatures and may after all have to cut away a portion of the appendage to
get to the corpses within.” he said as the tape recorder captured his every word. “Perhaps I should pick this up in the morning. It’s now
3 AM and I need to attack this with a fresh mind.” he said as he switched off the recorder and headed into the adjoining bathroom in the

      Within the confines of the little washroom the exhausted doctor washed his face and made himself ready for his walk home. If lucky,
he would catch a cab along the way and save him the ten block walk to his apartment off of Central Part West just down the way from
the New York Museum of Natural History. He planned on just grabbing his backpack and head for the lab exit before turning off the
bright over head lights when an unknown sound grabbed his attention.

      “Hello… someone there?” he called out knowing that the museum at this late hour had only its night guards on staff. Then he
heard the same sound again. A cracking noise that came from the center of the room and right where the relic lay. Stepping closer to
the object, he could hear clearly that the cracking sound was indeed coming from the ancient relic and the strange mummies within.
“Oh, it must be just settling after being released from its stone covering.” he said to himself as he turned and started to walk away.

      “Sure, the temperature in the room on the relic and the mummies are just expelling trapped gasses due to the room temp.” he said
to himself as he took hold of his bag and made his way over to the door. With his fingertips upon the knob, Doctor Jackson was about
to turn the handle and make his exit until a loud popping noise came from the object sitting upon the main lab table.

      “What the hell is going on?” he said out loud as he left the door opening and stepped a little closer to the thing.

      Then to his shock, he heard what he thought was a voice coming from within the winged wrapping. “Man I need to get to bed, I’m
going crazy.” he said about to dismiss the voice as his lack of sleep when a deep bellow cried from within the object as it started to
wobble. “Oh My God!” he cried as the skinned wrappings started to unfold revealing the humanoids that it once hidden.

      Then the folds flared upward displaying the two subjects there upon the lab table. The male atop the female and from Jackson’s
vantage point, he could see that they were starting to move. The powerful looking male slid his arms out from under his companion
releasing her from his embrace. She drew life into her lungs as she slightly wiggled under his larger mass.

      Both creatures moved slowly at first as though just waking from a long slumber, but it didn’t take long before they seemed to be
aware of her surroundings and as Jackson stood in shock and traumatized by the sight, the two creatures awoke from their long death
like hibernation.

      The male drew in a deep breath and bellowed again a frightful cry that rattled Jackson to his core. At first, the poor man thought he
was dreaming this nightmare, but he knew that this was as real as he was and that this long forgotten ancient thing left up high in a cave
in the mountains of Romania was alive and waking before his frightened eyes.

      Slowly, the larger of the two, the male climbed off his mate and down from the surface of lab table. Closing his wings until they
folded neatly upon his back, the creature glared at the human before him. His mouth dark in color displayed white teeth with two sets of
fangs on the upper and lower jaws. Its tail swished back and forth like that of a dog only its appendage looked like that of a rat’s tail,
long and hairless. Atop the creature’s skull were two horns protruding from the front of its forehead and jetting outward a good foot from
his scalp.

      His eyes, a bright white in color almost glowing and upon his hands were claw-like finger tips almost talon like and sharp. His skin
was an ash gray and the hair upon his head long, white and dirty and it crowned from around the boney horns and on down his back.
Protruding from his spine were boney spikes about five inches from the skin and his hair disordered in its flow ran over such barbs. As
the female rose from the table, her features similar to her mate’s only slightly smaller in proportion to her slighter frame.

      Both creatures although still weary from their long slumber seemed stunned by the very room from where they stood.  They
remained gazing over their surroundings as the female clothed in a sort of make shift dress crafted from animal skin that covered her
upper and lower personal regions but leaving the back wide open to mount her set of black skinned wings.

      The male used the same pelt as she to cover his lower portion but leaving his powerful upper body free of any entanglement that
his wings may encounter. Unlike her mate, the female of the pair had striking black hair starting at a widows peek centered from her
smaller but very prominent horns and running down the length of her spiked back and between her wings.

      Although they bore the likes of a human, they were very much unlike any creature ever found in the fossil record. And of all their
anonymous un-human features, nothing was more other worldly than their winged appendages upon their backs.  Grown from their
shoulder blades were two long arm like limbs complete with hands and extremely long fingers that ran for eight feet at the longest
point.  Between these fingers was the dark skin membrane that made up the wing itself. Very much like that of a bat, but at full
extension ran the length of 20 feet from wing tip to tip.

      With his heart pounding and wondering if he had gone mad or was trapped in some waking nightmare, Doctor Jackson stood
motionless, immobile of any movement other than his stressful breathing. He was waiting to wake from this living nightmare, stood
mouth open and screaming at a high pitch within his own mind. Then as though this madness could not get any more insane, the male
creature, this thing from a Hell world spoke to him.

      “Are we your captives” the male creature spoke.

      "Ah…..ah no, no you’re not captives” Jackson said, his voice quivering.

      “What is this place?” the female spoke, she like her counterpart in a raspy voice as she conversed through a mouth of sharp fangs.

      “This is the New York Museum of Natural History.” Jackson replied forcing out his words through trembling lips.

      “This Museum…..where is it?” the female beast demanded.

      “Ah…’s in the city of New York.” the doctor replied.

      “This city you speak of…..where?” the male spoke.

      “The United States.” Jackson told them as he still could not believe that only were the two mummies alive but speaking to him in

      “This United States…..where?” the male bellowed.

      “Ah…’s a new land discovered years after you were locked into your…..cocoon.” the doctor said not knowing if he should study
them or run for his life.

      “We must be free!” the creature cried as he looked toward the window on the far side of the large room. “Come Dax, we must go.”

      “Wait…..I must know what you are…….and how you speak the same………….” Jackson called out but before he could get the
words out, the two beasts opened their wings and took flight right out through the glass and into the night leaving the shocked doctor
standing there still waiting to awaken from his outlandish dream.

                                                                             Chapter 4

      Into the nights sky, two mythical creature rose high over the city. Side by side they flew glaring down upon the unknown world below
until a cry from his mate drew Dargo’s attention.

      “I…..I must take rest my Lord, I am not strong enough yet to withhold flight.” she begged.

      “Follow me down to that summit.” he called to her as he led her to the top of a nearby building.

      Upon touching down, she fell over the surface of the roof folding in her wings as she crouched drained of energy. As Dargo hit the
rooftop, he looked around to make sure they were safe before he too dropped to his knees panting for breath.

      “Dargo my love…..where are we?” she cried looking at their surroundings.

      “I am unsure, I never saw a city like this before.” he replied catching his breath and looking about.

      “How… Dargo did we come to be here?”

      “I do not know my mate, but it seems as though we are here to stay unless we can find our way home.

      “My Lord I do not wish to remain here.”

      “Nor do I, but at this time we may have to make this work for us.”

      “For how long my Lord?”

      “Until we can find the way home, we must find shelter and most of all food. A city this size will have an unending amount of humans
for us to feed upon”

                                                                            End of Episode 1

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