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                                                                                                      Chapter 1

     Even though both Dargo and Dax had their doubts about their mission, they followed on despite fearing a setup and betrayal by the
angel they followed into the great city to help save her sister from being executed.  Although they had uncertainty, they held to their honor,
an honor that their kind found most profound.  If this mission was to be indeed a trap and the two Kia found themselves captured and
executed for merely being born what they were, then they would die upholding the honor to the angel that saved their child when the
Kingdom sent its assassin angel to kill them both and take the child.

     Following the angel down a spiral staircase into the dwelling where criminals of treason were held before execution, Dargo held his
dagger in hand as so did his mate Dax.  They both knew that to save the sister of Tempest meant that bloodshed was surely a
possibility.  If they were to have to fight their way in and make the rescue, then the Kia would fight to the very death if need be.

     As Dax followed her mate down the steps, she tried to keep her mind on the task at hand but her thoughts wandered to her son and
what would become of him if she and Dargo were to die here in the Sky Kingdom.  As a seasoned warrior like Dargo, Dax would never
have let anything torment her mind so as to keep her thoughts on anything other than the fight they were about to engage in.  And yet now
that she was a mother, her mind was on something other than a mission and her and her mates lives.  The child left in the care of their
only human friend on Earth, Doctor Jackson, was the last thing she should have had her mind on and yet it was robbing her of the moment
of the here and now.  A dangerous and costly mistake if and when they ran into the opposing force.  She and Dargo were the only ones of
their species in an entire city of enemy angels.

     "We need to stay close now as there may be a few security guards as we enter into the main parts of the penitentiary," Tempest said
as she turned back to look at Dargo who was directly behind her.

     As he turned back to make sure Dax heard the angel, he saw her trailing behind. "My Lady, what is your delay?"

     "Nothing.....I am right behind you."

     "You seemed......distracted is something on your mind?"

     "No my Lord, I am present of mind......let us find this creature's sister and return home to our son."

     "Yes, let this mission be one of success and so our return to our son will be one we may share with him when he is of age," Dargo
said as his mate followed him and the angel into the depths of the heavenly prison.

     Dargo stayed right behind the angel in the event that there would be an ambush by her people.  Dargo would take her hostage if
needed.  If she did indeed betray them, this whole mission was nothing more than an elaborate plan and trap to bring the two demons
right into Heaven's jail.  The corridor was much unlike other parts of the golden city, for it was dark, damp with only cold gray stone walls
to hold the structure in place.

     Until now, not an angel could be seen protecting the penitentiary as shortly after the trio made their way to a lower level.  Tempest
spotted a guard standing before a large wooden door.

     "Stay here, I will take care of him," Tempest said as she turned the corner from where she left Dargo and Dax and made her way over
to the angel standing guard at the door.

     "You there....why are you here?" the fully armed angel questioned Tempest as she approached.
     "I beg your forgiveness, My Lord, for I need to see one of the prisoners straight away."

     "Of what manner of  urgency do you conduct this meeting at this late hour?"

     “On the basis that you are standing between I and my sister Aria," the lovely golden-haired angle said just as she used the sharp
points of her fingered talons to dig straight into the soft flesh of the guard's throat and snapping his neck bone from the inside.

     "Holy shit!" Dargo cried as he watched the guard drop in place.

     "What......what is going on?" Dax asked as she stood behind Dargo who peeked around the corner to witness the carnage unfolding
just down the hall.

     "I do believe we can trust Tempest now," Dargo said turning to face his mate behind him before stepping out into the view of the
female angel whose hand still dripped of fresh blood.

     "Ah....what just happened?" Dax questioned Dargo as she followed him over to where Tempest stood.

     "She killed him where he stood, I do believe we can trust her now," Dargo said almost smiling over her dreadful deed upon one of her
own kind.

     "Come, we must hurry, if his body is found before we find my sister all will be lost."

     As Dargo and Dax followed Tempest through the door, Dax took her mate by the shoulder and halted his movement for only a

"Holy shit.......really Dargo?" she asked with a smile.

     "What can I say......the human world has.....I'm afraid strayed my vocabulary as well."

     "Come now, the cells are down here I believe," Tempest said as the two Kia followed her into a long hallway where they found the first
small enclosure empty.

     As they past, Dargo peered into each one spotting only unoccupied cages until they walked past more than one that held an angel
prisoner within. Dargo noted that each of the golden-skinned creatures had their beautiful white dove wings savagely cut from their backs
leaving only a bloody stump protruding from their shoulder blades.  Dargo reasoned that since an angel's greatest gift was that of flight, it
would be humiliating to forcibly bind that power and remove their only means of any escape.  They also look extremely malnourished as
though their penance was to simply starve to death within their cells forgotten about until the end of time.  Dargo started to understand
more why Tempest would take such desperate measures to keep her only sister from suffering the same or perhaps worst fate.

     Like her Kia companion, Tempest learned into each of the cages hoping to spot her sister in one.  They were almost to the end of the
long dark hall when looking into the last of the dreadful cells did she see her sister at last curled up against a stone wall with her wings cut
from her back.

                                                                                                     Chapter 2

     "Dargo she's in here!" Tempest cried out as she peered through the little window opening as her sister within slowly turned toward her
voice.  "Dargo do you think that you are strong enough to force this door cell open?"

     "I shall try," the powerfully built Kia warrior replied.  Placing all of his weight upon the wooden door that swung inward, he tried to
simply push the door in or at the very least force it off its frame.  Since the door opened inward it disabled its inhabitance from being able
to generate enough pull strength to yank it back to open forcibly.

     "There must be a key of sorts on the guard I killed," Tempest said as Dax turned in place.

     "I will fetch it," the other Kia called as Dax went back down the hallway to retrieve a key from the murdered angel even he carried one.

     No sooner did Dax reach the fallen angel when she heard voices coming from their only escape path.  She could hear two distinct
voices coming her way and made ready to ambush them once they walked into striking range.  The hall was dark and they would have
never figured on a Kia being anywhere near the kingdom, never mind within its walls, so the Kia warrior held the advantage as she
slipped into the shadows.  With a 12 inch dagger in one hand and her sharp claws ready to strike, Dax waited until the two replacement
guards stepped into range.  With the finesse of a cat, Dax slashed one of their throats spilling his semi glistening blood over the stone
floor as her blade tore deep into the angel's flesh.  The other took a full strike from her clawed hand to his face and eyes before turning
him around and with little effect snapping his neck and dropping him where he stood.

     "My Lady, what was your delay?" Dargo called out as his mate reentered his view walking toward he and the angel.

     "Nothing my Lord, just two angel guards that needed tending too."

     "And what of them?"

     "Taken care of my Lord."

     "Well done my Lady....well done and of the key?"

     "Right here....sorry if there is a little angel blood on it, Tempest," Dax said handing the metal forged key to the angel.

     "No sorrow here Dax, I see what my own people have done to my sister."

     Taking the key from Dax, Tempest opened the door as she found her sister in a fetal position unclothed and near unconscious.  Lifting
her sister's head, Tempest tried to look into her sister's eyes and wake her from the near-death she was slowly slipping into.  The once
brightly golden-skinned angle whose hair flowed from her head down her back like a radiant mane was darkened, tainted by the
starvation abuse and trauma of having her lovely dove wings sheared from her back.  Where her wings would have laid upon her shoulder
blades, feathered stumps were only left in their place as a repugnant reminder of the dominance of the emperor.

     "Aria......Aria can you hear me?" Tempest cried to her sibling as she wiped strands of mattered hair from her face.  "Aria it's me, your
sister Tempest, I am here to save you."

     "Tempest, is that you?"

     "Yes, it's me big sister, I am here to get you out of free you."

     "I do not understand how are you here, how are you going to free me?"

     "I am here with friends.....we will get you out of this evil place."

     " angelic being would ever sever their alignment with the ministry."

     "These friends have no alignment with this ministry," Tempest told her as she turned her sister's face toward her companions.

     "Dargo… Dax is that you?"

     "Yes Aria, it is Dargo and I who are here to free you from your own people."

     "I.....I don't understand?"

     "Do not worry of such matters dear sister, we must get you to safety first," Tempest said as she turned and looked up at Dargo. "Can
you carry her for me?"

     "Yes of course," Dargo replied as he scooped up the hurting angel in his claws.

     "We must flee now before we are discovered,” Tempest stated as the group made their way to the upper level of the prison.

                                                                                                     Chapter 3

     It was not long after the rouge angel and her demon companions made their way out of the penitentiary, when a swarm of heavily
armed angels surrounded them upon the rooftop of the building.  Dargo counted 15 of the winged creatures, all maintaining a near-
magical hovering over them, but his mate saw it as more than 20 in total.  Knowing that they would have to fight their way through the
gauntlet of angelic creatures, Dargo place Aria down at his feet as he and the others stood below the angel attack force over them.  
Withdrawing her dagger, Tempest stepped forward and raised the bladed weapon high for all to view above.

     "There is no need for bloodshed on this night, allow us to pass and no one need die."

     "No, Tempest lay down your weapons and give us your sister and the demons beasts," called the leader of the blockade as he was
floated a little higher than his comrades.

     "That will not happen angel for I and my mate will die before you will take us alive," Dargo bellowed as the strong and proud warrior
stood his ground with a dagger in one hand and his claws ready to strike with the other.

     Dargo knew full well that even he was no match against the air bound angels and if he and Dax were to have any chance they would
have to bring the golden creatures down to them where the angel's power of flight would not play into the battle.  Dax realized what Dargo
was doing and why he didn't just fly up and blindly attack his sworn enemy.  So she too waited for the bird winged creatures to descend to
them where their advanced strength would give her and Dargo a bit more advantage in a fight with multiple assailants.

     "Allow us to pass, I commanded it!" Aria demanded from her position on the ground as she tried sitting up to face their opposition.

     "You hold command over us no longer Aria, your continuous association with these vile beasts has condemned you to death.... and
we shall see to that." the leader said as he slowly lowered his position among his troops and came ever nearer to the group on the

     " have you discovered us so quickly? We only freed my sister just minutes ago."

     "Because of my dear Tempest, we were watching you and your dirty companions the moment you came through the rift.  We had
watchers keeping you in sight ever since leaving the kingdom on your ill-fated flight down to the human world.  The Emperor had a feeling
that the incarceration of your sibling would not fare well with you and that you would try something immoral as try to free your sister.  It was
a true shock though to the entire faction that you would ask the very beasts that caused Aria's arrest for help."

     "I had no one else to aid me in my quest.  Dargo and Dax held up their end of the code when Aria protected their child from the
assassin that the Emperor sent to kill them."

     As this brief exchange of words held the impending battle ahead at bay, Dargo assessed his enemy looking for any weakness that
could aid his party in the fight.  Each of the warrior angels wore battle armor upon their upper bodies along with a helmet both gold in
color much like the creature's own skin.  Dargo reasoned that this was to confuse an opponent in the furry of battle by masking what parts
of the warrior were armor and that of flesh. Although the angel's heads were protected, their face was not and were left wide open to
attack if one knew in the heat of the confrontation where to strike.  Their lower arms bore matching gauntlets made from the same golden
metal but their upper arms were only bear flesh.  They were armed with only one sword each, no shields to hinder their powered flight or
any back-up weapon such as a dagger could be seen.

     Again Dargo's plan was to keep the battle grounded giving the angels less of the advantage over him and Dax who were not as
strong flyers as the angelic winged creatures.  However, he knew that he and Dax possess greater strength over the angels despite him,
his mate and Tempest were greatly outnumbered.  With 17 confirmed angels overhead, even drawing them down into the fight would take
every bit of their ability to fend off the attack.

                                                                                                     Chapter 4

     "Enough talk Tempest......what say you? Surrender and join your sister's fate and stand trial for treason or die here and now with these
disgusting monsters?"

     "I stand and fight beside my sister and those who stand with me."

     "Then as you wish," the commander stated before he flared his wings and charged the grounded group as his garrison boldly

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