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                                                                                                         Chapter 1

     With the wind at their backs, both Dargo and Dax followed the golden colored angel into the sky on a mission that they knew all too
well they may not come back from.  For they were going into a forbidden place for their kind, a place that their people have been at war
with since nearly the beginning of time.  Although it was in fact the birth place of their leader, the angel known as Lucifer.  The Sky
Kingdom has been off limits upon his fall from grace ever since.  The higher they climbed, the more force was placed on their wing arms.  
The angel who they followed was designed for the towering heights for which they would have to reach to achieve enough altitude to enter
the airspace where the great kingdom hid cloaked from the world below.  Unlike angels with their hollow bird like bones alleviating
unnecessary weight for flight, Dargo and Dax's people had more solid bone structure for achievement in strength and endurance.  
Although powerful flyers in their own right, they found themselves out matched by the angel as they soared high over the city.  Although
despite never flying in a near straight upward climb, both Kia powered through until the angel stopped in mid-flight.

     Hovering in an almost magical effortless posture, Tempest waited for her companions to reach her before withdrawing the orb from
her pouch.  Dargo and his mate watched as the ball within her palm started to glow all the colors of the rainbow.

     "Remember, I do this only to save my sister Aria.....this is not to betray my people."

     "We understand," Dax replied to the angel who then spoke a foreign verse as the orb grew brighter.

     "This will open the veil between this world and mine, from there we can enter."

     "My mate and I are ready, open the veil," Dargo said as he and Dax fought to maintain their hovering position as their wing arms grew
ever more fatigued.

     As Tempest said the last of the chant, the ball in her hand grew brighter and a beam of light shot out and opened what could only be
described as a doorway in the sky by Dargo's perception.  As the doorway opened, the great city within its hidden shroud revealed itself
in all its magnificent splendor.  Dargo and Dax were both utterly amazed at how large the city in the sky was as their kind had never seen
the likes of.

     As the veil parted fully, the entire landmass of a gigantic city came into their view with an enormous platform that acted as the city's
base with tremendous funnel thrusters keeping it a lift.  The sun the was starting to set and the beams of light striking the city illuminated
great buildings of astounding architecture unlike anything the two Kia had ever seen before.

     "It''s beautiful!" Dax whispered as she and Dargo marveled at the sight before them.

     "It is most impressive indeed," Dargo said in response to his mates comment.

     "Now I understand why Lucifer misses this city so," Dax said looking at Dargo.

     "You do both know that it was Lucifer who started the war between our people?" Tempest said unsure what reaction her comment
would have on the Kia.

     "Yes he told us long ago how he in his words, wanted more than he was given and started a revolution opposed your leaders," Dax
replied as she and Dargo looked over the floating city.

     "Yes, then when Lucifer lost his seat on the high counsel and started a coup to overthrow your government, he and his supporters
were cast out of the Kingdom and banished to the depths of what the human world call Hell, the land in the center of the Earth we Kia call
Kronos," Dargo said knowing the story of Lucifer since he was a hatching.  "It was from there that the great fallen angel Lucifer banded
our kind the Kia, and turned a race of savage beasts into strong warriors as he and his fellow angels assimilated into our culture.  It was
he who taught my kind to read and build a city of our own far below the human world who only treated us like monsters and gave us the
dirty monika of demon."

     "Yes, I was told great stories of Lucifer when I was young angel....even before I could fly, but he turned his back on his own people...
against his own Emperor."

     "Perhaps our working together now will bridge some of the hate among our people by saving your sister."

     "Yes Dax you are right, maybe it’s time Angels and Kia work together," Tempest said as Dargo chimed in.

     "Thank you for not using the word demon," the strong and proud Kia said just as the lights in the city came on.

     The sun had just falling behind the Earth as the cities illumination was dazzling as Dax's eyes fixed upon all the many colors the
metropolis boasted.

     "Come, we need to enter the city on the other side, there will be less angels there after sunset since that is our farming facilities,"
Tempest called out as she started to fly ahead.  The Kia followed but they were already fatigued by the flight that high into the sky.  The air
was also much more thinner than they were used to and it started to effect Dax.

     "Are you alright my Lady?"

     "Yes My Love, I am just a little weary from our flight.....I will be fine," she said just as her power of flight began to falter.

     "Dax......Dax you are losing altitude!"

     "I am sorry my Love.....I.....I,"

     As she started to fall, Dargo tucked his wings into his torso and descended down to match her fall and took hold of his mate within his
arms as she folded her wings over her back.  Turning to see the spectacle behind her, Tempest watched as Dargo carried his true love in
his arms, his wings straining to maintain flight with not only his own weight but that of his female.

     "Can you carry her.....we have quite a distance to cover?"

     "I do what I must," Dargo said looking into this mates eyes.

Chapter 2

     "Okay little one....let's see if I can get you to eat something," Jackson said as he opening the backpack Dax gave him with her son’s
meal.  "Oh god, I hope I can do this!" he added as his stomach turned as he looked down over several jars of fresh rat blood within the
backpack.  He knew that Dargo and Dax consumed blood for their sustenance, but he never thought that he would be feeding their child
such a gory meal as he baby sat for them.  "Can't you have a burger or something....anything?" he said as he looked over upon the child
who sat on the floor looking up at him.

     Reaching into the backpack, Jackson removed one jar and poured its contents into a conventional baby bottle.  Walking over to the
child, he sat down next to the boy to feed him his dinner.  Quickly the six month old crawled to him as Jackson took the child into his arms
and gave the boy his bottle of blood.  Named for Doctor Jackson's first name of Alex, the child took the bottles nipple into his mouth and
started feeding.  Jackson was amazed on how human the child ate almost forgetting that the child in his arms was born of two creatures
who all throughout human history were referred to as demons, a derogatory world the Kia hated.

     Although as nonhuman as the child was with that of his pale skin, little rounded budding horns, tail and tiny set of wings, Jackson could
see a baby there.  And it was that look of a baby that as alien as he was to the angel Aria was why she saved him from the assassin
angel who tried to kill his parents and kidnap him.  A decision that would have her now face a death sentence for turning on her own
people.  Unless Aria's sister and the two Kia warriors could save her before her own people end her life.

     "I suppose you're kinda a sort of baby way," Jackson said looking into the face of the boy as he ate his blood meal.  "Well I
just hope for the sake of both of us that your mom and dad come home safe.... because I don't know how to raise you myself and least of
all, I don't know how I'm going to enroll you in school," he said with a chuckle as the boy looked up into his eyes. "Despite how my people
think of your kind little Alex.....your mom and dad are the purest of people that I know, I hope their okay."

Chapter 3

     Landing atop a small building near the cities farming land just outside of the main metropolis, Dargo gently laid his mate down and
stood over her to protect her as their angel companion took note.

     "I must say Dargo, you are nothing like I though you would be," Tempest said in a gentle tone.

     "I do not understand?"

     "I am sorry but among my people, the Kia are regarded as nothing more than savage beasts, creatures void of any compassion, love,
thought or intelligence. I know now that we have been wrong all this time."

     "People always fear what they do not understand," he replied as he knelt down to stroke his mate’s cheek as she smiled up at him.

     "With only the very oldest of our kind who lived through the great war when Lucifer rebelled, no living angel ever saw a Kia, never mind
had gotten to know one.  I am sorry Dargo and Dax, I understand now fully why my sister risked everything to protect your child from my
people getting their hands on him."

     "Your sister is an honorable woman and should not have to die because she helped us," Dax said looking toward Tempest. "We will
save her and together we all with flee this city and return to the human world.”

     "You know Dax.....I never considered at all what happens next when we get Aria out, where do the two of us go from here?"

     "You can come with Dargo and I, the human world is full of danger as we have found out, but in the case of Doctor Jackson, we found
a true friend and ally.”

     "I can see that, he is taking care of your child as we speak, maybe there are some humans who are perhaps good as well."

     "We must move on soon, I fear your people will see us just sitting here," Dargo said looking around with an uneasy feeling.

     "No we are pretty much safe here to rest, we are near the housing for the livestock." Tempest replied easing Dargo's anxiety.

     "Livestock?  What do angels feed upon?"

     "Oh you need not be concerned with any of those details Dax, we should move on.  We still have quite a bit of land to cover at a low
altitude before we arrive at the guardhouse where Aria is being held."

     "Let's move on then," Dargo bellowed growing tired of talk and not the action he sort.

     "Yes, yes I am good to fly, let's be off.....the sooner we retrieve your sister, the sooner I can hold my son in my arms again."

     "Okay then Dax, let us be off," the angel said as she took to the air followed by the Kia who held a close proximity to the angelic

     As they flow past a housing structure on the farm, something caught Dargo's eye. "What in Lucifer's name is that?" he cried as Dax
matched his gaze.

     Breaking off from their formation, Dargo flew over and landed atop the barn.  Seeing that her mate diverted from their path, she
banked in flight and flew toward him.  Tempest saw that the Kia left her lead and watched Dax land atop the building beside her mate.

     "Damn!" the angel yelled out as she banked in flight changing her direction and flew toward the barn where she landed beside the

     "This is your livestock.......this is what your people feed upon!"  Dargo bellowed as he looked over the field as the angel population of
food made their way into the building serving as a barn.

     "I'm.....I'm afraid so," Tempest replied as the trio looked upon a hoard of humans bound together in chains making their way into the
building for the night.

     "You feed upon the human race?" Dax asked in a disgusted tone.

     "This is what the humans were fabricated for, it is why they exist," the angel replied lowering her head. "Our technologists forged their
race to be harvested when fully grown.  They were giving life on the world below to feed, breed and make more of their kind.  We never
anticipated their growing so technological themselves to the point that our cloak became the only way to stay hidden from their world and
their eyes."

     "And so you just.....what abduct them at random to use as a food source when ready?" Dax questioned with contempt in her voice.

     "Each year my people harvest just the amount of humans we need to feed our people, no more no less.  Thousands of humans go
missing each year cycle without a you know why."

     "You call us disgusting creature!" Dargo bellowed as he watched from the rooftop the humans dragging their feet hardly
able to walk as they seemed to be starving, naked and in great pain.

     Men, woman and even some children made up the group of about fifty individuals shackled around their necks with a metal collar,
each chained to the next as they walked painfully in a row into the building.  They were lead by what seemed to be an unwinged angel, the
creature golden in color like their species only where its wings would have been place upon its back just over the shoulder blades were
two long scars.

     "The angel leading them, why was his wings cut away from his back?" Dargo requested as his eyes rolled over the unsightly scene of
horror and sorrow."

     "He is one of my kind who broke our laws, some are banished here to serve as farmers as others like my sister are marked for death
for more serious crimes such as treason as in Aria's plight."

     "You are sick monsters indeed, these creatures look up to your kind, even worship you as gods."

     "Yes Dargo, but everything is relevant, not all is what it seems," the angel replied as Dargo turned his back on her.

     "Even the Kia do not feed upon the human race, we have our own blood source from where we get our fill in beasts that live in our
lands," Dargo added as the disgust in his tone gave away his true feelings.

     "Why the humans, why do you feed on it their blood as we Kia need....or is it their flesh you feast upon?"

     "No, neither Dax, it is the bone marrow that we angels need as our nourishment."

     "You know when Dargo and myself awoken from our cocoon after more than a thousand years and found ourselves in the city of New
York when Doctor Jackson unknowingly opened our cocoon, we too, for survival purposes feed upon some humans until Doctor Jackson
told us that it was wrong and so we the people your kind call beasts stopped feeding on human blood and used rats, birds and other
small creatures to gain our fill without harming any human souls.  But your race feed on the very people who sing praise to your king." Dax
said with contempt in her voice. "And yes, Dargo is correct....your kind think of us as monsters because we are not golden skinned,
feathered winged and beautiful.  No we are horned, tailed and have wings like flying rats.  Our skin is pale gray in color and we have
fangs in not beautiful rows of pearl white teeth.  And yet you snatch, enslave, and feed upon the humans like cattle.  If not for our code of
honor and our word that we would help save the angel who protected our child from the heavenly assassin, Dargo and myself would just
leave you here alone.  We are taking a chance to help you......I just want you to know that."

     "I do I do...thank you Dax."

 Chapter 4

     "What are those giant objects over there?" Dargo questioned as they flew over the kingdoms solar panels.

     "They are what powers the city, those panels collect sunlight and convert it into energy that powers the thrusters below the city keeping
it airborne."

     “That is amazing!" Dax said replying to the angel as they flew over the power structure.

     "It appears that your technology is far advanced than the Kia or even human world."

     "Yes Dargo, we have achieved much since we first arrived on this planet."

     "You are not of this world?"

     "No Dax, my descendants are from beyond the stars, this city we fly over is in fact a transport vessel sent here to start plant and
animal life on then a dead world much like others in this solar system."

     "And what of the humans?"

     "Genetic engineering followed by natural selection to create a race we could feed on.  There were others of their kind that didn't work
out, they were disposed of and now only this race, the one they refer to as Homo Sapien, remains on the planet, ."

     "So then all their beliefs are rooted in lies." Dargo huffed.

     "People believe in what they wish, my kind have been worshiped on every world they’s just an odd fact....a bypass of
being gods I suppose."

     Dargo wanted to withdraw from the mission but knew Dax would want to follow through and see it out.  Her code of honor was
stronger than his but he would see the mission to the end no matter what, if only for his mate.


     "Dargo my love, do you tire?"

     "No my Lady, I am only thinking."

     "I feared this flight was too much for you since you have fallen back from Tempest and I."

     "Just considering this mission."

     "What of it my Lord."

     "Nothing, let's just find the angel and be done with this and go home to our son."

     "I hear that!"

     "Hear what?"

     "Just an expression used by the humans."

     "You need to spend less time watching that magic box in Doctor Jackson's home."

     "What, not get my dose of The Real Housewives?"

     "Oh by the name of Lucifer, you are more human every day my Lady."

     "Now follow me low as we enter the main part of the city," Tempest called back to the Kia who were falling back due to their
     As they flew into the main part of the great kingdom, Dargo spotted an enormous cathedral structure in the center of the city.  Before
he could even ask, Tempest said that it was the Great Hall from where the Emperor resided.  Below their flight were streets strewn with
gold with torch light lining the way.  The buildings were tall also decorated in gold with a pearl trim giving the metropolis a stunning
reflective ambience.

     "There at the far end of the city is our destination, the place where criminals are held before they are put to death.  My sister will be in

     "Good, I'm itching to bash some angel’s heads."


     "Sorry my Lady.....I too have been seeking a peek at Doctor Jackson's magic box."

     Dax smiled as the three landed atop the angel prison and folded their weary wings over their backs.

     "This is where my sister is, just follow me as we enter the back staircase." Tempest told her companions.

     "I don't like this Dax, I feel we are walking straight into a trap."

     "How so My Lord?"

     "Think about it Dax, they sent an assassin angel to kill us, we stopped him so now what better way to capture us then to bring us into
their city willingly."

     "You may be correct but we are here now.....and we did see her kill her own kind, she did break their most sacred law. But if you are
having doubts Dargo, maybe we should pull out."

     "I just feel something is not right with this."

     "Come on follow me, there will only be a few guards on watch this late at night."

     "It’s your call Dax."

     "Let's just see this through my Love, either we will save Aria or we will be betrayed and executed.  In either event we up held up our
end of the code."

     "So then we go on."

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