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                                                                                                        Chapter 1

   Once the two demons had their only child returned to them, the warrior angel Aria prepared to return home to the Sky Kingdom far
above Earth’s heavens hidden within a cloaked vale where the mighty city dwelled. This great kingdom, older than recorded time itself
came to settle over the Earth long ago to populate the new planet with life. Its only mission was in the beginning to bring a dead world to
life with flowing rivers, great oceans and new land masses where plants, animals and an all new creature known as man could share the
planet with one another.

   Aria’s assignment upon her journey to the planet below was to watch and maintain the mission set forth by the Assassin Angel who
was sent down to destroy demons Dargo and Dax and bring back their new born child to the emperor. But something in her went soft
when she saw the innocent child and saw that the two lost demons now living in New York City were not the monsters that her people
have always saw them as. They were after all just lost souls just trying to find a way back home after awakening in this new world after
being cocooned for over a thousand years.

   Although Aria’s mission was to assist in the deaths of Dargo and Dax and their child used as a pawn in the everlasting war with their
enemy the Lord of Hell itself Lucifer, she had misgivings after seeing their child and brought forth old lost feeling of a child born to her long
ago but given up so she could remain part of the Imperial Guard.  After Dargo killed the Assassin Angel set to murder he and his mate,
Aria gave the child back to them in a gesture of well being. A decision that once home would cost her dearly.

   She had just lit a candle after removing her body armor and just slipped into a clean white dress. Running her fingers through her
golden hair as she gazed into the wall mirror, she looked upon her image. Once out of her battle gear, she could once again feel like a
woman as her finger tips slid through golden strands. The sparkles in her hair seemed to shine in the light of the little flame before her as
she planned on spending the early part of the evening reading one of her scrolls and going to bed for some much needed rest. With the
little Kia child still on her mind, she was disturbed when a knock fell upon her quarter’s door.

   “Yes what is it…I’m just settling in for the night.”

   “Aria, you are requested to come to the Emperor’s chambers immediately.” asked one of the Emperors personal guards.

   “This cannot wait until morning?”

   “No Aria, you are to come at once by the command of The Emperor himself.”

   “I will get my gear.”

   “No you are to come without any armor or weapons.”

   “What is this about?”

   “I am sorry Aria, but you are to come at once.” the young girl said as she slowly withdrew her sword.

   “What is the meaning of this?” Aria demanded as she saw two more guards enter into view to escort her to the Emperors chambers.

   “By what meaning do you draw a weapon upon me?”

   “You are to come to the Emperor’s Chambers at one.” One of the other guardsman demanded as he two withdrew his sword.

   “Well than……by your command.” Aria replied as she followed one guard as two followed right behind her.

   Stepping into the Emperor’s chamber, she looked up to him upon the high platform from where his golden throne sat. Dropping to one
knee she lowered her head and called to her master “Yes my Lord…..what have you ask of me.”

   “The demon child…what say you about it?” the Emperor commanded atop his throne.

   “The child was never found My Lord; the Kia killed Azure and still remain within the city.”

   “Aria… were not the only member of the Guard sent to follow up on Azure, and what was discovered sickens me to the core.” the
Emperor said in a scolding tone. “Guards bind her.” he shouted as two members of the guard and once Aria’s friends fastened both her
hands and wings with chrome plated chains so that she could not move nor fly.

   “But My Lord…….I”

   “Silence… have be found guilty of treason and for your disloyalty you have been sentence to death.”

Chapter 2

   “I think he’s grown over the last few days since our ordeal My Love,” Dax said looking up from nursing her son as Dargo paced their lair
with a distort look upon his face.

   “What is wrong, you seem uneasy Dargo?”

   “I feel like something bad is going to happen…..I can feel it in my bones.”

   “Maybe it will…..but for now, just rest and enjoy your son.”

   “Yes….yes, you are right, but I can’t shake this feeling. The Sky Kingdom sent its best assassin to murder us and take our child.  Yes, I
defeated him but they will not rest until you and I are no more.”

   “Dargo My Love, you cannot change the events that have not come forth yet. If we ….both you and I are to fall….then we will fall together
in battle as one.”

   “You sound like you are prepared to die.”

   “Dargo, I have been ready to die since the moment we awoken in this strange new land, in this city of manmade mountains, and yet so
far you and I have survived.”

   “Yes Dax, but for how long? Our child is only weeks old and being such keeps you from being the warrior you are.”

   “Dargo, how so? I am and have always been a warrior at heart, and the crusades we have clashed in side by side have always made
us stronger.”

   “Yes, but now you must put all that warrior instinct into not fighting the enemy but into protecting our young son. Little Alex is the future of
our people and if we are to fall in battle, we must make sure that his legacy will go on….that our bloodline goes on.”

   “Yes, but we can’t make each other crazy over it Dargo, and yes, I will defend our child to my dying breath,” she said as she caught
Dargo smiling. “What do you find humorous?”

   “You sound more human each day in your speech,” he said shaking his head. “We live in a human world, in a human city and our son
as a human name……yet the human world hates and fears us and call us demons.”

   “Human’s fear what they do not understand, we Kia have always since the beginning of their kind been regarded as monsters, evil
wicked creatures that come from Hell and serve the Devil. They only know one side of the story, for had they known truly how beautiful our
land really is and how kind our leaders are, they would see our people in a new light. A light that we are not the monsters of their
nightmares and despite how we Kia look….we Kia and human are very much alike.”

   “Maybe so Dax…..but they still fear us and given the chance, will hunt us down and kill us and our child. They are no better than the
angels who seek to murder us, and unless we find a way home, I fear one day that they will destroy us and the child you hold in your arms.”

                                                                                                       Chapter 3

   Dargo awoken by a sound coming from just outside their sky top lair. Rising without waking Dax beside him, he went to the opening of
the lair hoping that it was something as simple as just a bird that landed but then his keen eyes spotted something else with wings that
force him to bear his fangs. With a mighty roar, he greeted his unwanted guest waking Dax from her slumber.

   “Wait, I come in peace!” the golden skinned angel begged as Dargo’s claws made ready to strike. “I mean you and your mate no harm.
I just want to talk.”

   “Dargo…let’s hear what she has to say,” Dax said stepping up behind her mate and placing a hand upon his shoulder.

   “I do not want to hear anything an angel has to say,” Dargo replied in a deep intimidating tone.

   “Please Dargo, let’s hear what she has to say.”

   “Oh….alright then….speak angel.”

   “My name is Tempest. I am the younger sister of Aria, the angel who saved your offspring.”

   “Go on angel…….I am listening,” Dargo countered.

   “My sister was arrested for saving your offspring and returning him to you. She was on strict orders to bring the child to the emperor of
Sky Kingdom where he was to be a captive of our people. My sister disobeyed that order and gave the child back to you. As a result she
is sentenced to death.”

   “Sad story but none of our concern,” Dargo said coldly.

   “I need your help to free her!” the pleading angel asked.

   “Help an angel….after what your people have done to us and the people of Kronos,” Dargo huffed as he walked away turning his back
on the young golden woman standing in the entranceway to their lair.

   “What do you ask of us?” Dax inquired trying to feel for the woman before her.

   “I only ask if you can help me free my sister so I can bring her to Earth where she can live out her life.”

   “What, free an angel from Sky Kingdom… are mad!” Dargo belted out.

   “How can we help?” Dax asked ignoring her mate’s hate for their kind.

   “Dax, do you really want to help this creature, they have for over a million years hunted our kind to near extinction. Perhaps they have by
now…..we do not even know if our people and world are even still there,” Dargo called out in anger.

   “Dargo, that angel saved our son.  Without her kindness, he would have been brought to Sky Kingdom and we both would have been
murdered…..we have to see if there is anything we can do.”

   “Then you are as mad has she.  However you are right…without her, our son would have been lost to us.”

   “Then we will help her Dargo?”

   “Yes……we will make an assault on Sky Kingdom.”

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