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                                                                             Chapter 1

                                  The Carpathian Mountains, Romania in the year 691 AD

“Dargo, they are coming for us!” the warrior’s mate cried as she and her beloved gazed out from the cave opening atop the mountain

“Stay here Dax, I must stop them from reaching the cave.  As I fight, you tend to the others” Dargo said as he stepped to the edge of the
cave mouth. “My beloved one, I must stop this army of beasts from killing the last of our people.” he added looking his mate in her eyes.

“Here my Lord, take your staff and dagger, stop this invading legion from destroying us while I check on the others.” Dax told him as he
stepped ever closer to the edge of the cliff.  “I will ready our people if we need to depart from here. Just give me the word and I will move
our people out if the knights advance to near.”

“Dax, they are all too weak to leave this place, no I must fight…..I must kill this army or they will destroy us all.”

“Then take care my beloved, fight for our kind, save our people.” she told him as she ran her fingers over the long spout hairs upon his

“See to the others, I will stop the advancing forces from making it up this high.” Dargo said as he stood at the very edge of the cave

From his vantage point, he could see no less than 50 of the indigenous creatures coming up the trail that would lead to his people’s
cave, a place where he and his community hid from the inhabitants below. His populace of 100’s of his associates now reduced to only a
hand full of individuals left. The others murdered by the monsters that lived nearby. Now Dargo was alone, the last warrior of his kind and
he alone must stand between his people’s death and the legion that comes.

As Dax went into the cave to see to the others, Dargo watched as the invading force armed with crossbows and swords advanced ever
closer to his home. He knew that he was his people’s last chance to survive if their kind was to exist in this new land. He stepped to the
very edge of the cliff and gaze upon his adversary. Then he opened is leathery wings to their full extension and with a powerful thrust, he
lifted off into the cold night air. With each mighty flap of his wings, he soared ever higher into the night as he tried to take his enemy by
surprise. He was greatly outnumbered by the opposing force, but he was his people’s only chance at life and he must win at all cost.
Armed with only his trident staff and his dagger made of human bone and forged steel, Dargo flew high over the heads of the creatures
below until he felt he was in a good striking range. Folding in his wings, he descended swiftly in an attack posture like a bird of prey.
Without a sound, he bounced upon the knights below jabbing one with his staff plugging the three sharp barbs into the man’s torso. As he
died immediately, Dargo withdrew his staff and rammed it into the soul of another man nearby as he used his dagger to slash the throats
of two more knights before taking back to the air.

Dargo again collapsed his wings and dove upon the knights as they fired their crossbows toward him. He roared in pain as one arrow
struck him in the side of abdomen as he thrust his trident into the body of one of the soldiers. Once again upon the snow covered ground,
Hell’s warrior slashed two more men wide open with the razor-sharp end of his wing tips as he thrust once more with his staff and gutted
another with his dagger with the other hand.

The warrior then took hold of the shaft of the arrow and with a bellow of anguish tore the projectile from his pasty skin. But just as it was
removed another arrow struck him in the back right between his shoulder blades and where his wings were fixed. The result meant that
he could not flap his right wing and therefore unable to take flight. He would have to remain on the ground amongst his attackers. Dargo
was strong, one of Hell’s most celebrated warriors in the war upon Heaven but now the once sturdy fighter was taking shots from well
trained archers. With each blow it took a little more of his power and as he struggled to stay upon his feet, the army of the King’s Knights
saw victory upon their adversary. For they knew if they could kill Dargo, the others within the cave who were wounded and starving would
be an easy kill.

Then from out of the sky, Dargo’s mate came screaming into the battle slashing throats with her clawed hands. Although she was smaller
than her lover, Dax was able to lift the downed Dargo into the air with one power thrust from her wings. She could not fly high due to his
mass but flew him out of harm’s way. Once she had him safe, the two watched as knights entered their cave atop the mountain.

“Dax we must……….”

“No my love, there is no more that we can do.” she told her mate as the screams of her people cried out from the mouth of the cave. The
screams of the dying called out for help, but Dax held her wounded companion back until their cries vanished and only the sound of
bladed steel could be heard as it hacked their colleagues to death.


“Sorry my love, but we cannot defeat these human creatures on our own. If we are to survive than we must let the others die.


After the carnage was over and the knights returned home, Dargo and Dax entered their dwelling. The very place that they and their clan
called home was now a slaughter house of the damned. Each one of their people lay massacred where they died, some with this skulls
crushed under the weight of the men’s battle axes as others bore the wounds of sword strikes to their torsos.

“They killed our entire clan Dax.” a sorrow filled Dargo said trying to hold back his tears.

“I know my love, these human monsters killed our people, Dargo, you and I are alone in this world……what do we do now?”

“We cannot go home but we must find a way back.”

“But Dargo, we still do not know the way back home.”

“We have been here in this cave for far too long Dax, without the others we can travel, we can find home.”

“But my Lord, we don’t even know where home is. We still don’t have the correct course, without a bearing or true path home, we are
forever trapped in this world.” Dax said taking her lover in her arms and using some water to help sooth his wounds.

“Then perhaps we should wait until The Master sends a search party to find us and bring us home.” he said as she tended to his

“My Lord, we will starve long before that, we can no longer feed as we were, the humans will know we are still alive.” she said cleaning
the painful wound on his back.

“Then what do we do until another clan finds us?” Dargo said looking deeply into his mates white eyes.

“We sleep my love…..we sleep.” she replied stroking her claws through his long white hair. “We sleep until we are found by our kind.”

“Then so be it.” he said taking her into his strong arms and embracing her close.

Once he had his mate in his grasp, Dargo wrapped his wings around them both until nothing of their bodies were open to the cold winter’
s night.

“Until we wake my love.”

“Until we wake.” Dargo replied as his wings closed in on them and a moist gel oozed from his outer wings.

Soon the greenish gel covered over their entire form and slowly as it hardened, the two creatures within their cocoon fell into a deep
death like sleep.

                                                                    Chapter 2

                                                    New York City in the year 2017

“Please bring it in and be very careful.” Doctor Jackson said as he watched the forklift carry the prize of the century into the loading bay
of the New York City Museum of Natural History.

“What is it Doctor?” one of his assistants asked as the machine rode past them in the loading bay.

“We are not sure yet but it seems to be some sort of cocoon.” Jackson replied as he watched the fork lift bring the unknown object from
the bay and into the hall where it was to be brought to his lab. “Please put it right over there.” he said pointing to where he wanted the
driver of the machine to place the unknown relic.

“Where was it found Doctor” she asked.

“It was found in a Carpathian Mountain cave in Romania.”

“Wow, that’s wild.” she said giving away her youth.

After the forklift placed the object upon the floor, Doctor Jackson walked over to it. “It was dated to come from the late 7th Century.” he
said with admiring eyes. “Around the year 690 to 699 or so we believe.” he added as his hands roamed over the hard almost stone like
coating lining the surface of the ancient artifact.

“Is a rock Doctor formed in this odd almost egg shape or something else?”

“That my dear young Amanda is what I am about to find out.” he said as he wheeled over his ultrasound machine.

After a moment, he placed the hand held device upon the object and glared at the screen behind him. “There seems to be something
within the thing.” he said moving the device over the hard glaze surface.

“What Doctor?”

“Wait a moment……I think I see…..Holy shit!”

“What Doctor?”

“I see what looks like a hand!” he said as he moved the appliance over and along the side of the rock. “Oh Christ…..Oh my God!”

“What…..what do you see?”

“I see a head…..oh dear lord, I see what looks like a head…….two in fact.”

“There are people in that thing?”

“I don’t know…..they seem like people. We have to get this thing into an MRI machine right away.


“What is all this about people inside a rock?” Doctor Barry Coffee said as he entered the room. “And why are we using our new MRI
machine on this thing?”

“Barry, I think someone…..maybe more may in fact be within this thing.”

“Jackson, what the hell are you talking about, people inside a rock.”

“That’s just it, it’s not a rock.”

“Then what is it?”

“I don’t really know yet, but it’s not a rock as we as far as I know” Jackson said just as the relic started moving into the mouth of the
machine. “We should get a good reading of what’s inside.” he added.

As the doctor stood there looking at the screen of the museum’s newest toy, a new MRI and X-ray that could see into anything and give a
live feed to a computer screen.

“There do you see it, Barry?” he said pointing to the monitor. “The shape of not just one, but two humans within this thing.”

“That’s impossible.”

“Yeah well maybe so, but you’re looking at the same thing I am.”

“What is that on their heads?” Barry questioned. “Some sort of head dress maybe.”

“If I didn’t know better, I would say that it looks like….. horns.” Jackson said with a grin.

“I hate to say it but you’re right, they do look like horns.” Barry replied looking closer at the display monitor.

“Okay we know this much, there are what appears to be two humanoids within this thing. One is much larger than the other suggesting
one male the other female perhaps.” Jackson said studying the screen. “It looks as though they are in some sort of head dress…..or
horns protruding from their skulls.” he said with a smile. “But I would think that it is some sort of decorative ornament upon their heads
than genuine boney horns popping out of their heads.”

“Ah…..Jackson what in God’s name is that?” Barry asked pointing to the screen.

“I don’t know?”

“It look’s to me like a tail.”

“Barry you been drinking…..wait that does look like a…..tail!”

“Jackson, what the hell do we have here?”

“I don’t know, and if you look here it seems as though this thing that is incasing them looks as though its coming from the males back…..
like as though he’s the one covering them. Barry, this is not a rock, this thing is part of him! Some sort of extension from his body…..
almost like wings. Do you know what this means my old friend? We found an unknown humanoid unlike anything ever discovered.”

“Can we crack it open, do you think?” Barry asked as the old professor ran his hand along the side of the relic.

“I don’t know, if we spit it open and this thing…..this cocoon covering them is indeed part of the male then we could damage him.

“True, but Jackson, the only way to get to the bodies is to break it open.”

“Yeah, but should do that, this thing has kept them from decaying over 1400 years. Maybe we can place it on display as is and leave it in

“No my young friend, we must know what these people are, humanoids with horns, tails and wings! What the hell do we have here?”

“Maybe hell is the answer.”

“What are you saying Jackson?”

“Maybe…..just maybe what these things are…..are demons.”

“What, you’re out of your damn mind!”

“No, think about it Barry. They have wings, pronounced horns and something protruding from just below the back of the hips that looks
like a tail. Barry, these things are demons!”

“Jackson that’s mad!”

“Is it… it really? The Bible talks about such creatures in its pages. Here we may have proof that such creatures and that Hell really
does exist! …..And if Hell is real, then so is Heaven.” Jackson cried out as he ran his hands along the top of the object.

“So, you really think we have a pair of demons here Dr. Jackson?”

“What else could they be?” the young doctor called out with the excitement of a child. “Think about it, we have here two humanoid
creatures locked within some kind of cocoon and the thing is made from what looks like the male’s wings. What the hell else could they

“Well that my young friend is very much true. Why don’t we try cracking it open and taking a look inside then?” Barry said running his
hand along the hard outer shell of the item.

“Like I said before, if we just bang into it, we could damage the male subject and if indeed this covering over them is a part of him, we
dare not damage him.”

“Jackson, the damn thing is long dead, you’re not going to hurt it.”

“Yes he’s dead, but we don’t want to damage any of his features. We need them both intact to study them.” Jackson said as he moved
across the room and brought back a hammer and chisel.

“I thought you’re not going to crack the thing open?” the older doctor questioned.

“I’m not, but I think I can cut away this clear rock like substance incasing his wings.”

“Oh god Jackson, that’s going to take forever, just get a saw and cut the damn thing open.”

“No, this is going to be done old school, if this takes me weeks, I’m going to free this thing from its hard outer shell until I can get at the
people inside. I’ll never be able to study them no other way.”

“Yeah well, have at it then and let me know how that goes. I would just spit the damn thing open like an egg.”

“You’re not going to help me Barry?”

“Cutting that stuff off the relic is going to take you weeks, maybe months doing it that way. Sorry, I’m too damn old to sit around and wait
that long. Let me know when you have the thing cut out.”

“Okay, then I will.” the young scientist said as he began slowly and carefully chipping away at the hard outer shell that surrounded the
creature’s folded wings as it held he and his mate.
Episode 1

The Cocoon

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