Graveyard Cinema

                                   By Dark Soul
Batman: Bad Blood

4 Gravestones

     Batman: Bad Blood is an animated direct to video feature film and the sequel to the 2015 movie
Batman vs Robin which in itself is a sequel to 2014’s Son of Batman.  The movie starts with Batwoman
engaging in a battle with Black Mask, Tusk, Firefly and Killer Moth before Batman joins the fight.  After a
conflict with the two heroes, the leader of the villains, a new bad guy named The Heretic sets off a bomb
just as Batman throws Batwoman out a window and to safety.  Batman is presumed dead in the explosion
and soon Gotham City must face the fact that its hero may be gone.  Not to let the Gotham underworld
know the truth about Batman’s death, Alfred contacts former Robin Dick Grayson who stepped away from
playing the role of Batman’s partner to go it alone as Nightwing a few years earlier.

     Nightwing slips into a spare bat suit and takes on the mantel of Batman while he, Batwoman and the
son of Bruce Wayne, Damian who made his debut in the film Son of Batman, is the new Robin.  Together
they team up to discover what happened to Batman and along the way learn how to work together as a
crime fight unit.  Although well-acted and produced, this is NOT a movie to sit your kids in front of thinking
that it’s a Batman cartoon and leave the room.  This is a pretty violent movie and has some strong
language and although it’s an animated movie, it’s intended for adults only.  The only real drawback to the
film is you don’t see Bruce Wayne as Batman enough as he’s only Batman in the beginning and the end
with Nightwing playing Batman most of the movie.  Still, if you’re a fan of Batman and enjoy The DC lineup
of animated Batman movies, you will enjoy this one.

5ive Girls

4 Gravestones

     When five teens are sent to a Catholic reform school for troubled girls that is ran by a demon, you know
shit’s just going to hit the fan.  Alex is the last student dumped off by her father at the boarding school
where she soon discovers upon entry that she, like the other girls, are locked in like convicts.  She meets
the four other girls who all like her have special abilities.  Alex is gifted with the power to move objects with
her mind, Cecilia is a psychic, Connie is a conduit, Leah can walk through objects, and Mara (the mean
bitch) is a healer.

     The school has only two people running it, (yeah), Father Drake played by genre vet Ron Perlman, the
resident priest, and Head Mistress Miss Pearce who we learn early on is the school's demon.  After
strange things going on like visions that Alex sees in the school hallways, the girls go to the forbidden 3rd
floor where they discover a pentagram painted into the floor.  Turns out just as they stand there wondering
why it’s there in the first place, Miss Pearce is casting a spell to raise an old ancient evil force into the
world as it takes possession of one of the girls.  For a movie that was just dumped onto DVD along with
the old casting of Ron Perlman in a small role that really wastes his talent, this is really a good and
entertaining film.  The core of the movie is the 5 girls and they are great and it was actually sad that bad
things started to happen to them.  This is no slasher film where you can’t wait to see the next victim hacked
up and dismembered, but the very opposite that you really care about the girls and hate to see anything
happen to them.

     Spoiler Alert Here!  The movie also doesn’t fall into the usual horror movie tropes as with really all film
of this type.  Perlman is NOT the hero of the story even though he’s the only big-name star in the movie and
Spoiler Alert Here!  The good girl is NOT the final girl and in fact the bitch walks away alive after beating
the demons.  I know!!!  Definitely worth a watch.    

Krampus Origins

3 Gravestones

     Krampus Origins takes place in 1918 during World War 1 when a small group of American soldiers
discover a mysterious book that was taken from a German outpost.  Soon after they are attacked they
themselves are killed by a German attack assault.  Meanwhile back in the states, the wife of one of the
Americans killed learns shortly after taking a job as a teacher in an orphanage run by nuns that her
husband had been killed in action.  The man who gives her the bad news returns to her the last things her
husband had on him upon his death, one of them being the ancient book.

     In her state of sadness, she doesn’t see one of her students take the book and being a girl interested
in the dark arts, reads aloud from the book and conjures a demon.  The beast is released from its
dimensional tomb and soon takes on the form of a boy so to infiltrate the orphanage undetected.  Soon
after the Krampus goes on a killing spree taking out nuns and priests galore while abducting children.  
Now with only a handful of kids left to fight the evil creature along with their teacher, must save the souls of
the children Krampus had taken.

     Not a bad little movie and it's entertaining but I must say a movie with nuns and kids is scary enough,
let alone having a Krampus running around.  As for the title creature who looks nothing like the beast on
the movie poster, but looks more like Steppenwolf from the Justice League movie than a Krampus.  Also,
you never see the creature interact with any of the cast, you only really see him once and he’s clearly not in
the same location with anyone even when talking to them and the shots cut away to him as though he’s in
another movie.  The title also is a little misleading because this really doesn’t follow the Krampus myth at
all even though there are children and it takes place on Christmas Eve.  Still, it’s worth a watch but don’t
expect a classic Krampus depiction.

Bayonetta: Bloody Fate

4 Gravestones

     First released in 2009 as a video game produced by Platinum Games, the hero or anti-hero if you will
didn’t take long to get her own movie in Bayonetta: Bloody Fate.  The movie would be the characters first
feature film as an anime produced by Gonzo, a Japanese anime company that would bring the video
game hero to life.  Bayonetta is the offspring of an angel and a witch creating a powerful being who would
grow up to become Bayonetta, a witch who is hunted by the angels as she tries to remember who and
what she is after the loss of her memory.

     With beautiful animation from Gonzo, Bayonetta is a rich action-packed adventure with monsters,
demons and angels, all of which our hero girl must battle.  Along the way she discovers that a child she is
entrusted with turns out to be a clone of herself when she was a little girl.  That and the big bad that she is
facing off within the end turns out to be her own father   If you love action anime films, then you will love this
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