Graveyard Cinema

                                       By Dark Soul
Ready or Not

4 Gravestones

    This was a movie that I didn’t have a lot of hope for.  It looked silly and to be honest stupid.  But I
decided to give it a shot.  And you know what?  I actually enjoyed it!  It had a simple premise, plenty of
action and for all horror fan, lot a good kills.  
    The movie is about a young bride marrying into a wealthy face full of eccentrics that own the biggest
game company in the world.  On their wedding night, it is a tradition that before the new person is fully
accepted into the family (whether bride or groom), they must pick a card from an heirloom to play a game.  
Little does the young bride realize, she picked the worst card of all, Hide and Seek.  She thinks they are
odd but goes along with it since she wants to desperately be part of a family.  She quickly find out and this
is not a game but a fight for her survival as her new family is out to kill her in a locked house in the middle
of nowhere.  Will she come out in one piece?
    The movie stars Samara Weaving (The Babysitter, Mayhem) as the young bride Grace, Adam Brody
(Isabelle, Jennifer’s Body) as the groom Daniel and Mark O’Brien (The Darkest Mind, Bad Times at the El
Royale, Hannibal) as his brother Alex.  To my surprise, it even has once known as “America’s Sweetheart”
Andie MacDowell.
    This movie seemed to be a combination of Clue and Scream.  Once the movie sets the premise and
gets started, it doesn’t let up with the action or gore.  What I like about the movie is that it knows what it is
and doesn’t waste time with extra filler.  The movie is only an hour and 35 minutes.  The end throws in
something that will have you thinking but it is a very satisfying result.  I definitely recommend this movie for
any horror fan looking for a bloody good time.

It: Chapter 2

3 Gravestones

    Since It came out in 2017, fans of the book and TV miniseries knew there would be a part two and was
looking forward to it since the first one ended.  I know that this horror fan was definitely waiting to see it.  
Was it worth the wait?  I think so.  Was it as good as the first one?  Well, let’s wait just a little bit.
    The movie sort of picks up 27 years after the first one where there was a murder outside the town fair in
Derry.  Mike Hanlon hears the call on his police scanner and immediately goes down to check it out.  
While looking around, he finds and red balloon and realizes that he is back and know what he must do.  
Mike starts calling his friends to tell them they must come back to Derry to keep a promise made when
they faced Pennywise the first time.
    The Loser’s club comes back and immediately start remembering what happened when they were
kids.  But Mike never left so he never forgot.  He figured out the secret to Pennywise and how to destroy
him for good.  Now he has to convince his friends to go with his plan.  Will they go with him to kill
Pennywise and will they succeed?
    This movie has an all-star cast with Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise, Jessica Chastain as Beverly Marsh,
James McAvoy as Bill Denbrough and Bill Hader as Richie Tozier to name just a few.  
The movie has several jump scares but is more creepy than actually scary.  There is one scene that have
been in commercials but most been seen all the way through in the theatres.  But those moments are
pretty good.  The adult versions of the kids are okay but you miss the nostalgia of the kids and the
camaraderie they share along with the time.  One of the downfalls of the movie is the length as it was two
hours and 49 minutes.  It definitely could have been a lot shorter.  Although not as good as the first one, I
would recommend this movie to see how it is all completed.

The Pit

4 Gravestones

    The Pit is a 17 minute zombie short film written and directed by Jonathan Zaurin, who's last year’s film
Portraits played both our film festival The Creepy, Freaky Film Fest and our Halloween show Blood Fest.  
This time the filmmaker goes all out with his zombie kickboxing film that delivers action as well as very
scary zombies.  When a young man and kickboxing master discovers that he is soon to be a father, he in
turn wants to tell his own dad that he has to do something more with his life than just fighting.  However just
as he comes into the kick-boxing gym to see his father, the world outside is going all to hell.  The zombie
apocalypse has just started in Great Britain and he soon discovers that his friends in the gym are now
flesh hungry monsters.  Now the man who wants to stop fighting must now fight for his very life as he is
attacked by the zombies who were once his friends.

    This film is done very well with just the right amount action and drama to pull the viewer in.  The
kickboxing is great in this film and as this poor guy fights off the living dead until the last creature turns out
to be good old dad.  Talk about a dilemma!  Based on a story idea by Sarah Zaurin, the writing is crisp
and the zombie make-up is well done with lots of blood as our hero battles the dead not knowing: Will he
beat the dead or will he fall in battle?
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