Graveyard Cinema

                                            By Dark Soul
Cucuy: The Bogeyman

4 Gravestones

      Based on the Latin American legend of Cucuy, a creature of myth who kidnaps bad children bringing
them to his lair and feed upon their bones. This Spanish version of the Bogeyman is the star of this horror
movie that focus on a teen girl who while on house-arrest discovers that all the children from her town are
being taken by the mythical creature. Once her own sister is abducted by the monster, she makes it her
mission to seek it out and save not only her little sister before the beast eats her, but all the kids the thing
took. Aided by her would be boyfriend, they set out to discover the creature’s home and how to get these
taken back before they become happy meals for the Cucuy.

      This is a fun movie with a pretty cool looking monster who looks a little Grim Reaper and a little
Krampus. The use of a Latin American legend as the backbone of this movie’s monster was a good one
and a creature that has not been tapped before. Although shot on a small budget, the film plays out bigger
and it doesn't downplay the title creature as he is not just same slap it in CGI monster mess, but a well
thought out creature design. If you have not seen this movie on DVD or when it's played on The SyFi
Channel, seek it will like it.     

Santa Jaws

2 Gravestones

      And yes, that is the title of this movie.....believe it or not! Okay we have a teenage want to
be comic book artist who goes on to create a comic with a shark....that and get this, swims around killing
people with yes, a Santa hat on his back fin. When he comes to possess a magical pen and draws this
book, the creature comes to life and starting eating people. Oh and with the red Santa hat on his fin and
dragging (lit) Christmas lights through the water in his hunt! can't make this shit up......well
someone did but they must have been doing so damn good drugs to think this mess up.

      Oddly enough though, the movie is highly entertaining as it don't take itself for anything more than the
silly film that it is. In other words, this is NOT "Jaws 3-D" trying to be a good movie and fucking itself up
along the way. This movie knows it’s silly and makes the best of that. Aside from bad acting, editing and
CGI shark attacks you can watch this movie and take it for what it is.....a fun little mess of a movie that
makes the watcher giggle.  


4 Gravesstones

      This 2017 horror film is the latest entry into the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise and was intended
to be a prequel to both the 1974 classic and the 2003 remake. This is the origin of Leatherface himself as
to why he is the way he is and gives the film something more than just a crazy guy running around with a
chainsaw trying to chop up people in their 20's. In fact, there is very little in the way of chainsaw deaths as
this story tells about Leatherface before he becomes Leatherface. Okay, so you will see little chainsaw
and he never dons his mask of skin until the very end of the I know what you're saying next....."
Why the hell am I going to watch this movie?” Well despite the lack of Leatherface as we know and love
him, this film explores not only the killer himself and the roots of what drove him to take up a cutting tool
and use it as a murder weapon, but also a deeper look into this crazy family and who they are and the
murders that happened before Leatherface even becomes the killer we know.

      Okay so maybe he's not so much Leatherface just yet, but this film does have plenty of gruesome and
bloody deaths by all kinds of tools and yes.....even the chainsaw. The movie starts with the family attacking
and killing a young couple before the young Leatherface is put into a nut house hospital after he is part of
the murder. After he grows up he and all of the inmates get loose and go on a killing spree all throughout
the hospital in one bloody crazy rampage. As in anyone of the Texas Chainsaw movies, people are just
pain fucking crazy in this film. Everyone from the doctors of the hospital, the cops hunting the family and of
course Leatherface's own family.....with his mother at the top of the crazy list. Even with the lack of a
chainsaw swinging madman, this is a fun little movie. Its tone and look is very much in the same scheme
as the 1974 classic that started it all. If you can get past the fact that there is little Leatherface as
Leatherface in this flick, there is lots of blood, guts and one beheading that you're going to love. Give it're like it. Way better than some of the films that followed the 1974 original.  
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