Graveyard Cinema

                                              By Dark Soul
Kicking off this issue’s movie reviews are two short films that will play our upcoming
new movie festival The Creepy, Freaky Film Fest on October 20th, 2018. Although
each film is very different in tone and style, they share the same passion for the
horror genre and it shows in their craftsmanship.

The Darkening Hollows

4 Gravestones

This short film by writer and director Michael Ricci tells the story of a young woman hitchhiking when she is
picked up by a car with two young men and a woman. Nearly from the moment, she slips into the back
seat with the other girl, we know something bad is going to happen. When she sees that they are not on
the right path heading into town, she is uneasy that they have turned off the main road. Asking to be let out,
they say no that there is a monster in the woods. What follows is a chase in the woods and a monster on
the hunt….but it’s not what you may think.

Smart and fresh storytelling from a new director who knows his horror and can deliver the good as well as
Carpenter, Romero or Craven ever could. It’s with that passion that director Ricci weaves a compelling
story full of fear and tension that will lock the viewer in until the true monster is unmasked.  A well-crafted
horror short that needs to be seen by any short horror film fan.


4 Gravestones

This horror short film by Jonathan Zaurin starts out like a straight-up drama with its lead character, a rather
sad dorky kind of man meeting a woman of the same lonely dorky nature. The two seem to hit it off and as
the viewer you feel happy for the poor lonely guy as this seems like the first girl in his life to really pay any
attention to him. After really getting to know the girl, our hero goes home to tell his mother and you soon
get that this is a sort of mother and Norman Bates mother and son thing going on here…..but not entirely!
We soon see that Mother is a photograph but her control over him and his sad little life is still as powerful
as when she was alive.  And it is that control that drives our hero into an act of horror…..but again not what
you think.

Director Jonathan Zaurin tells a brilliant story of loneliness and overall, a wanting to be loved and
accepted. We all share a bit of loneliness and we feel it in his pain as he sits beside the photo portrait of
his mother and tries as he might to tell her about the new girl……maybe the only girl in his life…like ever
but mother don’t like it. Again in a Norman Bates feel, he fights with her telling her that he’s in love but
Mothers rage soon shows itself. Wonderfully written and directed Portraits is a short film that is a must-see
for any fan of short horror films.

We here at Blood Moon Rising are proud to be showcasing these two short films for our all-new horror
event The Creepy, Freaky Film Fest taking place on October 20th, 2018 and held at the Queens Library
41-17 Main St. Flushing NY 11355.


4 Gravestones

This well-crafted short film played on Blood Moon Rising’s sister project Saturday Night Chillers Facebook
page for our Episode 62. Check it out on Saturday Night Chillers. Filmmaker Rocky Hall brings to the
horror dinner table a fun little gem that reminds us all that the people who live around us….may not be the
people we think they are.

As far as anyone knows, John is your everyday Joe, gets out of bed, takes a shower and puts his pants on
one leg at a time. He seems to have it all, nice house, cute dog, pretty car, but John is hiding something
from the world and it’s a big one. This short is creepy as you watch it, you, the viewer, know something
must be amiss with this guy and when you discover his dark little truth…..well it makes us all think about the
people around us and what sick little things they may be hiding in the back of their mind. This film can be
found on YouTube and we strongly recommend you check it out.

Apex Predator

4 Gravestones

Okay, this is no Harry and the Hendersons feel good Bigfoot movie! This beast rips people apart and turns
out there’s more than one. Apex Predator is just that… shows who in the woods is the big bad and who
should fear this creature. When people start turning up torn apart by something big and nasty, the local
sheriff and a hunting party go on the hunt. But not everyone in the hunting party is who they seemed and
turns out someone other than the monster is killing people in these woods.

For a low budget film, this feature creature film has a lot going for it. A good story that starts out cookie
cutter, but turns into something much more as events start to unfold and everyone’s true nature comes out.
The creature effects here are pretty good too and the title monster costume works well for both the story
and the film's budget. Along the way, there are so twists and turns and one kill that you’re not going to see
coming as this above average creature feature delivers the blood, guts, and gore just the way we like it.     

Jeepers Creepers 3

3 Gravestones

After the release of Jeepers Creepers 1 and 2 in 2001 and 2003, we fans of the new and great new horror
movie icon The Creeper seemed to be set for a long line of follow up movies like Jason, Freddy, and
Myers but after 14 long….long waiting, Jeepers Creepers 3 didn’t give us the goods that we so waited for.
At the end of 2, we fans waited to see what happens next to The Creeper after his time is up and he went
into a cocoon-like state. But after the release of movie 3…..shit, we still but don’t know because this movie
takes place between the events in the first film and the events of number two.

Yes after all this time, it was good to see actor Jonathan Breck again return as The Creeper and back in
2004, he even told us here at Blood Moon Rising himself that there would be a 3rd film (didn’t know it
would be 14 years in the coming) and that he would again play the Creeper. However, this film release
straight to DVD and the Syfy Channel never did live up to what we fans wanted or its own potential. Sure
all the elements were there, the winged creature himself, the rusted old truck and his deadly arsenal of
handcrafted weaponry and his ax but something was missing. The story was ok but lacked what the last
two films brought to the table and just seemed like something was off. Although it had been 14 years since
we last saw The Creeper, the filmmakers should have given us something more than what we got. I for one
want to know what happened after his cocooning……maybe the next film.

Fear Man

4 Gravestones

Here is a movie that shows the love of one man for the genre of horror.  Chris Vander Kaay has written two
books on the subject of horror movies and now he has produced a documentary on the subject of horror
movies.  The movie first takes you through how Chris came to love horror movies from a young age
through young adulthood from an unlikely childhood.  Then he takes you through the psychological effect
that horror movies have on people and how they react to it along with society in general.  Then he explains
how he and his partner Kathleen developed their theory on the idea behind all horror movies
This was a great original film that kept me hook throughout the movie. You feel Chris’ love of the genre
through his narration of his life, his views of horror movies, and the constant flow of classis horror movies
playing in the background.  His theory on what is behind the making of all horror movies is most interesting
as he goes through the genres of horror and how it relates to his theory.  I don’t want to give anything away
because it is worth watching.  The quality is good and Chris is very knowledgeable about the subject of
horror.  This is definitely a watch for anyone who love horror movies and love a new take of the genre.

* Check out his interview with D.W. Jones in this issue.
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