Graveyard Cinema

                                                    By Dark Soul

4 Gravestones

This movie was a bit of a surprise for me because it was really good. It’s a simple story really and one we
know of well. People trapped in a house while a monster lurks outside wishing nothing more than to kill
them. We saw this in Dog Soldiers and of course the movie that started this scenario Night of The Living
Dead along with endless other films using this same formula.  And yet it works so well! In Animal, the
source of terror is an unknown creature of unknown origin who has a small group of people trapped as it
picks them off one by one. Yeah okay, we know this story like I said it's been done with zombies,
werewolves and big foots.  Hell you name it, but again it works and the monster here looks really good.
Shocking too, the creature in question is NOT a CGI creation but a really cool looking monster suit playing
this movie old school.

The fact too that that this creature is just roaming the woods and we don’t know why or what the hell the
thing is makes it scary too. What really makes this movie work is not the monster holding people under
siege in the little house in the woods, but the in-fighting among each other. Their fight to survive and their
battle with one asshole that was in the house when they arrived makes this a fun little movie. It ends with
the possibility of a follow-up filmmaking me hope that there will be.

Never Knock

4 Gravestones

On Halloween night each year, it has become almost a game to go up to the local haunted house and
knock on the door three times. The legend of this spook house started when one boy and his older brother
and his girlfriend were killed soon after the boy knocked on the old wooden house door. The story spun
into a legend so famous that local TV and radio make fun of it each year when Halloween rolls around.
Each year since the murders of the three, nothing has happened, that is until one high spirited young girl
out trick or treating with her older sister and her friends decides to put the myth to the test. She knocks on
the door but unlike all others since the first murders nearly twenty year before, the child cuts herself on the
metal studs on the wood and bleeds onto the door. Her blood awakens something old and dark within the
house and soon she and her sister’s friends are being hunted by a dark force hell-bent on killing them all.

The rest of the movie is about the kids running from the creature that hunts them as it picks them off one at
a time. The creature itself is a mixture of both CGI and costumed performer that works well for the film. It's
creepy and looks good in both its CGI and costume versions. What makes this movie a little more
shocking is that the kids in the film being stalked by the monster is that they are….well kids. They are not
the kind of actors who are like 24 playing 15-year-olds, but are really young teens making it a little
disturbing when they meet their bloody ends. All in all, I liked it and it’s more than worth a watch.


4 Gravestones

Okay, in this you will see something just amazing.  That’s right, after the 43 movies that actor and Governor
Arnold Schwarzenegger has made, he does something in this movie that he has never really done before.
Arnold acts! And here’s the kicker, he’s not bad. Oh come on, you know damn well that although the
movies he makes are just right for his skill level of acting and they do work for him…he’s not ever going to
win the Oscar for Best Actor for like anything. But here he gets to show that he can do more than just fire
guns, make funny puns and do that god awful bellow that he screams out in movies like Total Recall, The
Running Man and mostly any one of his films. But in Maggie, Arnold shows that yes, he can act, and we
see a much softer side of him that we never saw before too. Hey, I always loved Arnold in his action and
even his funny films, but now I have a new respect for him as an actor. Okay so now that is out of the way
and I thought it needed to be said, let’s get on with the movie.

Maggie is at its core is a zombie film, however it’s unlike any zombie movie we have seen before. Instead
of a story following people fighting the walking dead as seen in endless movies and TV shows, Maggie
follows a young woman who while in the middle of a pandemic that is out of hand worldwide gets bitten by
one of the infected and is placed under quarantine. She calls her father (Arnold) and tells him what has
happened and not to come for her. Being her father, he goes for her and despite her doctor’s orders
brings her home. He knows full well that it is just a matter of time before the sickness within her slowly turns
her into a flesh eating monster.

Here too is where this movie vastly differs from any other Arnold film in that the action here is very sparse.
No shoot ‘em in the head living dead here, it’s more about the true horror of a father seeing his child slowly
turning into something less than human and at some point knowing that she will become a danger to him
and the rest of the family. This really is a most see movie, but remember, although there is a little action, it’
s not Dawn of the Dead. It’s more of a horror story of this poor girl and not how many monsters can be shot
and who got eaten. A fresh take on and old monster that works and you get to see Arnold act too.
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