Graveyard Cinema

                                                             By Dark Soul
These movies are a true treat for you that I found while collecting films for our new
Facebook horror movie show Saturday Night Chillers. The three movies here are all   
animated horror features and starring strong badass women.  One you know well
from the Underworld films. She is Selene the powerful vampire warrior played by the
very lovely Kate Beckinsale in the live action Underworld films. The other two badass
girls Lady Death and Bayonetta have their origins in both video games and comic

Underworld: Endless War

4 Gravestones

She is the female warrior vampire Selene from four of the five Underworld movies. In this new animated
film based on the series, the war between the vampires and Lycans rages on. This movie is split into three
storylines starting in the past and moving forward to fit between the fourth and fifth films as we see Selene
through her very long life.

Sadly for unknown reasons, Beckinsale did not voice the Selene character but the girl who did does such
a good job that you would not know it until your read the closing credits. Although the movie is in three
storylines, they all tie in together by the movie's end. As for the films animation, that’s a little awkward. It’s a
little rigid and not as flowing as it could have been. Still it was a fun movie and a well fit in the Underworld
storyline.  Live action or animated…..Selene’s likeness is always hot.

Lady Death: The Movie

5 Gravestones

This action driven animated feature film is the first time that the super sexy character from the comic books
comes to life. We see just how a sweet little farm girl becomes an evil raging demon who is now hell bent
on killing her father…..the devil. Told through striking old school animation, Lady Death leads her army of
demon hordes into battle to defeat the Lord of Darkness.

I have to say this was a great movie that not only introduced a well-crafted character who can clearly carry
on her own film, but it had character depth among all the bloodshed. I would love to see her taken into a
live action movie if for no other reason than her very little outfit. However although this is a cartoon movie,
this is not for the kids. Blood, guts and strong language makes this one an adult’s only movie, but damn is
it fun.

Bayonetta: Bloody Fate

5 Gravestones

Now this was a fun little movie! Bayonetta is an action hero of video games and now she steps out into her
own animated feature film. Like the movies talked about above, this is an action driven horror movie with a
strong female hero unlike anything we’ve seen before. Born a powerful witch, Bayonetta battles angels,
demons and all sorts of monsters in a movie like the last not for the kids.

With great storylines and presented in beautiful anime style, Bayonetta: Bloody Fate kicks ass all
throughout the movie. The jump from video game to action movie is well done and as beautiful well thought
out character, Bayonetta is a very cool dark hero that would make for a great live action movie much like in
the case of Lady Death. If you dig anime and are already a fan of the Bayonetta video game, you will love
this movie.

Authors Note: all three of these animated treats can be seen on the Blood Moon Rising new
Facebook page Saturday Night Chillers where these films and many others can be viewed for
free for all our fans.
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