Graveyard Cinema

                                                                 By Dark Soul
The Devils Sorceress

4 Gravestones

       Think of Rosemary’s Baby and you get a little about what this movie is about, but not to a tee. When a
15 years old girl will do anything and I anything to save her dying father she turns to her new hockey coach,
a young pretty woman who gives the girl a choice. By use of her black magic she could say the girl’s father
and make him well but in turn she must have a baby for the woman and give the child over to her as
payment for saving her father’s life. In desperation Faith on the night of her 16th birthday uses a boy who
likes her and tries to make the baby the witch is asking for.

       But the witch has other plans and once the child comes she plans on using its blood to glow all
powerful and release all hell on earth. Faith tries to stop the witch, save her father and the newborn child of
the devil. This British film from 2015 plays well and it holds some elements of not only Rosemary’s Baby
but Drag me to Hell as well. Good movie with plot and storylines about a girl who will do anything to save
those she loves and she goes to war with the evil witch who is using her bring forth demons upon the world.

Abbey Grace

3 Gravestones

This little indie movie may have a small cast but is high on the creepy mark. It tells the story of an adult
brother and sister as she moves back to their family home to take care of her pain in the ass OCD anal
brother who fears not only leaving the house to has to have anything in his little life just the way only he like
it. When the older sister brings in a doctor friend of hers to look him over and try to knock the crazy out of
him strange things in the house start to happen.

It seems that the house is haunted by little girl named Abbey Grace who still is making trouble long after
the child died. Not a scare the hell out of your movie but it does have some scares that will give a horror
fan a little thrill. You will learn to hate the brother as I did but as the house seemed to take over his sister’s
soul and she goes on the attack for her brother and old friend the film plays more like a horror film than
early on.
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