Graveyard Cinema

                                                                           By Dark Soul
Batman vs Superman

5 Gravestones

This was the movie I have waited my whole life to see. This is the very first time Batman and Superman
both shared the screen together in a live action feature film. Although I myself heard some pretty bad
things about this movie from people on the street…..I say they don’t know what they are bloody saying.
This movie was the best ever and seeing the two super heroes together was a kick all in itself. Ok, if you
have not seen the movie, here’s the spoiler alert…..Batman kicked Superman’s ass.

This film was the direct sequel to Man of Steel and the first Batman with Ben Affleck in the cape and cowl.
And I must say, Ben did a pretty good job as both Bruce Wayne and the Dark Knight. The film was written
by David S. Goyer, who wrote the Batman re-boot series Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and Dark
Knight Rising. You may already know that Goyer was also the man behind the three Blade films and even
directed the last.

This movie was to be the first introduction into DC Comics film series for the new Justice League movies
and this was a good start. Wonder Woman makes an appearance and has a small role in the movie as
well as other DC heroes. In the storyline Batman and the man of steel battle in one great knock ‘em down,
drag them out fight and it was great.  The action was well done and so was the story as two of the world’s
oldest and greatest superhero’s meet for the first time in live action. If you love these to superhero’s you
need to see this movie.

They Found Hell

5 Gravestones

In today’s horror movies, few things are new, fresh and original as in this movie. Not a killer in a mask here
or vampire lovers who sparkle in the day light. This movie is about a small group of college students who
build and test a device that can teleport objects from one location to another. In testing the device,
something goes wrong and forces them into an altered world and end up in Hell itself.

This movie takes its images of Hell to the extreme with beautifully creepy set designs of dark malevolent
woods, dirty ruined buildings and destroyed streets.  Fire torches light their way as the group tries to make
their way through this hellish world full of zombies, demons, monsters and hell hounds. This may have been
a low budget movie but a lot of detail went into the sets and special effects. With the use of both CGI and
actors in make-up, the monsters in this film are great and well crafted.

This may be a small movie, but it’s a big story with good writing and storyline. If you enjoy really cool set
design with creepy props and other images of Hell you will enjoy this movie.

The Witch

4 Gravestones  

This movie is set in the 17th century about a family in New England who sets up a new home stead on their
own on newly found land. They family is alone out in this vast wilderness and as they make ready for the
coming winter, something foul is soon to overtake their lives. There is a fear of a witch in the woods and
soon they find themselves fearing everything from the Devil himself to each other as their fear grows and
something wicked seems to be taking over the household.

This is a well thought out movie and although it could be a little slow for younger horror fans who enjoy
faster pace scares and blood, this film is creepy as it plays to a more adult viewer. Slowly as the family unit
falls apart and the Devil seems to be taking over the oldest daughter who is 17, is blamed for being the
witch that brought harm to their land. And although the girl is not in with the Devil, she at one point in the
end seems to embrace the darkness and walks into the woods where she discovers a coven of witches
dancing nude about a bonfire.

This is a very creepy movie with great detail to 17th century life and how the people of the time lived. It also
shows how the people of the day feared the things they didn’t understand and blamed it all on witchcraft
and other evils lurking in the woods.

The Last Witch Hunter

4 Gravestones

Starting action star Vin Diesel as the last man of a hunting party seeking out and destroying the lead witch.
Just before she dies, the creature curses the leader of the hunters to a life of immortally where he can
watch all he loves age and die over and over again throughout the centuries.

Jump ahead to New York City of our time, the last of the witch hunters has held a trust with the witch
community and a understanding is formed to not do harm to humanity and he will leave the witches
alone… long as they hold up their end. However some of the witches want to bring back their master
witch long dead by the hand of our hero and will stop at nothing to bring the evil to modern day New York.

Teaming up with a witch for help, the last witch hunter takes on the wicked witches in an all-out battle. This
movie is fun if you don’t mind a little lack of story line and more action. The film’s special effects are good
and the creatures look pretty cool too. This movie is what it is and it’s a lot of fun if you love horror/ action
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