Graveyard Cinema

                                                                                                      By Dark Soul
See No Evil 2

5 Gravestones

He’s…. back!  Jacob Goodnight, the hulking killer of the horror movie See No Evil.  
Thought to be dead after the events of the first film, Goodnight is brought down to
the city morgue where he and his victims are laid out on slabs.  Shortly after his
arrival, a birthday party breaks out for the young woman who works the graveyard
shift……and her boss is ok with it.  As the party gets into its full swing, it’s soon
discovered that the seven foot killer is not only alive but looking to cut down the
lives of more young people.

Returning as the hulking menace in this follow up film is Glenn Jacobs, better
known as WWE wrestling superstar Kane.  Kane as a horror movie actor is really
pretty good as he brings a scary presence to his character.  He is not only really
big but he just looks like an evil man even without make-up even though in reality
he’s not.  Joining Kane are horror vets Danielle Harris, who faced Michael Myers in
Halloween 4,5 & 6 and Katharine Isabella, the werewolf girl from the Ginger Snaps

Although we have seen this over and over again, young people trapped in a
location with a mad killer on the loose storyline before, this film really brings a
darker edge to it.  There are really no funny moments to giggle at, even though
Katharine Isabella does portray a playful girl and is one of the films highlight
characters.  But when the lighter tone fades and the killings begin…’s nothing
but straight chaos and carnage the rest of the way.  And again Kane is just damn

Almost hard to believe but this bloodbath is directed by two sisters, Jen and Sylvia
Soska or better known as The Twisted Twins.  Their love of the horror genre really
shines through in this film and it goes to show that girls can make a damn good
horror movie too…..and do it with lots of blood and make it really well.  Although it’
s has been some years since the first See No Evil, not that the sisters have
brought back the giant killer Goodnight, I hope that the girls continue on making
more See No Evil films in the years ahead.  To see this movie… not evil.

Leprechaun: Origins

5 Gravestones

I have to admit but I thought that I would never, ever give a Leprechaun movie 5
gravestones.  Remember Leprechaun in Space?  Oh Bloody Hell, what were they
thinking?  But however this all new reboot in the Leprechaun series has more to it
than you would think.  Gone is the almost scary/cute Warwick Davis as the little
evil green man from the other films and in comes a truly demonic creature that
seems more like that of a Chupacabra than a little fellow in a top hat and talis
looking for his pot of gold.  Playing the little beast is Dylan Postl or better known to
his WWE fans as Hornswoggle the little leprechaun like personality he plays in the
ring.  But here Hornswoggle is not cute or funny but an evil little creature who is
trying to eat and kill (in that order), four young people who discover the truth
about a little town in Ireland.

This is really a good movie and if you have never really been into the other
Leprechaun movies, you will for this one.  This movie doesn’t play around and
when it gets to the horror and don’t play it down, not for one moment, Dylan’s
Leprechaun is scary…..I mean really scary and his costume is truly a work of art.  I
have to admit when I first started watching this film, I didn’t know what to think.  In
fact…..I’m not much of a fan of the other movies in the series, and the space
one…..well don’t get me started.  I was thinking that maybe by now if they are
updating this thing, that the title creature would be all CGI or he would be going to
Mars or something.  But no…..the creature is played by a man ( a very little man)
in a rubber suit just like it should be and Dylan is great in the role.  He made his
monster something to remember.

Both this movie and the one reviewed above, See No Evil 2, are from the new
WWE Studios who are branching out from just the pro wrestling they are so known
for and making their mark in action and horror films.  By tapping the use of one of
their biggest stars…..and I mean big as in the seven foot Kane and their littlest
performer, Dylan (Hornswoggle) Postl, they are sure to come up with some
interesting new movies over the next few years.

Disaster L.A.

5 Gravestones

This film goes to show you that if you want to be a filmmaker, just go and do it no
matter what.  Written and directed by Turner Clay, who also did the music and
visual effects as well, may have been a one man show, but what a hell of a job he

The movie opens with shots of downtown L.A., where unknown to its inhabitants, a
string of meteors are headed right for the city.  The film follows two brothers and
their friends who when the big rocks hits. find that there is something much more
awful than the city being wrecked by big ass rocks.  A dust from the blasts are
bring the dead back to life and you guessed it…..they are trying to eat the living.

Yeah sure we seen this all before, zombies walking and killing anything living and
making more of their kind…..but hey let’s face it, it’s still a good storyline.  Now the
brothers and their friends must flee the city before they fall prey to the living dead
or before the U.S. Air Force flattens the city to contain the zombie within.  For a
very low budget film, the effects are well done and it reveals a city gone mad just
as well as any block buster large budget movie.  I would like to see what Clay
could do if he really had a lot of money to play with.  If he did, all this with a hand
full of cash and some friends.
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