Graveyard Cinema

                                                                                                                   By Dark Soul
Dracula The Dark Prince

4 Gravestones

  This new horror outing for the count is a little different than you may think.  Here
we see a blonde Dracula, something we have not seen since the Hammer Film,
The Brides of Dracula, and the 1991 TV show Dracula The Series. ,With an
opening very much in the same vein as the 1992 movie Bram Stoker’s Dracula,
this film covers the counts adversary, Doctor Van Helsing, and a team of vampire
hunters seeking out the count.  The thing is, one of the female hunters is captured
by the vampire and makes her his bride.  She soon falls for the monster and tried
to protect him from the others.  This new take on the myth was, I have to say,
worth watching and the film plays out well for a low production value.

  I sort of liked this film and if you are a vampire and Dracula fan you may like this
one.  It was a little odd watching a blonde count.  The vampire is less like a
monster than other movies and his love for his new girl and their love scene
together shows a more loving and lonely Dracula than we are used to.  Still the
movie works with rich tone and attention to spooky details.  I would seek this one
out if you are looking something new with our favorite vampire Count.

Son of Batman

5 Gravestones

  This direct to video animated action film is by no…..NO means a kids film and I
mean no little ones should be watching this Batman flick unless they are a little
older, say like 16 maybe.  Done in the same vein as Batman: Under The Red
Hood, this new film is super violent and opens in the compound of The League of
Assassins.  Their leader Ra’s Al Ghul, Batman’s long time foe, is attacked and
murdered by his student Slade Wilson AKA Death Stroke.  Upon this siege on Al
Ghul’s compound, the amount of killings and bloodshed is more than outstanding
if you an adult but again…..not for the kids, mothers.  Anyway when the Al Ghul is
killed, his daughter Talia, takes her son Damian to live with his father so she can
seek out and destroy Death Stroke on her own.  The boy about twelve discovers
that he is in fact the offspring of no other than Batman himself from an off screen
romance she and the hero had some years earlier.

  The boy is a little smart ass, has been trained by his mother and grandfather to
be a killer and was poised to take over The League of Assassins one day.  Under
Batman’s wing, he learns what being a true hero really is but before this truth is
discovered, the boy only wants to like his mother and kill the man who murdered
his grandfather.  With the help of Batman and former Robin now all grown up and
called call Night Wing, the two go to battle with Death Stroke with the boy now
taking on the Robin mantle himself.

  This is great film and if you are a Batman fan such as our publisher, who
watched this new feature with me, you are going to love it.  But again this movie is
NOT for the young.  Other Batman villains make an appearance as well like The
Killer Croc and Man Bat as well.  Between the blood flow and the little barely there
dress that Talia wears when she and Batman first meet up, shows that this movie
was not to be seen my the young.

Blood Widow

5 Gravestones

   So we have Michael Myers, Jason, Leather Face and hordes and hordes of
masked horror movie killers who say nothing, were a mask and kill lots of your
people.  We all know them and they all have one thing in common, they are all
male.  Well in the new horror film Blood Widow, we have a new kind of masked
killer here, a female murder hunting young people.  When a young couple in in
their 20's buys a old house, they do what all young folk do, they throw a party with
drinks, sex and party games.  What they don't know is living in the very house next
to theirs is a crazy bitch looking to hack up anyone she can.  Dressed in a black
rubber wet suit like garment with hood and spooky white female expressionless
mask somewhat like that of Myers and she goes out into the night to hack away at
anyone she finds.

   This was pretty good and fun to say many of the cast members had names that
could only fit into a horror movie.  Like Kelly Kilgore, Emily Cutter, right down to
the guy that did the blood effects named and I kid you not, Michael Gore.  Think
he has a future on horror films?  If you love killers stalking teens and young
people you will love this film.  And plus the ending you will not see coming,

Devils Due

4 Gravestones

   In the vein of Rosemany's Baby, this film starts with a newlywed couple in their
20's goes on their honnymoon things go very bad when they are picked up by a
taxi driver and he tells them, "Hey, I have the best place for you two to party."  Now
you know things are only got to shit after that.  And they do.  Soon after going
home after a night of drinking and passing out, the young woman discovers she is
with child.  Soon dark people are caught watching her from afar and she herself
are going through a few changes other than growing a belly.  She attacks a guys
car and bashes out his windows.  Kills a deer in the woods and eats it and people
start flying off by some unseen Evil Dead like force that pulls them away and kills

   The film is shot in the first person by use of the husbands never ending video
camera that runs always as he starts to see his loving young wife become a
vengeful bitch.....or is that just all wives.  If you can catch this flick at the Red Box
nearest to you, check out this film.

Stage Fright

3 Gravestones
Reviewed by D.W. Jones

   I didn’t know what to expect when I first looked at this movie.  I thought it was
going to be your typical slasher chases teenagers around killing them one by
one.  I was so shocked to realize and that Stage Fright was Glee gone horror on
steroids.  There is as much singing as there is gore, which is to say a lot.  

   The movie is about an Broadway actress who after a successful opening night
is killed in her dressing room by someone dressed as the show’s villain.  She
leaves behind a son, Buddy and daughter, Camilla, who are raised by the mother’
s former lover who runs a musical theater camp and raises them there.  Ten years
later, the camp decides to produce the same show (in kabuki style, I know?)
Camilla’s mother was killed after doing and she takes it as a sign that she should
do the show.  Camilla wins the part and that’s when the craziness begin and the
people start dropping as the new show gets underway.  Will Camilla end up like
her mother or will she survive to act another day.

   Playing the part of Camilla is Allie MacDonald, who has been in horror films like
House at the End of the Street and The Barrens.  Douglas Smith, who plays her
brother has been in a variety of things like the HBO’s Big Love and Percy Jackson:
Sea of Monsters.  Also in this movie is Minnie Driver, who plays Camilla’s mother
and Meatloaf who plays the mother’s lover.  The movie took me surprised at first
but once I got into the campiness of the movie, it wasn’t bad.  I liked that while
most of the movies has musical style songs, the killer has a heavy metal theme to
his scenes.

   The movie didn’t last in theaters too long but I sure you can find it soon at
Redbox or other places that rent movies.  If you want to see a movie that doesn’t
take itself seriously and dreamt about the kids of Glee getting their due, then this
movie is for you.
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