Graveyard Cinema

                                                                                                                             By Dark Soul
Evil Dead

5 Gravestones

 Most horror remakes these days are nothing compared to their original counter
parts.  Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday The 13 and The Mummy to name just a
few.  There are however exceptions to this such as Dawn of The Dead, The Texas
Chainsaw Massacre and Halloween where they could stand side by side with their
masterpieces from the 70's and 80's.  In 1985, filmmaker Sam Raimi wrote and
directed one of the wildest horror films to ever come along.  The Evil Dead
brought back the word groovy and turned a simple stay in a cabin in the woods
into a mad nightmarish Hell for all who would encounter the demonic forces who
lived within the woods.

    Now comes its remake……and it may even be better then the first film.  All the
action once again plays out within the cabin which looks like an old run down
mess.  All the key points of the classic are here, The Book of The Dead that
beings forth the evil, the creepy cellar where the evil hides.  The demonic thing in
the woods with its camera point of view as it flies through the trees.  Even the
scene where a young woman is attacked and raped by the trees of the forest in
here too.  But unlike the movie from 28 years ago, this film plays it dead straight.  
Nothing funny here, no giggles, no served hands chasing anyone…… nothing but
straight up horror.  No CGI and all make-up effects drive this new horror classic.

    In all, Evil Dead was a great remake and a well made creepy film and well worth
watching on a cold dark night.  If you are a fan of The Evil Dead then you are
going to love this new take on the ‘85 classic.  But I have to warn you when
watching the DVD, don’t turn it off until all the credits have ran……there is one last
treat fans of The Evil Dead and Army of Darkness will want to see.  And you will
get a kick out of it too!


4 Gravestones

 First matter is…. this is not a CGI laced pop corn kids horror movie.  No man in a
mask hunting horny teens and picking them off one by one.  No this is a more
grown ups horror story more in the vein of The Exorcist than Jason X.  The story
picks up with a true crime author who along with his wife and two kids moves into
the home of a family who were all murdered a short time before.  Unknown to his
kids and wife, he wanted to be able to write about the house where the killings
happened and after some low selling books, he is after that one big book that will
once again put him at the top of the True Crime Genre he once toped before.

 Soon after moving in, he discovers an old projector and 35 MM film in the attic.  
To his horror, it’s the film of not only the family who lived in the house before he
but the film shows them being killed as well.  Oh but not only this family’s murder
but others as well.  Some die in there beds with their throats cut, as others end up
burned, dumped in the family swimming pool and one mother, father and two kids
where hung by a tree in their own back yard.

 He watches the films and soon discovers that there is more to the murders then
at first thought.  His obsession soon takes its toll on his wife and kids as well as his
own mind.  He believes the families are being killed by some sort of creature who
got caught in one of the death scenes as one of the families are pulled one by
one into the pool to their deaths.  This is truly a creepy movie and its low tech
effects drive the story forward better than most CGI over kill movies.  If you missed
this one on the theaters go and rent it at home……oh and watch it with the family!


5 Gravestones

 Ok this is at last a scary movie!  In a time where nothing is new and most horror
films of the 70's and 80's are being remade, it’s good to see something fresh and
unique come into the horror genre that is not silly nor full of kids being hacked to
bits.  Mama tells the story of two little girls who are brung out into the woods by
their father who goes crazy, kills their mother and runs off with the two children.  In
his mad dash to run from his crime, he losses control of his car in the snow and
wrecks the car down a ditch just off the main road.  Taking the girls he discovers a
cabin in the woods where he decides to hole up.  In his madness, he sees no way
out of the things he’s done and opts to end it all…….taking his little girls with him.  
But something in the cabin takes him out before he can end the life of his oldest

 Jump ahead five years and the girl’s uncle who has never stopped looking for the
girls has at last found them.  But what is found is nothing anyone thought.  They
are wild little animals who crawl around on all fours and who claim to have been
taken care of by someone…or something they called Mama.  The uncle and his
rock band girlfriend take the girls in and with the help of a doctor who wants to
study the girls transition from the wide to home life again soon discover that the
thing the girls called Mama may be more than just their imagination.

 This is a damn creepy film and something not to be missed for any horror fan.  In
some ways it reminded me of the movie Darkness Falls due to the fact that the
creature in the film is female.  Something you don’t see all that often and that she
was a big ghostly and was able to float and fly.  She’s brought to life by CGI and
was very creepy and well done as an effect.  The films ending sort of sets itself up
for a sequel as the movie ends on bit of a sad note that I will not give away.  If you
are looking for something new in the horror genre then Mama should be your next

Grave Encounters 2

4 Gravestones

 At the start of this film, I thought that it was nothing more than bloody shit and
almost stopped watching it.  But as it went on, it more than shown its darker side
and turned out be damn bloody creepy.  It starts off with kids talking about the
movie “Grave Encounters” as they review it on their web sites and blogs.  The
movie about a group of ghost hunters who enter an old run down hospital looking
to film their encounter with the sprit world.  You know like any of them, Ghost
Hunter shows where people look in all the dark places and…..well in the end find
nothing at all.  We have all seen them shows but for the people filming “Grave
Encounters”, it becomes all too real when they encounter the real dead and they
are not happy.  This film picks up with like I said people reviewing the film until one
boys discovers that the people behind the movie were never heard from again.

 He and his friends set out to discover the truth and find themselves in the center
of a world of shit when the dead hunt them down one by one.  I have to say that
this was pretty good, the story is followed by the first person camera tricks used in
Blair Witch with lots of shaking cameras and screaming.  But it works and the
movie is very creepy and the ghosts are more than just things moving and floating
in mid air.  If you have the chance to see this horror film do so, but don’t let the
first half of the film fool you and make you stop watching it.

Jack The Reaper

3 Grvestones

 Well it’s been a good week since I saw this movie and I still can’t figure out why
the Bloody Hell this movie has this title.  Although the box cover clearly shows the
image of The Grim Reaper complete with carrying his bladed staff.  One would
think as did I that this movie would be about The Grim Reaper as did our
publisher..….or at least a mask killer dressed as The Grim Reaper as did I when
our publisher and I sat to watch this movie.  Well we were both wrong indeed.  In
fact, the film as nothing to do with the Angel of Death or anything of the kind at all.

 When a group of troubled teen take a weekend trip with this teacher, they find
themselves in the middle of a nightmare, when the school bus they are on seems
to have crashed only to awake to find that the diver and teacher in charge of them
are both missing, they have to fend for themselves.  With a cameo from Tony
Todd, just to do nothing more than to set the stage for the killer and to scare the
living shit out of the kids, the real terror begins when all but one girl get off the bus
and venture into a carnival that’s abandoned yet running.  One by one, they are
picked off by our killer who looks nothing like The Grim Reaper on the video box
and is only known as Railroad Jack.  From this point on it’s a slice em up kill fest
like any good slather film.

 I have to say though that though rare in these kinds of films the character
development was strong and well thought out as you got to know each one right at
the start of the film. Within the first few minutes of the movie you knew who was the
ass hole jock, the deaf girl the lice Queen, the boy who knocked up with girlfriend
and so on. Not a bad movie at all I just don’t get the title. Railroad Jack the films
killer is something of a ghost who welds a pickaxe and though he’s not hidden
under a mask his true creepy face dose seem scary enough to pull off the films
villain. I liked the movie but please someone explain to me the title?

The Lords of Salem

3 Gravestones

 Like most of Rob Zombies movies, The Lords of Salem is a very odd film to
watch.  Staring is his wife Sheri Moon Zombie in her first leading role who looks hot
in this movie even despite her blond hair tied in dread locks and big ugly glasses.  
Miss Zombie has been in all of Robs films but this time as the lead, she carries the
film and I must say she not bad at acting, she pulls off the role of a radio DJ who
finds herself caught up in a coven of modern day Salem witches who want her in
the fold.

 Laced with crazy Rob Zombie images reminiscent of House of 1.000 Corpies, the
movie plays out like a wide drug trip as the witches try to use Sheri Moon to their
bidding.  With cameos by such horror vets as Michael Berryman, Ken Foree, Sid
Haig and Dee Wallace, who at 65 years old looks damn good I have to say.  
Zombie clearly shows his love of the genre in this film and although it may not be
his best, it’s far better then Halloween 2….sorry Rob.


4 Gravestones

 This flick may be billed as an action movie and not a horror film but its use of
angels and demons at war made it more than worthy for a review in Blood Moon
Rising.  In a nut shell, angels and demons watch over us in our daily lives.  The
guys in classic white look out for our well being and those dressed in black try to
screw with us any way they can.  For one household, a young couple trying to
start a family discover that they are on the watch list of both creatures as a game
of good vs evil plays out with them stuck in the center of it all.

 Shot on a very low budget yet well done, the films angels and their evil counter
parts both sport wings rarely seen in movies depicting both creatures.  Although
the CGI effect was a little less realistic than the winged battle angels of say the
movie “Legion”, nonetheless it’s good to see both creatures winged for once even
though landed their wings magically vanish.  One thing about the movie that was
interesting was how the angels and demons interacted with each other.  Their
roles as watches and disrupters are treated as nothing more than jobs they do for
their leaders God and Satan and even go so far as to look for promotions and
bitch about assignments they don’t like.

 If you are looking for something a little off the path with angels fighting demons
than look this movie up.  Although it’s very much an independent film it’s pretty fun
and something new.


4 Gravestones

 The movie Hayride tells the story of a mad killer on the loose and people trying to
put on a Halloween night hay ride.  Not a bad little film and you will not guess the
ending to this one.  As you may have guessed, a killer is preying on young people
who run and go to the haunted ride and it gets pretty bloody at times too.  One
scene you will get a kick out of is one of the actors who are in the woods to scare
people is dressed as Jason Voorhees, white hockey mask and all.  The funny
thing is…this time Jason or the guy playing him in the Halloween haunt is being
hunted by the killer of this film called Pitchfork.  So if you ever wanted to see
Jason run for someone…this is your chance to see it.  Even though its not really

 This was a fun movie and though they go little into showing the Halloween night
hayride itself, the movie has a Halloween vibe none the less.  The Killer Pitchfork
racks up a good body count for one film and maybe we will see the Real Jason vs
Pitchfork in theaters one day.
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