By Dark Soul
Underworld: Awakening

4 Gravestones

     The 4th film and the return of the vampire hottie Selene, played by the very hot
Kate Beckinsale returns after 6 long years and one film in between her last
Underworld movie and this.  Once again the warrior Death Dealer has the lycans to
battle with but this time there's a new foe that has risen in the wake of their war.  
The human world has now found out that the underworld of vampires and
werewolves are no longer just stories and in fact live among us.  Now they seek and
destroy anything supernatural and Selene and her hybrid lover Michael are caught
in the middle of the conflict.  After a really cool battle with the humans hunting her,
Selene is captured and put on ice for 12 years.

     Then after waking from her cryogenic suspension, our vampire hero tries to
seek out Michael who is nowhere to he found.  Along the way she makes the
discovery that she has a female child that also was held in captive by the people
that held her.  Guessing that in her encounter with Michael in Underworld Evolution
that she became with-child and somehow not knowing this after being captive by the
humans. (Yeah I know) but the action is good.  Anyway the child is like her father a
hybird of both creatures and can even kill a lycan just as well as her dad. (Yeah I

     The action is fast and furious in this movie and even when Selene is fighting the
humans she holds nothing back.  She's just as mean to them as with any lycan and
kills them with not a thought in mind.  She even takes one guy and after getting
information from him throws him out a window to his death even though he begs her
not to.  This movie really shows that she as a race of vampires are much more
superior to us mere humans and displays great feats of strength, speed and high
jumps.  On a down side as to the lycans, they are all...all CGI and with only very little
close-ups of actors in werewolf suits.  (Sad I know) if you like CGI werewolves then
you're good but if you're old school then're going to be pissed like me.  
There is a fully CGI super-lycan that's like the size of Mighty Joe Young that fights
Selene that's kind of cool.  Funny in this creatures human form,  its played by actor
Kristen Holden-Ried who also plays a werewolf on the TV series Lost Girl now
showing on the SyFi Channel.  His guy can't play anything but werewolves.

     So is this the best Underworld film of the series?  Maybe not but the action is
good....Beckinsale is back and take this movie for what it is.  A good popcorn movie
with action, werewloves and a really hot vampire in black leather.

Species: the Awakening

4 Gravestones

     I saw this movie on the  last night of this writing and thought what the hell, why
not review it.  Ok its five years old but it was petter damn good I have to say.  This
new Species film is not conected to the other three movies in any way and is a
stand alone film working in the world of Species.  One note may not be a
direct follow up to the other 3 but its not just got the name title in there just for the
sake of calling the movie Species like some messed up movies do.  Can you
say...The Howling!

     This film tells the story of Miranda played by the very pretty Helena Mattsson.
who unknown to her is part human and part creature.  Playing into the Species main
plotlines of the other films she is nothing more than someone's idea of a science
project gone once again very wrong.  As in the other movies, the once young and
lovely girl slowly turns into something you would not want to wake up next to in the
morning....if you made it that far.  And when her true nature comes forth all hell
busts loose.  The story is not bad and the girl beyond hot.  If you liked the other
movies or are just looking for a good monster movie check this one out.

Zombie Hunters: City of the Dead, Episode #9

4 Gravestones

     If you're a zombie fan then this is the show for you. Zombie Hunters: City of The
Dead tells the story of a group of men who take it upon themselves to fight the new
zombie legion that has taken over New York City.  Armed to the hilt, these guys
really kick some undead ass and do it with lots of head shots and ninja sword
beheadings.  Episode #9 starts off with the dead over running what looks like a
warehouse.  As the hunters go in, they soon find themselves in the middle of a
blood bath with zombies everywhere.  There's so many dead walking around, you
don't know where to look.  And once the carnage starts, it never stops.

     As for the monsters themselves, they look great and one of the best indie film
projects I've seen with good looking zombies.  One of the dead was being played by
our own publisher Al Vermette, who is billed in the ending credits as "Bathroom
Zombie" due to his killing of one of the hunters in.....well the bathroom.  Another
zombie is Vinne Vlado from the Queens Public Network series Sci/Fi Ninja Theater,
who make a good looking member of the walking dead as well.  Other noted
zombies are the housewife zombie, the mail man zombie and the one I liked the
best, the hooker zombie who still looked do-able even though she was dead.  That's
just the kind of guy I am.
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