By Dark Soul
The Cellar

4 Gravestones

  In this short film by Light & Dark Productions, a young woman is kidnapped and
brought to a crazy mans basement where evil dwells.

  Once thrown into the darkness of the cellar, something awaits her from the
shadows.  But her screams mean nothing as she is nothing more than food for the
beast.  Although the film only runs about 6 minutes, a lot of horror is packed into
this little movie.  Its direction is spot on and the make-up is cool and well done.  I
loved the way the demon creature looked and was creepy as hell.  We at Blood
Moon Rising have known the people at Light & Dark Productions for ten years now
and with each new film they do the horror, the production and the film making itself
all get better each time.  This film also played at our Halloween show Blood Fest 8
this past October.  We can't wait to see what else Light & Dark comes up with next.


4 gravestones

  In this first ever zombie thriller from Lake Films, the source of the undead come
from above as an alien race use the dead as a bio-weapon to take over the world.  
Why use spaceships when you can just use our own dead to fight us and bring
along the apocalypse.

  This is a great little movie running about 35 minutes and follows an older man and
his two grown girls as they try to hide from the end of the world in an old World War
Two bunker in his basement.  From there they think they can ride out the terror that
walks the streets, as so they think.  Being that this is Lake Films first foray into the
zombie genre, they pull it off just as well as anyone maybe even better with their
sci/fi twist.  This 35 minute short could and should be expanded into a full feature
and I'd like to see Lake Films do that very thing.

Hack Job

4 Gravestones

  This new movie from Acid Bath Productions is a wonderfully done comedy that
screams funny.  This film is cheese wiz at its very best and will make you giggle from
the moment it starts until the last story is told.  Cut up into smaller stories, this film is
so much fun that even when you see the boom mic drop into frame, you don't know
if they wanted to make you see and evoke a chuckle and if not it’s still funny.  
Playing a part in Hack Job is genre vet Debbie Rochon and even the lead singer
from the horror/rock band Gwar in one of the films segments.  Hack Job, the brain
child of writer, director and star of the movie James Balsamo (See our publishers
interview with James in this issue) who pulls all the strings and puppeteers his troop
of plays like a pro.  Now add lots of blood, guts and lots and lots of bare boobs and
boy do you have a movie.  I can't wait to see what these guys come up with next.

The Howling: Reborn

3 Gravestones

  The last movie to carry the name of The Howling with a sub-title was The Howling:
New Moon Rising from about ten years ago and reviewed in this magazine.  Well
that movie was nothing but shit like all films baring that name and rip-offs of the
1981 werewolf classic.  Well here comes a new one.  Now on first glance I thought
by watching the trailer that this at long last may.....just may be good....but not so
much.  Oh yeah its way...way better than others with the Howling banner and for a
werewolf movie its not bad.  

  This time out the story follows a teen who is becoming a werewolf.  Turns out his
mother was one and she passed it into him.  Most of the movie is a little silly and he
and the girl lead are not very likeable along with bad acting but however the
werewolves shown only at the end look damn good I must say.  The wolf suits look
better then any of the Howling film other then the 81 classic and there’s even a fight
between the boy and his mum as they are in werewolf form.  Bad things are lack of
story and hard to follow.  Maybe one day someone will get it right and make a good
follow up to the first Howling.

Human Centipede

4 Gravestones

  For any horror fan, any real horror fan this movie is a must.  This is your classic
Mad Doctor movie in the same vain as Frankenstein but this guy is way....way more
fucked up as his creature is even more sick and the things he does to three people
will make your skin crawl.  Two young women on their way to a rave find themselves
lost after their car gets a flat.  They walk to a nearby house (not always a good
idea) and seek help.  Once inside they discover all too late that the owner of the
house is nuts and will turn the girls and one other into a human centipede.  Yeah it’s
just what he sounds like.  
  You see he joins the girls and the boy and by attaching one girls face to his ass
with her mouth......well you get it....and her friend stuck to her butt making all three
into his sick human centipede.  This is one sick movie and so well done.  The doctor
himself is so creepy even with no make-up added and the way he connects the
people is really sick, twisted and wonderfully done.  This is what real horror is all
about.  Next issue see my review of Human Centipede 2.  Both films can be found
on DVD and On-demand.
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