By Dark Soul
Halloween 2

3 Gravestones

  When I first heard that Rob Zombie was going to do a remake of Halloween
2, I thought to myself "Oh shit WHY....Why!!!!"  I thought he did a great job
remaking the classic Halloween and in fact I thought in many many ways that
it was even better than the John Carpenter masterpiece.  Now not really
being a Michael Myers fan myself....I go more for Jason myself, I thought that
by doing a remake of what I thought was a poor film in the first place, I
thought it was going to be a mess.  But I was talked into going to see it as by
my publishers request and yeah I was was a fucking mess.  I knew
that Zombie should have left well enough alone with just the one remake.

  Now that I said that, let’s go into what was good....because its not all bad.  I
think that it was just poor thinking and writing on this film that made it not
stand up as the one before.  Returning as the masked killer is again Tyler
Mane, the 6' 9" monster that made the first remake’s Myers so damn scary.  
He plays the part great and like the first remake, he makes Myers a force of
horror like nothing seen before.  His Michael Myers is more evil than ever
before as he not only stabs his victims to death, but does it with a rage
behind each strike that makes you almost feel their pain.  He doesn't just
stab them, he shoves the blade right through their bodies like the meat they
  The cast from Zombie’s first Halloween are all back...even the ones you
thought died in the well Myers for one.  Somehow Dr. Loomis is
back and played again by genre vet Malcom McDowell, although he really
has little to do with the story at all.  All he does the whole movie is promote a
book that he wrote about the Myers killings.  He only comes in contact with
Myers or even learns of the new rampage near the end of the movie and then
its too fast and little does it make any sense anyway.  Its like he was in the
movie just because someone wrote him in as an afterthought.  Sad.
  Also I thought she was dead last film was Halloween vet Danielle Harris,
who as you may know is now returning for round 4 now I think.  She faced the
masked one in Halloween 4 and 5 and now in the two remakes of the first
two films.......yeah I know its hard to follow....even for me.  She looks good all
grown up in this film like the last...well compared to films 4 and 5 when she
was just a little girl running from the monster.  Also in the film and why I don't
really know was Mike’s mom, Sheri Moon Zombie....oh yeah now I know..
she's the wife of yeah you know.  But she still looks good though she's dead
throughout the movie as a ghost that comes to see Michael as tells him to kill
people.  Yeah I know!  Horror actor Brad Dourif returns again as the sheriff
who you may know as the voice of another horror icon, Chunky.
  So where do we stand?  Well the movie was not that bad...but should it
have been made at all?  I say no but who am I. . I heard that this movie had
some really bad reviews but these are from non horror people so what do
they know.  Well they may have been right this time but you have to take this
one for what it is.  God Zombie, move on now and find something else to maybe The Thing and don't do anymore Halloween's.

District 9

5 Gravestones

  There have been endless amounts of movies where we have people from
another world come to Earth and in almost each case try to kick our ass and
take over the world.  You know them, I don't have to list them.  But here, thank
God...or what ever someone had a new idea and wrote a fresh idea on
paper.  Much like in the late 80s movie Alien Nation where a race from some
other far off land come and not to lay conquest but to just have a place to set
their ill ship down and maybe get to know the locals.
  After a space craft comes and hovers over a South African city and its
people who are found to be sick and under feed are taken to a make shift
camp where they become treated like well aliens.  Much like it would really
be like I think if anyone came here.  Remember the opening of The Day The
Earth Stood Still.  Here we have a race of people...well they look like human
bugs..but their people nonetheless and they are made to live in a sort of
ghetto hell that we made for them.  Soon the people of South Africa grow to
hate them even though they are just trying to fit into our world and way of life.  
They are to be removed to be sent to another site and thrown out of the
homes that they only have known for the past 20 years on earth.  Get it, this
movie makes the bug people the good guys for once!
  One of the aliens stands out in the movie as a father trying to get himself
and his son back home again.  He has a plan to get their wrecked ship
working again and fly home and out of the alien slums that had been built for
them.  The CGI effects are so good that you think that this person from space
is really there as this CGI actor plays his part every bit as good as his human
acting counter parts.
  One thing that I still get though was the way the aliens spoke.  They talked
with the series of odd clicks and tones that you can't tell what the hell they are
saying but everyone in the movie knows just what they are saying.  Someone
tell me what I missed.  Still this is a great movie and I wish the people in
Hollywood would think more like this and write a story that's new and not
another damn remake or another movie with invading monsters from space.  
The film ends with a follow up tease and I look forward to seeing what
happens more to these people/bugs from far off.