By Dark Soul
For those of you who didn’t know I spent the last few months back home in
London England and didn’t get to see much new horror films over there
although there was a lack of good stuff worth spending money on anyway.  
But I being The Dark One that I am did get to see a lot of terror films on DVD
over the winter and spring.  Some were even sent to me by my publisher to
watch and review.  Here are the ones that I thought were worth talking

The Feeding on DVD

4 Gravestones

This low budget movie is not half bad though the story is a little over played but well
done.  The story takes place in the spooky woods where many good
horror/werewolf tales start out.  People are turning up dead, torn apart by
something.  Oddly enough this movie has a werewolf in it but the word “werewolf” is
never ever used...not once.  I like that the writers went out of their way not the use
the word and even when the victims are talking about the creature hunting them
they will say thing like.  “You know what that thing looks like, lets just go ahead and
say it.” But they never do!
The so called werewolf in question is seen a lot in the movie (Which I like)  but using
the costume they did it may have not been such a good idea.  The creature is tall
two legged with shaggy hair and a big mouth.....a really, really big mouth that seems
a little to damn big for its head.  I don’t know what they were thinking.  Although I’ve
sadly seen worse watching a lot of werewolf pics for our sister publication “Werewolf
Magazine”, I think the creature could have been a little better.  Hell “Dog Soldiers”
was not a big budget film but they put a lot of work into what their werewolves
looked like and this film only had one costume creature to worry about.  The movie
was fun though and bloody that is always good and the way people died one after
the other was fun.  

No Trespassing 2: No Exit

4 Gravestones

This is one of he short films showcasing at this years “Blood Fest: Horror Show &
Rock Party”and though it is very short its packs a bloody punch.  The films stars
Mike Lane and cute as a button Nicole Berlingeri play young lovers looking for a fun
new forbidden place to do the dirty deed.  She tells her boyfriend “Hey lets go in
there”.   Never and good idea and off they go.  The place a closed down Halloween
spook house complete with all the ghost, monsters and axe killers it can hold.  Well
you guessed it things go a little bad for them and just before they get to do it too.  
From out of nowhere the killer emerges and well you know the story from here. .....
But wait its still not over and the killer himself fall prey to the evils that lurk within the
wall of this spook house.
Light & Dark Productions who gave us horror fan  such great indy hits like “Fear of
The Dark” and “The Tenement” now comes this short film with bite.  Director Glen
Baisley is at his best here as he even slips his “Fear of The Dark” manic The Black
Rose Killer into the mix for fun.  Even the co-editor of Fangoria magazine makes it in
as a zombie.  The make-up was done by Brian Spears who like Baisley have been
interviewed in BMRs past issues hits the mark with some great creature and blood
Just the stage sets of skulls and other creepy goodies in this house of horrors
makes the film flow as you watch the two would be victims walked about unknowing
their soon to be bloody fate.  This film will make you think twice before the next time
you go to a haunt house and never ever do it when its closed.

Baby Doll & Dark Refection’s on DVD

4 Gravestones

These two short films from “Lake Films” are the latest works from a company that
really loves what they do and it shows it too.  The first film “Baby Doll” Stars
Rosemary Gore in the title role and Victor Moreyra  who’s her victim as a man held
captive by a crazy chick (who among us hadn’t been there) as she lives out her
fantasy of being a little girl.   As this poor son of a bitch tries in vain to get away, she
holds him there, beats him over and over and all the time play acting (or just fucking
nuts altogether depending on how you see it) that she is this little girl playing dress
up.  Rosemary is just wonderful in the part of the wacky chick and pulls it off well
and Mike Lane who works in many of the film company’s movies make you truly feel
for him as he tries dealing with the crazy little/ grown up girl.
In their short film “Dark Reflections” Lake Films treats us to a tale of madness and
murder seen by the eyes of a crazy ass clown. (I knew them bustards were all evil!)  
This short flick is played well and very dark and spooky as director Lance Reha
brings his bast to this film.  The clown too is creepy but then again I always found
clowns to be a little dark and spooky.  Anyone who puts on make-up or a mask and
goes about........oh wait a minute....... that’s me too! Well after all......I am Dark Soul.

Pumpkinhead 3: Ashes To Ashes on DVD

4 Gravestones
The rampaging demon is back to wack off more evil doers in this his 3rd film in the
past 20 years.  Its like they only make one”Pumpkihead” movie once  every decade
it seems, one for the 80's, the 90's and now for the 2000's but this film is better then
the last one.  As always the creature who looks just as good as ever is played by
someone within a rubber monster suit.  Although for this film they through in a little
CGI Pumpkinhead that I was not happy about.  This creature is better as a dress
him up monster that’s really on the movie set then something added in later from a
computer screen.
Oddly enough there are really two monsters in this film, the demon himself and well,
the actor who plays Pinhead Doug Bradley.  Yeah dig that Bradley is in this and its
almost like “Pinhead vs Pumpkinhead” hey now there’s a movie for you.....but how
cool would that be though.  Yeah good old Bradley is being hunted by the creature
because he is selling body parts to people within the written permission from their
former owners.  He steals the wrong victims parts and now the killer demon is called
upon to right the wrong.  Once again returning to the Pumpkinhead  mythos in the
creepy old hag, who once again brings forth the beast to go on his rampage.  This
film, which by the way has nothing to do with the last film where the old witch died
and was also way less scary then she is here.  Also returning from the 1988 film is
genre actor Lance Henriksen, who once more plays Ed Harly who was the first man
to summon the creature.  Henriksen is as always creepy for what is a horror movie
without this vet of the genre.  Only sadly we don’t see that much of him for this time
he’s a ghost.
As always the monster makes the most of his kills and makes them worth watching
two to three times over like I did.  Yeah I just love a good kill scene.  If you are a fan
of Pumpkinhead like I am you will enjoy this film.  Yeah sure the story is a little weak
as was the first two films and could have been better yes.  But hey take it for what it
is and have fun with it.  Like I said, Pumpkinhead himself looks great and does his
killing the old fashion way, with his great big claws.            

The Descent

5 Gravestones

I am so sorry that I missed this movie when it was in the theaters two years ago but
damn glad that I saw it on HBO.  Yeah we Brits have cable too you know.  Good
damn movie and lots of killing that would make Jason and Freddy proud.  The story
is about a group of young women who are cave explorers (Yeah I know) who
encounter deadly underground subhuman’s who like to eat them (Well) and they
have to fight their way back to the surface.  The acting is really good I have to say
and the story though it seemed far fetched works really as the group die one by one
at the hands or more like claws of these bat like...gargoyle creatures who run
around on all fours even though this are human  like.
The action is fast and the murders are great and very, very bloody.  The monsters
are good and creepy and what works here is the fact that these poor victims are in
an alien world with these creatures attacking them and how they are going to live....
if they live.  The girls start turning on each other as the terror grows and the
creature pick one after the other off. Caves are a very spooky place indeed and I
have gone into a few myself over the years such as Mammoth Cave set in the hills
of Kentucky and I can tell you the felling of being in a dark place with stone wall all
about is a little spooky.  Let alone having monsters trying to eat you.  Rent this will thank me.

Down River on DVD

4 Gravestones

This short film is one of the pictures that is being shown at this years Blood Moon
Rising’s Halloween show “Blood Fest: Horror Show & Rock Party.”  This little gem
comes from Bordentown Films and is directed by Joseph J. Greenberg who really
know how to work a short little movie.  Shot better then most indy films and sadly
many that I have rented from Net-flicks shows how much can be done with little or
no money.
The short tale tells the story of three men riding down river in a small water craft
forever in search of food, gas and supplies after the world has turned into a land of
the walking dead. The only safe place to be is on their little boat where the zombies
can’t get at them but that don’t mean that they don’t try.  The dead in question look
really good on a low budget but I only wish we saw more of them then that was in
the film.  The story itself would make for a good feature film and although a world
ruled by the dead is nothing all that new the story is really about the three men.  
How they fight, kid and bicker with one another could and does carry the film to its
end.  In the years ahead I would love to see more stuff by this film company and
maybe one day they will turn his short film into a full horror feature.

Eyes of The Werewolf on DVD

2 Gravestones

This one has to be seen to be believed.  Now I know that indy films are almost low to
no budget but man this one takes the cake.  There are ways of getting around the
fact that you are working with little money but damn people at least fucking try!
“Eyes of The Werewolf” tells the story of a man who burned out his eyes when
playing around with shit you know will just go bad.  He is brought to an unknown
clinic somewhere who knows and is given new eyes.  Good right....hell no!  The
eyes in question came from a werewolf who was tracked down killed and gutted for
parts.  Kinda like in the movie I reviewed before “Pumpkinhead 3" so you know now
don’t mess with stolen body part people.  Well soon our hero starts having black
outs and unknowing to him he’s killing people as a....... yeah you got it.....a werewolf.
The sad part about this silly ass film is that it may have been better but the poor
acting, piss poor story and more then piss poor Halloween werewolf mask with
glowing red eyes makes things all the more worse.  There is two sex encounters
with the werewolf with his nurse who has really big....well you know and the guy
police woman who wants to play hide the gun with her that looks not half bad.
But in the end the werewolf rips his own....yeah his own eyes from his Halloween
mask and ends his life.  I bet Lon Chaney Jr. is spinning in his grave over this one, I
know I would.  Hide from this mess like the beast itself hides from the full moon.