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                     Listen to the Walls
                                      By Victoria Hood

Rebecca heard a whisper in her ear “Don’t listen to the world.”  The shock
was apparent on her face; she was alone…wasn’t she?  The doors were
locked, windows were shut, lights were…off?  No, it couldn’t be.  Her closet
light was on.

It was the last place she was, getting changed before she snuggled into bed
to drift away.  Still paralyzed in fear, a hundred situations of how she had
forgotten the light raced in her head, but they were only chased out by
thousands of horror movie scenes of people who had done just that.

She wanted to squirm away, disappear into the darkness where the evil could
never find here, but you can’t hide from darkness where darkness lives.  
Maybe she was dreaming?  One of those terrifying nightmares where you
wake up in the middle of the night screaming with no voice, shaken by fear.  
She blinked rapidly, trying to free herself from the fear of the dream she was
living in.  The faster she opened and closed her eyes, the more everything
became a blur and soon the closet went black and she had been able to
convince herself that she never even seen that light sneaking from the cracks
of the door way.  Everything would be fine because she wanted it to be, she
needed it to be.  Becca was home alone for god’s sake, how could she
defend herself or sneak away.  Besides, there was nothing to sneak away

Imagination is a powerful thing.  It’ll change you into someone you never
knew, but it’ll convince you that you’ve never changed.  It lies to you.  That’s
all it really is, a big lie romanticized as being hopes and dreams.  But it’s evil;
it can swallow you whole if you give it too much attention.  You let it give the
impression of happiness while it engulfs you in sadness.

Sun blared in through Becca’s window, the bright light stained her mind and
her groggy eyes tried to avoid contact.  “Good morning.”  A soft voice spoke
in a secretive manner.

“Good morning, mo-“  Alone.  Rebecca, what a silly girl, she couldn’t even
pretend she was sleeping.  Her mother wasn’t there, neither was her father,
they were still away on a business trip.  So now what is she to do?  She
wouldn’t dare open her eyes, but she could no longer pretend to be asleep.

“Hello?” she squeaked out hoping her imagination had tricked her again and
no one would answer.

“Don’t be scared.” The voice faded as the door began to close.

Less afraid, Becca naively trusted the mysterious voice.  She didn’t know
what it was about it, perhaps the soothing nature of the words that ran from
their mouth or the nonthreatening way the door slowly closed.  But isn’t that
the most dangerous?  Serial killers often look like normal, trusting people –
that’s how they bring you in.  And once you’ve been in you can’t get out.  No
time machines.  Was she walking to her death?  No one knew, but something
in her mind, her gut…her heart even told her to trust it.

Becca slowly lifted herself from her bed and crept to her door.  She tried to
move slowly and cautiously, but she had a feeling that whomever was waiting
for her knew she was coming – no matter how long it took.  She nudged the
door open; just enough to see the hallway, but there was no one to be
found.  All had seemed just as she had left it, clean and in the precise
manner that her OCD mother had always arranged it.  A good sign.  She
looked through her hallway as if she was crossing the street; anally looking in
all directions to stay clear of harm.

“Psst.” A soft whisper seemed to come from under her.  The first floor.  It
seemed odd that she didn’t hear the creaking of the ancient steps under her
weight, but nevertheless she had nothing to lose…she thought.  “Hurry!”  
They seemed friendly, almost anxious.

What was she doing?  Running to the arms of some stranger.  But all Becca
found was that no one was there.  Doors were still locked and windows shut.

“I’m going crazy.” Rebecca knew it was just her mind playing tricks on her, but
why?  She didn’t do anything.

Little did she know they were watching her every move, snickering about how
they’ve gotten her again.  Oh how scared she was, but she had nothing to
worry about.  They loved her, wanted to get to know her, but they were
scared.  She might judge them, which was all they were use to.  People
running away, always assuming things – “It’s the movies” they always
reassured, it couldn’t have been their fault.

It hurt though, feeling like they’d never have any new friends, everyone would
always leave.  Person after person, owner after owner only to be left in the
dust when they heard a bang, a smash or saw them.  It was bullshit, they
were good people.  Nobody ever even knew their names.

Days passed and Becca’s parents came home and nothing strange had
happened.  Nothing until the big fight.  It happened about two to three times a
month.  Everyone would blow up on each other and it usually left Becca in
tears, running off to her room.  The things they would scream, they were
horrible things, the things you said quietly at night when no one was
listening.  No matter how many times her parents apologized for what they
said things would never be the same.  Stupid, whore, dumb, bitch, loser,
helpless, worthless.  Every word only illuminated her self-hatred and it grew
worse and worse with every fight.

Tonight was among the worst.

Doors slammed all around the house and with them hatred was trapped when
the doors were sealed.  His was the perfect times, she’s open…vulnerable.

“It’ll be okay.” Becca’s startlement was apparent.  “I promise.”  No, no, no this
couldn’t be happening again. I’m going crazy.  She went for the door, she
needed out.  “Stop!  We won’t hurt you!”

We.  “Who are you?  I swear to God I can fuck you up.” Laughter filled the
room.  “Don’t laugh at me, I’m stronger than I look.”  And she is, Becca has
dealt with the emotional torment of her parents for years now and where’s her
medal for standing strong?

“We’re not laughing at you Becca.  It’s just that…you couldn’t hurt us.”

“Yeah?  You wanna bet?  Show yourself.”

“Look into your mirror.” Fear seeped into Becca.  Mirror?  Mirror?  No, no.  
This was it; she would see someone standing behind her ready to strike.  
They were watching her every move and they knew her room and everything
would come crumbling down.  We.  There was a we.  She stood no chance.  
She wouldn’t do it, she couldn’t!  But, what if she really was just crazy?  This
could settle her worries.  It took seconds to decide, it had to, and soon she
was ready to step in front of the mirror, realize how crazy she was and move

Creeping to the mirror she felt cold…freezing actually.  She approached it
cautiously, eyes shut tight and when she opened her eyes she saw it.  Two
girls facing her, smiling, laughing.  “We told you!” Becca spun around, but
they weren’t there.  Another 180 degree turn and they appeared again.  
What the fuck?  “You don’t fully believe in us yet so you can only see through
the portal.  But we’re out here.”

A pinch grabbed at Becca’s butt.  “OW!  Stop that!” More giggles echoed.  
“Why are you here?”

“To help you!” The answer seemed so clear in her voice, but the confusion
was more clear on Rebecca’s face. “That is what you always wished for wasn’
t it?”

Wished for?  Well…yes.  Becca had always wished for an escape.  But who
doesn’t?  Everyone wants to leave bad situations, even those who love pain.  
No relief ever came, the fighting continued and the tears slipped away one
after another as they always have.  “Please don’t hurt me.”

Smiles.  Not sadistic, not mean, but friendly…giggly.  “Of course not.”  All
answers in unison.

“Are you twins?”

“Yes, we use to live here.  Our family fought too.  It got bad…really bad and
that’s why we’re here.”


“No, we’re just older.  We live normal lives in a different world, but we still
feel.  Lately we’ve been feeling more than normal.  Lately, we’ve been feeling
for you.  Your pain, hurt, everything.”

The door slammed open.  Oh no, he’s been drinking.  “Who are you talking to
bitch?” Becca’s dad shouted.

She didn't want to answer; she didn’t know how to answer.  “No one, just
leave me alone.”

“If you think you can talk to me like that you little slut,” he backed her against
the wall.  Cornered, just like he wanted her.  No getting away, no backing
down.  She was his.  His hand rose and right before it fell onto her face,
Becca’s mirror broke.  Belief seeped in and she could see them.  They were
covered by a fog, but they were giggling and telling her to shush, they couldn’
t have everyone knowing.  “Do you see what you fucking did?” he slowly
walked towards the wall, once used to hold the old mirror, to examine the

“It wasn’t me, I was standing right here.”

“Don’t you fucking talk back to me.” The words were so slurred that the only
reason Becca understood was because she always heard it.  She opened her
mouth to talk, but before words could fall out all the wind was knocked out of
her when she was tossed carelessly and aggressively against the wall.  All
the force he could conjure with his sorry drunken hands.

And with that her heart, along with her rib, was broken even more.

The door slammed shut behind him.

Tears ran down her face.  Finally someone could see the unfair rulings going
through their house.  But it wasn’t unfair; Becca deserved it.  Always messing
up, talking back, and leaving things where they don’t belong.  She was a fuck
up.  She needed to leave this bullshit behind and with that Rebecca begun to
back her bags.

“What are you doing?  If you leave we can’t be friends.”  The sadness was
something Becca was not use to, but it didn’t matter.  Being stuck with her
family?  No thanks.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t be here with them.  Can’t you come with me?  You said
you weren’t dead so why can’t you?”

They became shy, no response could gather behind their lips.  But something
had to be said.  Their mouths slowly creaked open.  “My name is Audrey.”
The little girl stepped forward in the new light.  Rebecca could see her tired
and worn face being brightened by her soft pink dress.  “And I’m Arial.” The
other girl was a mirror image only she wore a light purple instead, the color of
a washed out flower.  Perfect together.  They didn’t appear dead, they were
angelic.  Angels.  Saviors.  But the weariness of their eyes gave the secret
away.  “We’re only fifteen; the life we live in this house we cannot leave and
honestly, we don’t want to.  Its comfy, a safe haven.  It knows us and we know

Shock.  Is that possible?  A ghost dead, but alive at the same time.  It
sounded vaguely how Rebecca felt.  She was alive, heart beating and blood
pumping, but no life was illuminating off of her.  Her face left pale, deadly.  
“You’re both so beautiful.”

“It’s what happened when you find the light, your true colors shine.  Hey, you
know this could be you too!”  If only. Becca would give anything to truly be

“I wish, but I still have years ahead of me.  I’m only sixteen you know.”

“We have years ahead of us too.  They weren’t looking good until you came.  
Everyone ran and we cried a lot.  We had each other but sometimes it’s not
enough.  But we met you and you gave us hope.”

“I gave you hope?  I’m…I’m not sure.  No, I cannot stay here with them.”  The
packing continued faster, faster, must leave, faster, FASTER.

“They’ll leave you know!  After you’re with us they’ll leave; our family did.  
They all leave sometime.”     

“How did you guys die?” Realization that she never knew how they died, or
when, or why began to overcome Rebecca.  She was being lead in the dark.  
Silence.  “Well?”

A breeze flew in from the window.  Becca hadn’t opened it?  They.  They must
of.  She watched, intrigued and confused.  They skipped slowly towards the
window and sat on the bench in front of it.  Suddenly, all sound was lost and
the door silently slammed open.  It was an unfamiliar face, a man.  He was
running towards Audrey and Arial, yelling…screaming.  No words left his lips,
but there was spit flying and heat steaming off of him.  Rebecca tried to run to
help them; no use.  Stuck.  Her voice was taken too; she couldn’t help them.  
His hand rose and slammed across Audrey’s cheek, followed by Arial’s.  “No!”
Becca tried to will the words out of her mouth, but only silence remained.  
Silence is evil; they don’t know anything in silence.  You can’t hear pain or
laughter; you can only hear yourself.

The man left, the door slammed with another silent crash and they were left
alone.  Sobbing.  They hugged as if making an agreement and looked to the
window.  In a blink of an eye, with no thought Audrey and Arial had jumped
out.  Third floor.  And their blood was sprawled across the ground below.      

“NOOO!” Becca’s voice crashed in louder than an ocean.  Soon she realized
no blood was on the drive way, no bodies, just her imagination.  Imagination
fucking her over again.

“Follow the light.” She heard echo through her room.  Light, bright or dimmed
will light a path to follow; the choice is up to us.  Light, that is where Becca
wanted to go.

Rebecca Olivia Andrea Murphy passed away November 26th.  The cause of
her death was reported to be a spontaneous suicide, no note was found; only
her body covered in blood in her drive way shinning in the light of her porch
lamp. R.O.A.M. will forever be missed.

The light illuminated Rebecca’s wishes and her parent’s regrets.  The Murphy’
s moved out and a new family is bound to come sometime.  Maybe even join
the new family; forever to roam the house with Audrey, Arial and Rebecca.  
She was finally found those who truly love her; it was just a shame love
comes with such conditions.

Rebecca, an angelic face so deadly beautiful that you can’t look away,
wearing a pastel blue dress.
About Victoria Hood

Since fourth grade
Victoria has been
writing; winning editor’s
choice award in a
national writing
competition. In March
2013 Victoria's mother
passed away which only
made her strive to
prove her talent not
only to the world and
herself, but to my
mother watching down
on her. As a seventeen
year old Victoria has not
only written for my own
blog, but for a website
that displays her stories.
In fall 2014 Victoria will
attending University of
Maine at Orono, the
same college Stephen
King attended. At
commencement she will
be reading a speech
that won her school's
annual graduation
speech competition.