By AL J. Vermette

     The corridor is dark, too dark for the eyes of a mere human, but her enhanced vampire vision picks up
even the smallest detail. She and two of the coven’s highest skilled Death Dealers are hunting for their
most deadly enemy, an opponent with the strength of a great beast yet the dominance of a human mind.
Their prey tonight a pack of Lycan, werewolf hybrids born of Lucian, the leader of their race, who unknown
to them at this time is still alive after being presumed long dead.

     Something stirs in the dark and out of hell itself comes the first beast in a rage. One of the Death
Dealers fires, but is taken down swiftly by the creature. A moment later the other Dealer is taken out before
he could even get a shot off. Now it’s up to Selene to not only stop the Lucan rampage, but to survive the
night until the morning’s light. Two of the beast rush her, but with tandem machine gun pistols in hand, she
fires a full magazine of silver bullets straight into the creatures killing two in an instant. The other remaining
beast crawls off, but before it can resume human form and slip away into the populace, she tracks it down
and opens fire with all her rage upon the creature.

     She is as attractive as she is lethal and her strength and beauty are only a small part of this 21st
Century movie action hero. She is Selene, the lead character in the Underworld movies and the star of five
out of six of the films in the Underworld series.  Only the third film in the series, Underworld: Rise of The
Lycans, that was a prequel in the time line before the birth of Selene, she carried the rest of the series as
its main protagonist.

     Born in the year 1383, Selene the youngest child of a Hungarian family, who when she was nine years
old, saw her father build what would become the prison cell for William, the very first werewolf.
Commissioned by Viktor, the Lord of the vampires and once built and William imprisoned, Viktor sort out
to kill anyone or anything who knew of the location of the werewolf’s dungeon prison. By this time, Selene
had grown into a young woman of 19, when one night, Viktor himself came to murder her family to keep
them from ever telling where William was imprisoned.

     After killing everyone in the house but Selene, the vampire saw in her a reminder of the daughter he
had condemned to death after falling in love Lucian, the first true Lycan. In the end, Viktor told the girl that it
was the evil Lycans who murdered her family and that it was he who drove them off before they could harm
her. With her emotions both in a state of fear and rage, she wished to destroy the creatures that murdered
her entire family. It would be on that night that her life would change forever when Viktor turned Selene into
a vampire.

     Now with her enhanced strength and immortality, Selene would have the power to fight the creatures
that killed her family and become the ferocious Lycan killing machine called a Death Dealer. Among the
vampire ranks, it was the job of the Death Dealer to seek and destroy all Lycans. Selene would not only
become one of their highest ranking Death Dealers, but she lived for the hunt and the kill of the canine
beasts and did so for over 700 years, that was until she met Michael Corvin.

     Bitten by Lucian himself in order to collect his blood for an experiment, Michael found himself in the
middle of the war between the vampires and their immortal enemy, the Lycans. With Selene, his only ally,
the two discover that her vampire birth and the slaughter of her family was all a lie. That in truth it was
Viktor who massacred her kin and by the end of the first movie it is she who ends Viktor’s long life.

     Played by the lovely Kate Beckinsale, the British born actress would go on to play the vampire warrior
Selene in four of the five films with a brief cameo in the third film, Rise of The Lycans. In flashback scenes
of the character seen as a child as in Underworld: Evolution, Selene was portrayed by Beckinsale’s own
daughter Lily, who is also the child of actor Michael Sheen who played the Lycan leader Lucian.  In the
animated movie Underworld: Endless War, Selene is voiced by actress Laura Harris who picked up the
role when Kate was not available to reprise her character.

     Over the course of the films, Selene has some enormous changes that not only make her a better
warrior, but also helps her find her feminine side as well as her maternal aspects. In Underworld One, she
meets Michael and develops feelings for him even though he is turned into a Lycan. Later she bites him to
save his life and turns him into the powerful vampire/ Lycan hybrid. By the time of Underworld Evolution,
she and her mate in a passionate scene while the two are on the run from a more powerful vampire than
Viktor. In their one and only seen encounter, they produce a child, who in the film Underworld Awakening,
shows her wish to become a mother.

     As a warrior, Selene has turned into a sort of hybrid herself when she feeds on the man who fathered
both the vampire and werewolf strains Alexander Corvinus, the first true immortal. With this new power,
she is able to walk in sunlight and has even greater strength than before. An asset when she faces a
fifteen foot Lycan hybrid in the movie Underworld: Awakening.

     As for her place as a female action hero, Selene has shown that she can hold her own among the other
female action heroes such as Alice from the Resident Evil films, Wonder Women, Ellen Ripley from the
Alien film series, The Bride from Kill Bill and of course Buffy. With four live action and one animated film to
date, with more in the works, Selene, the vampire Death Dealer, has made her mark upon the female
action hero landscape and it’s just a matter of time before Selene picks up her dual machine gun pistols
and blows away her enemies in one powerful battle.
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Selene from Underworld Series