By AL J. Vermette

    You are walking on a lonely road trying to make your way back to town after your car had died two miles
down the way. You think that you are alone since not a car or person had crossed your path in some time.
But as you walk down the long dark roadway, you are not alone as you may have thought. There in the dim
light of the half-moon, you see something standing in the center of the road. At first you can’t make out
what the thing is, only that it’s big and alive.

    You stop in your tracks and as you do, the thing starts to move your way. It’s some sort of big black dog
unknown to you and its eyes seem to shine a bright red glow. You take a step back, but something to your
rear seems to be standing there way as well. You turn to face another creature like the first standing only
ten feet from your location. Its teeth are huge and gleam in the moon light as drool pours from the creature’
s jaws. Two more dark colored dogs appear from the sides as you are now surrounded by these big,
black forbidding beasts who are closing in on you.

    Then before you can react, the beast at your front attacks taking you off your feet and ripping at your
flesh as the others of his pack quickly join in. Your screams of pain and fear go unheard as you fall victim
to Satan’s Hell Hounds as they gorge on your meat and bone. When it is over nothing remains but a blood
soaked road and some torn clothing. The Hell Hounds have fed again and will now return to their master
the Lord of the Underworld.

    Both stories and real life sightings of big evil packs of wild black dogs have be happening since the
dawn of time. Referred to as Hell Hounds for their large, mainly black in color malevolent looks these
demonic pets of the Devil have been celebrated in film, television and legend alike. They are most often
described as being large black wicked dogs with red eyes and sharp teeth. Such stories of these monster
canines can be traced back to medieval times when fear of witches, werewolves, vampires and monsters
were as common as everyday lore. Even today sightings of large dark dogs are seen running wild in both
cities as well as wooded areas.

    Hell Hounds are said to run mainly in packs but some can be seen running alone. The well-known story
of The Hound of The Baskervilles made famous by the Sherlock Holmes story was made famous by both
the book by Arthur Conan Doyle and many film versions that followed. That fact is that a large black dog
like creature had been seen running the English Moors for 100’s of years. The story of this hell beast is
one of not only fable but is said to have been seen many times as the creature roams the countryside.  
Along with this monster canine, ghostly big black cats roam the moors as well and have been witnessed
by a very few who caught sight of these unknown creatures.

    Phantom dogs have been said to have been seen all over the world. Big vicious packs of ghost dogs
who seemed to appear from the shadows have attacked or frightened people and then vanish into thin air
as though they were never there. These mailman nightmares are said to sometimes float or fly as they
appear and are most often said to be much bigger than any known dog breed. Sometimes these spirit
dogs are seen protecting graveyards or old houses or can be seen roaming though the woods or on lonely

    Hell Hounds have even made it into films and television as well. Hell Hounds have been a semi regular
monster on the hit TV series Supernatural. Here the creatures are big, mean and also invisible as brothers
Sam and Dean have battled the demonic dogs over the course of the 12 years of the series run. Buffy also
had an episode with evil Hell Hounds that she and her Scooby gang had to face. Hell Hounds have also
been on the series Charmed where the three witch sisters were turned into hounds under the light of a blue

    These beasts have also made it into films such as the 1984 horror spoof Ghostbusters where two cast
members were turned into the fearsome creatures. The movie Dracula’s Dog told the story of a Doberman
being turned into a canine vampire by the Count himself. Devil Dog, The Hound From Hell was another
movie with an wicked pet gone bad. In the movie The Omen, a beastly Rottweiler is sent to protect the son
of the Devil, the Anti-Christ, Damien Thorn. The master vampire in the film The Lost Boys also was
protected by a ghastly dog named Thorn.

    Hell Hounds may be the top dogs in the wicked world but none of them stacks up to the most demonic
hound of all. His name is Cerberus and this beast is unlike any Hell Hound ever dreamed of. A true
nightmare creature with the wickedness of all other beasts, he’s malevolent, immortal and boasts three
heads with three sets of sharp teeth. Born from Greek Mythology, Cerberus is the guard dog of the Greek
version of Hell called Hades. It is from there in the pits of Hades where this creature lays in wait keeping
dead souls from any escape.

    This three headed monster sometimes is described as having red glowing eyes and sometimes has a
tail made of a snakes body. This creature is most often bigger…..much bigger than any dog with a large
body, most often black in color, brown or red and sometimes depicted with horns and cat like claws. A true
monster in every sense of the word who roams the caves of hell keeping souls within its lair.

    When the hero Hercules in Greek myth was told that he must face twelve labors, that hellish beast of the
Underworld was one of his tasks to face. Entering into the Underworld as a living soul, Hercules seeks out
the pet of the God Hades and proceeds to do battle with the great beast. With claws and three sets of
fangs and teeth, the Hell Hound attacks the strongest man in the world. The two engage in conflict until the
hero wins out over the great monster and Hercules passes his test before moving on to his next trial of
hardship. Tamed the three headed monster returns to his deeds of keeping the dead from leaving the
Underworld of Hades.

    Cerberus has been used in television and films as well as other Hell Hounds. The fantasy TV series
Once Upon A Time used Cerberus in its 2005-2006 season when the cast of fairytale characters enter the
Underworld and face the fearsome creature. Cerberus also was the star in a movie based on his myth as
the beast leaves Hades, runs amok and starts to kill and eat people of a small town.

    They live in myth and maybe the real world as well. They are the Devil’s pets who come and drag their
victims back to Hell itself. They are Hell Hounds and either alone or in packs, these monster dogs are not
to be messed with.
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