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Past Issues of BMR
What's inside BMR Issue #57 - Anniversary Issue

Stories: Listen to the Walls by Victoria Hood, Transformed Love by Simon Parker, To
Ward Off Evil by James Danger Conright, Snowmen by Benjamin Thierfelder, Spiders
by Jeani Rector, Home by Jason Campbell, Still Have That Magic Touch by Rose
Titus, The Prince of Devils by Helen Mihajlovic, Snow Demons by John Michael
Osborne, Skull by Amanda Leonardi, Demonic Shake by Craig Wilson, Scarlet
Evergreen by Jeremiah Jaster, Vanity / The Silent Scream by Jade Horne,
Welcome to the Apocalypse by William Lau, Clown / Hideous Me / The Ego Has
Landed / The Scarecrow / Metal Boots / And a Lead-Filled Head / My Padded Cell
Playground by Paul Tristram, Ants / Cave Hermit / Creatures Escaping / Penance /
Roc / The Witching Hour / Your Voice / Zombie Apocalypse On by Brian Barnett,
Faces of Death / Love Thy Neighbor / Night by Michael Pendragon
Interview: Ben Larned Author of Fool's Gold
BMR Specials: Behind The Screams: The Dinosaur Expo, For 30 Years of
Nightmares: The Rise of Freddy Krueger
The Rose Files: Key 13 or A Visit to the Morgue
Creature Feature: The Crow
Terror Tube: Friday the 13th The Series

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What's inside BMR Issue #58 - Halloween Issue

Stories: Lilith's Visit by Luis Ferreria, Sepulcher by Adrian W. Lilly, Night Walker by
George Gad Economou, Nothing Happens in Khaneshin by Carl Forsling, The Titus,
Country Roads by James Kidd, Pub Banshee by Black Winter Rose Thorn, Father's
Day by Martin Westlake, Michael Takes The Plunge by William Quincy Belle, Love
Can Be Deceiving by Rick McQuiston, Our Home is Your Home by Dave Dormer
Dark Poetry: Eye of the Beholder by Jason Campbell, The Snake Eggs / Their Return
/ Cemetary World / The Road / Honoring The Dead by Ralph Monday, Light Comes
Clawing by Lloyd Lee Barnet, The Old Black Dog / Linger / Shopping Cart by Faryn
Black, Serpentine Mind / Horrorland by Christina Sylvestro, Evening Walk / House
Renovating / Yard Sale / Rioting / City Nightscape by Changming Yuan, Old Monster of
New Houses by Matthew Wilson
BMR Specials: 60 Years of Godzilla 1954 - 2014, 45 Years of Scooby Doo
The Rose Files: The CIA on LSD or Secret Project MK Ultra
Creature Feature: Black Cats
Terror Tube: Sleepy Hollow

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What's inside BMR Issue #59 - First of Year issue

Stories: The Tao of Tony by D.M. Anderson, The Wish by Allen W. Yoakum, The Gift
A. Forman, When Daylight Comes by Carol Wolfe, The Vicious Void by Charles E.J.
Moulton, Faceless by Gregory Cioffi, Suffering of the Grave by Dave Dormer, Cherry
Season by Lindsey Baker, Children of the Grave by Ernest Roberson Sr., The Dancer
of Al-Maghrib by Joshua L. Hood
Dark Poetry: Misdemeanors of a Good Boy by Matthew Wilson, Eclipses at the
Gates / Death in the Woods / Dark Clouds Hanging Over Us / The Book of the Dead /
Standing in the Shadows / Cholera is Walking / The Reaper by Jason Ford, What
Killed Aleister Crowley / Singing the Bones / Witch Hammer / Queen of Ghost / Devil in
the Clock / Lucifer Risng / Your Must Be Certain of the Moonchild by Alexis Child, 2
Death We Apart Us by Radek Ozog, Aquamarine, Dark Days, Darkness, Neurotica,
Slate Grey, There's A Scaping Noicse Coming from Behind The Sette Although There
is Nothing There But Me by Paul Tristram, The Men in Black by Raymond Hawthorne
Interview: Krystal Madison, The Witch of Sleepy Hollow / Authors Chris and Kathleen
VanderKaay of The Anatomy of Fear
BMR Specials: Blood Fest 11, Great Legends of Horror: Vincent Price
The Rose Files: Sewer Gators
Creature Feature: The Fly
Terror Tube: The X Files
Making Monsters: Rick Baker

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What's inside BMR Issue #60 - Spring Issue

Stories: The Predictors by Michael J. Frey, Bad Boys Don't Get Dessert by William
Quincy Belle, 081315 by Michael Lindsay, Deception for Dessert by Taylor Lachina,
Return to Innocence by Sean Goodman, Moonlight Encounter by Rose Titus, Obelisk
by Lawrence Buentello, Need by Lela Marie De La Garza, The Third Wish by Courtney
Upah, It Fell From The Sky by Luiz Perez, Husbandry by Kenneth Weene, The Body
Snatcher by Ernest Roberson Sr.
Dark Poetry: Blood Brother by Teresa Ann Frazee, Food of the Rats / The Creature /
up, up / Ghoul / Bat by Albert Schlaht, The Halloween Man by Matthew Wilson, The
Interview: Author and Staff Writer Rose Titus
BMR Specials: The Cryptic Report: Altie, Georgia's Very Own Sea Serpent,
Celebrating Halloween in Sleepy Hollow
The Rose Files: "They Came From Outer Space"
Creature Feature: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Terror Tube: Long Forgotten Horror TV Series
Making Monsters: Jack Pierce

And your favorite departments Blood Notes, Nightmare News, Graveyard Cinema,  
Nightmare Gallery and Bloody Book Reviews  
What's inside BMR Issue #61 - Anniversary Issue

Stories: Encoded by Syrna L.F., I Tried To Warn Them by Rose Titus, Death in 3D by
William Quincy Belle, Burn by Mark Slade, From The Scarecrow's Eyes by Ernest
Roberson Sr., The Black Car by Raymond Hawthorne, Deadly Dark by Eric Krause,
Martha Polo by Lou Perez, Immortality Bites by Ray Prew, What's In A Name by J.M.
Black, The Mirror At The End Of The Hall by Jessica Marie Baumgartner, Approaching
Cloaked Figure by Douglas J. Ogurek
Dark Poetry: The Deal by Kino McFarland, Dxm Babies by Ellis Bell, Blood Moon
Rising by Ramona Thompson, Words Of The Dead / The Unbuttoned Circle / The
Silence of Tools / The Lost Tongue of Clocks, The Life of Old Photographs / Odor Of
My Passing by Ralph Monday, Souless Judge by Christopher Collingwood
Interview: AL Vermette, Publisher of BMR, Rusty Nugent, Author
BMR Specials: Blood Moon Rising: 15 Years of Magazine History, Jaws: 40 Years of
Fear, For The Men Who Would Be Universal's Frankenstein, Christopher Lee: A
Horror Icon, Behind The Screams: Halloween Extreme 2015, Preview Of Killfest by AL
The Rose Files: Once Upon A Time . . . There Actually May Have Been  "Real
Creature Feature: Giant Monsters Who Attacked New York
Terror Tube: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Making Monsters: Stan Winston

And your favorite departments Blood Notes, Nightmare News, Graveyard Cinema,  
Nightmare Gallery and Bloody Book Reviews  
Welcome to a look at the past of all of the issues BMR, starting from
Issue #1.  You can see the changes we made and when some of our
favorite departments got started.

Well, enjoy the flashback.