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Past Issues of BMR
Welcome to a look at the past of all of the issues BMR, starting from
Issue #1.  You can see the changes we made and when some of our
favorite departments got started.

Well, enjoy the flashback.
What's inside BMR Issue #62 - Halloween Issue

Stories: Devolved by Amy Slaney, Reaper and Hell by Shawn Montgomery, The Fear
in their Eyes by Kathleen Welak, Wolf Child by Rose Titus, Have Yourself A Merry Little
Death by Ernest Roberson Sr., Ghostly Lecture by John A. Karr, My Little Red Rose by
C.J. Zamboni, Ted Has A Pressing Engagement by William Quincy Belle, Hunger Pain
by Joseph Miller, The Takers by Lou Perez, Dinner for Three by Alexander Slotkin, The
Dark Poetry: Diary of Death / Dead Silence / Corpse Grinder / Chambered Whispers
/ Depths of My Affliction / Promise of the Damned by Alexis Child, Full Moon Bloodlust
by Rusty Nugent, Now The Party's Over / Odd One / Express Through The Alps by
John Grey, Death is Coming Now by Austin Muratori, Beware the Wolf Woman by
Ramone Thompson, Enamored With A Memory by Brandon Jackson, "M" is for /
Closure / The Bible Will Keep by Holly Day, The Samaritan by Nathan San Filippo
Interview: Author Kerry Gordon, Author Rod Martinez
BMR Specials: Chupacabra: 20 Years of the Goat Sucker, The Loss of Horror
Legend Wes Craven, In Search of Mummies
The Rose Files: And Now For Something Really Scary . . Or, Satan Wants Your Old
Vinyl Records!
Creature Feature: The Crypt Keeper
Terror Tube: The Rise of Zombie TV

And your favorite departments Blood Notes, Nightmare News, Graveyard Cinema,  
Nightmare Gallery and Bloody Book Reviews  
What's inside BMR Issue #63 - First of Year Issue

Stories: Sleeping Dogs by Chandler Morrison, Never Cross A Woman by Gabrielle
Esposito, Family Secrets by Rose Titus, The Dark Bedroom by Ned Privett, Close
Your Eyes For Me by Ernest Roberson Sr., The Curse by Allen W. Yoakum, Being A
Vampire Sucks by Rap Prew, May Moon Over Malabar by Charles E. J. Moulton, The
Sphinx by Helen Mihaljovic, The Martians Are Coming by Hal Kempka, The Wailing by
Serena Shores, St. George's by Stanley Wilkin
Dark Poetry: Queen of Ghosts / Walking With The Dead / Remember You Were
There / Witch Hammer / Gaslight Ghoul  by Alexis Child, The Mutant Muse of Dr.
Seuss / Resurrection Barbie by Dustin Brian Heath, Twelve Haiku by Denny E.
Marshall, Tsunami / Unchained / Ivory Coast by John Frazee, Warnings / Once More
With Feeling / The Devil In The Room by Kate Garrett, The Composition Of A Curse /
The Testament of Darkness / The Canticle of Misfortune / Teast of the Undead / A
Filed of Former Lovers by Jason Constantine Ford
Interview: Andres De Jesus, Indigo Spirit, Psychic
BMR Specials: Behind the Screams: Review of Blood Fest 12, The Nightmare
Before Christmas: The Demon Festival of Krampuslauf, Exploring The Darker Side of
Christmas: Attending A Krampus Fest, America's Haunted House Turns 40: The
Amityville Horror
The Rose Files: The (Possibly ?) Haunted Cemetary!
Creature Feature: The Wendigo
Terror Tube: The Vampire Diaries

And your favorite departments Blood Notes, Nightmare News, Graveyard Cinema,  
Nightmare Gallery and Bloody Book Reviews  
What's inside BMR Issue #64 - Spring Issue

Stories: Mirror's Keeper by Michael Bondies, End of the Line by Rose Titus, Let Me
Out! by Ray Prew, Slither Slayer by Adam Steele, The Woman in the red Dress by
Julio X. Palomino, God by Michael Sutton, The Balloon by Jim Mountfield, Dark
Circles by Geoffrey Cioffi, Marsha Meets the Train by William Quincy Belle, Dinner
Date by Erin Gaylord, Wednesday by Erric Emerson, Sanitarium by Ernest Roberson
Dark Poetry: Raven / The Coming of Blood by John Hawkhead, In My Hand, The
Story As Told To Me By Faces / From A Virgin's Perspective by John Grey, Get Out of
My Way / Back with A Butterfly Knife / Sabotage My Sanity / Murder / Stop Worrying . .
. It's Not My blood, The Rat and the Raven by Paul Tristram, Sub Par Bar / It's Delivery
/ Zombie Smarts / Vampire Job by Denny E. Marshall, Bullet / House / Bricks /
Demons in My Head / Suspended / Neon Goliath
Interview: Author Rose Titus
BMR Specials: The Mystery of the Bridgewater Triangle,  Aliens Turns 30, Monster
Great White Shark, The Orlando Toy and Comic Con 2016
The Rose Files: The Strange Case of Clairvius Narcisse . . . Or, Yes, There Are Real
Creature Feature: Herman Munster
Terror Tube: Dominion
Making Monsters: The TV Reality Show "Face Off"

And your favorite departments Blood Notes, Nightmare News, Graveyard Cinema,  
Nightmare Gallery and Bloody Book Reviews  
What's inside BMR Issue #65 - Anniversary Issue

Stories: Acknowledgement by H.M. Pridemore, The Pool by Ben Larned, Dead to
Revenge Inc. by Ray Prew, Nothingness by George Gad Economou, Outreach by
Michael Lizarraga, A Most Devoted Son by S.J. Budd, Elaine Doesn't Miss The
Subway by Williams Quincy Belle, The Key to Everything by Charles G. Ghettiar, As
The rocking Chair Rocks by Ernest Roberson Sr.
Dark Poetry: A-Cold / The Feast of the Tabernacle / The Bridegroom by Christopher
Goff, Control by Sara McNallen, Hunter of the Night by Kendra Levac, Spider Queen
by Brandon Jackson, After the Armageddon / Mulberries / Iago's Defense of His
Actions Toward Othello, Epitaf, Dark Mistress, Paean by Tony-Paul De Vissage, Of
Your Loved Ones / Power / Decaf / Walk It Off by Christopher Hivner, The Crossing /
Sunday Shades / The Bones of May / Encounters by Ralph Monday
BMR Specials: The Omen: 40 Years of the AntiChrist, Celebration of a Monster: The
Mothman Festival, The Rise of 13th Ave Publications, Review of Slasher: A TV Horror
The Rose Files: Pretty Little Murder Weapons: The Strange But True History of
Poison Rings
Creature Feature: Hell Hounds
Terror Tube: Scream Queens
Making Monsters: Kevin Yagher

And your favorite departments Blood Notes, Nightmare News, Graveyard Cinema,  
Nightmare Gallery and Bloody Book Reviews  
What's inside BMR Issue #66 - Halloween Issue

Stories: Please Somebody Make It Stop by Bill Adler Jr., The Bell in the Graveyard by
Carol S. Wolfe, Spels and Persuasion by S.J. Budd, Gruesome Jack by Geral E.
Sheagren, Crossing The Bridge by Rose Titus, The Visit by Colt Leasure, The Broken
Man by Karen King, Silent Witness by Ernest Roberson Sr., The Keeper by C.H.
Brown, Time Drains Away by William Quincy Belle, Down in Seattle by R. Todd
Fredrickson, The First Time by William Clarke
Dark Poetry: Fine Print / Conquer by Sheikha A, My Evil Angels by Claudia
Riseborough, Eith Haiku by Denny E. Marshall, Myoclonus / My boogeyman chant age
6 by Carrie Polega, The Prince of Shadow by Darrell Treece, A Guide to Recognize
Your Ghouls by Sudeep Adhikari, The Spook Tree by Cindy O'Quinn, Nightmare
Remembered by DJ Valentine, Induced Fear / Darkness / Tears of the Moon by
Angelica Stevens
Interview: Film maker Anthony White, Monster Hunter Linda Godfrey
BMR Specials: Action SciFi & Fantasy Writer's Panel, A Day at the Tampa Bay
Comic Con, It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown 50th Anniversary, Scream: 20
Years of Ghostface, Excerpts of Boo Biz: Guide to Everything Halloween
The Rose Files: "Real Werewolves: Part 2 People Having a Very Bad Hair Day
Creature Feature: Krampus
Terror Tube: Lucifer

And your favorite departments Blood Notes, Nightmare News, Graveyard Cinema,  
Nightmare Gallery and Bloody Book Reviews