Welcome readers to the first new issue of the year.  2020 has been a rough one for many
people, including for us at BMR magazine.  We all hope that 2021 will be a lot better.  We start
this year with just one book for this issue but it is a good read to start the year.  It is a book
about a tragic childhood event that returns to affect adults to the point of insanity.  So enjoy the
book review and look for the book to read.
                                                                                                                                                     D.W. Jones

The Children of Red Peak by Craig DiLouie
     When I first heard of this book and what it might be about, I thought it was a ripoff
of It as the blurb I read stated that children experience a trauma only for it to follow
into their adult.  I was pleasantly surprise that it wasn’t what I thought it was going to
be about.  DiLouie tells a realistic story that has you guessing to the end to what is
real and is not.
     The story is about five kids surviving a childhood trauma that has affect each one
of the in different ways.  When one of the commits suicide, David Young, Deacon
Price and Beth Harris go to the funeral reluctantly to say their last goodbyes.  This is
the first time getting together since the event and catch up.  Soon after the funeral,
they each get a package from the deceased investigating the incident.  David, Deacon
and Beth have flashbacks of the past and struggle to figure out what is real and what they think their minds
     During this time, similar events happen that blur the line of reality.  To finally put the past behind them
and get rid of the ghost that continue to haunt them, they go to place where the were scarred and decided
to put things at rest.  But things don’t go as planned and they end up fighting for their lives.  Will all of them
come back or will some finally fall victim to the past.
     DiLouie does a great job with telling actual two stories in one as he tells the story of what happens to
the kids in the past and the adults living with the results of the tragedy.  He does a skillful job with each
character reacting and dealing with the trauma and how their adult lives are also a result of how they
process it.  DiLouie also blurs the line for the reader on what is real to the characters and what is made up
until the final pages.  He combines thriller, horror and mystery in one great package that gives the reader a
fantastic experience.
     I recommend picking up this book for any reader wanting a great story full of horror and thrills.  This
book can be picked up at the usual places.
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