Welcome back my bloody readers!  We are approaching another spring this year, the
weather is getting warmer, the sun is shining and people are coming out to enjoy the change.  In
case you are not that type of person, we got a couple of books that will keep everything
balanced.  The first book is a collection of stories about a police precinct that has it’s share of
supernatural happenings and it is up to one detective to keep everything in check.  The second
book is also a collection of stories that shows that how scary real death can be.  So pick up one
of these book and enjoy some good reading!
                                                                                                                                              D.W. Jones

Precinct 20: Dead Strange by A.R. Yngve
      I didn’t know what to expect from this book.  The cover gives you the feel of a
detective novel so I was wondering where the horror was going to come in.  But I
was pleasantly surprised as I read this book because of the stories and the manner
in which it was set up.  Yngve took a different approach than any I seen before but
it worked for a cohesive story that keeps you guessing where the next story is going.
      The book takes you on a journey with Homicide Detective Innis Garris working
in the toughest precinct there is, where cops are sent as a punishment.  Garris is a
seasoned cop who has a knack for solving the toughest cases by thinking outside
the box.  You move through many of his cases and sees how they eventually effect
him to the point of no return.
      One of the stories that I liked is Godsmack.  Detective Garris is following a
case that involves a dangerous drug that causes the user to see god and then spontaneously combust.  In
his investigating, Garris comes in contact with a mysterious figure that can have a life changing affect on
him.  I like this story because it takes a normal problem and put a supernatural spin with a nice little twist.
      Another story I enjoyed was Natural Enemy.  A fellow police office is killed after a get together to
welcome the new chief.  Detective Garris is in charge of the case and he is disturbed from the beginning.  
Not only was he murdered, his corpse was attacked by the wildlife.  The more he follows the clues, the
more mysterious is become.  Will Garris find out the cause of death or will he go down the rabbit hole in
search of his answers?  This story gives you a little bit of everythng, mystery, sci/fi and of course a little
gore.  Also you get to know a little more about Detective Garris
      Yngve does a great job puttting this collection of tales together surrounding the character Garris.  
Amidst the stories that range from murder mystery, supernatural internet happenings, sci/fi going awry, he
continues to advance the story of Garris through solving the cases and his character development.  The
progress of the story moves along to the conclusion with surprising ending.  I like to think of the book to be
combination of Outer Limits and NYPD Blue
      I recommend this book for the reader who wants an interesting mix of detective story, mystery and
horror.  You can get this book at the usual haunts like Amazon.com

Death is a Many Spledor Thing by William Quincy Belle
      Belle has been a frequent contributor to BMR with his stories and we have en-
joyed them.  He now put together a collection of many of his stories from over the
years.  They all surround the topic of death, the you think many of us are afraid of.  
This makes for a interesting look at this topic with an interesting viewpoint.
      Mary Groans and Dies is a story that I like since it’s not quite what you think.  
One day Jake hears some moaning coming from a neighbor’s door and wonders
what it could be.  As soon as he tries to listen closer, it stops.  The day before, he
heard the same noise.  Was it a host or someone in trouble?  Nobobdy know of the
neighbor and it leads Jake to a point. Should he investigate or mind his own bus-
iness?  This is a good little tale of what comes from being oblivious to your surround-
      Ted Has A Pressing Engagment is another story I liked.  Bobby arrived at work
and saw a mess and knew it was Ted, the boss’ son.  Ted was a spoiled brat with a rich father who always
bailed him out.  As he looked at the mess, it got stranger and stranger.  Did Ted do something really
stupid or did something happen that could explain this.  The story takes you into a situation where you
least expect to see and ends with a sad ending.
      Belle takes stories he has seen in life and newspapers and gives the reader different viewson the
subject of death.  What makes these stories hauntingly realistic is they are based on true events to prove
that much of real life is truly frightening.  It may be a little grim for the average reader because some of the
issues in the stories can be sensitive like suicide but it does give lessons that you can take from it.  Almost
like the old time fables and fairy tales
      I recommend this book for the reader looking for the real life horror and dreariness in everyday living.  
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