Welcome my bloody readers! It’s the start of another year and this time we are beginning the
year with a couple of selections geared to the young adult crowd.  First we have a tale of a young
girl with a dark secret that is starting to come out.  Also, we have a group of teens protecting their
town on Halloween from things from the other side and humans alike.  So enjoy this start of a
brand new year and some new reading!

                                                                                                                                                       D.W. Jones

Pretty Wicked by Kelly Charon
       This book had my attention from the beginning.  The title of the book was
intriguing and cover just fascinated me.  Then when I read the blurb, I knew this
was going to be a pretty good book.  I was not let down.  This was a great story
that kept you hooked until the final pages.
       The story begins with Ryann, who is a fifteen year old girl in high school,
get high grades, cheerleader and all around good friend.  But Ryann has crav-
ings that she finally gives in to.  The problem is that she craves to kill and her
father is a police officer.
       Once she gives into the cravings, she can’t stop and she doesn’t want to.  
Ryann goal is to be one of the great serial killers ever.  As she continues on
this path, things start to close in, but she is confident and no one knows it’s her.  
How long can she give in to her craving or will she get careless and finally get
       Charon does a great job in telling the story from the view of a serial killer in addition to a fifteen year
old girl.  You really feel like you’re reading Ryann’s inside thoughts and taking you through her thought
process.  The pace of the story is great and continues to go quickly until the final pages.  Charon also
does a great job with developing the surrounding characters the keeps them down to earth and can easily
imagine seeing these people in a small town.
       I recommend this book highly for anyone who wants to read a great thriller and a constant page
turner.  You will not be let down when you get a glimpse Charon’s writing and storytelling.  You can pick this
up at Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.

Halloween Night Fever: Dead Men Tell No Tales by Dan Graffeo
       Here we have the newest installation in the Halloween Night Fever series
and it continues to follow the Pniese on their mission to protect human and other
worldly creature safe from each other.  Graffeo does a great job with telling a
new adventure while staying faithful to the other books.
       The story begins with Bill Swifburg going to college and dealing with life in
between his stints on Halloween.  He’s having a tough time dealing with life out-
side what he is comfortable with.  Also the Pniese has a new recruit to show the
ropes for the upcoming Halloween.
       On this Halloween, they are dealing with a lot more than usual.  To start with,
someone or something are attacking the creatures of the other world.  Next, the
new recruit is paired with her trainer to come across grave robbers.  And lastly,
they Pniese are fighting something they never came across and have no way to
fight it.  Will they continue to succeed or have they finally met their match.
       Graffeo has done a great job continuing the story of the Pniese going through the years fighting their
battles and getting new recruits with retiring the older ones.  His writing is simple and real which makes is
an easy read.  The story starts a little slow but picks up quickly to finish up strongly.  
       I recommend this book to whoever loves horror and superheroes and wished they were put together.  
This has enough of both to tell an exciting and thrilling book.  You can pick this up and Amazon.com
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