Welcome my wonderful bloody readers to the best time of the year.  Halloween is almost here
and you could feel it in the air.  People starting to decorate their houses, horror movies playing
more regularly and the air is getting chilly.  Perfect time to read a couple of books to continue the
mood.  I have two books that could fit the bill. The first is about a group of vampires trying to live
amongst humans without conflict until a young painter finds them out.  The second is a
compilation of horror stories that will make you think while entertaining.  So enjoy the cool
weather and spend the time reading.  Enjoy!

                                                                                                                                         D.W. Jones

Sex, Blood, Rock N Roll and Vampyr by K.M. McFarland
    The title alone got me interested and looked like it could be a wild book.  But
as they say, don’t judge a book by its cover, or in this case, title.  It has all those
elements but it is more of a family friendly horror book in the way of Twilight.  
McFarland creates a world that is both expected but new.  
    The story takes place is New Orleans where Quinn and Randi with his
daughter Nadia run a night club and try to lead normal lives.  At least normal lives
for vampires surrounded by humans.  Humans think they are only a myth and if
they find out, it would be dangerous for them.  But that changes when they meet a
young woman who wants a fling with them.  They discover that she knows about
them and what they are but she is willing to keep their secret.
    What they find out later is that she has a connection to Quinn’s past when he
was human and in a popular rock n’ roll band.  This situation gets really complicated
when it involves his former band member threatening to find out who he is.  It could jeopardize their way of
life and all of his family.  Can he stop this from happening or will being outed make his world come apart.
    McFarland does a great job in bringing the reader to a whole new area of vampires and the location
she picks is perfect.  This adds to the element of not knowing what to believe in the wildest party town
there is.  She puts a couple of twists in her story to keep the reader hooked.  I recommend this book who
wants to read a good vampire novel with a light touch.  You can find this book at Amazon.com

Haunting and Spiritual Stories by Kenneth Gray
    I have read many short story compilations in my time as a book reviewer.  
Many are okay but there are a few that stand out from the rest because of the
quality of the stories.  This collection is one of them and it was filled with many
interesting stories told in the manner of a fairy tale.
    One of the stories that I enjoyed is called the Grey House.  It’s about three
friends playing ball when it lands in the yard of the neighborhood spooky house.  
When they decide that the ball is too important to leave there, the three friends
venture to retrieve the ball.  But once they are there, everything hits the fans and
now they fight for their lives.  Will they be able to escape? This is a great tale that
has a nice little twist at the end.
    Another story that I enjoyed is called The Treasure.  It is about a young boy
who is rambunctious and believe the stories of the elders about a hidden treasure.  One day he finds the
treasure under the trunk of the tree but quickly realizes that the space belongs to someone else.  Now the
treasure is the least of his worries as he wonders how he will get out alive.  This story is a fun one with an
interesting ending.
    There are more stories like these and they are all types of horror stories that are something for
everyone.  It is a smooth read and the format and story about the creation of the book is great.  I
recommend this book who want to read a variety of stories located in one place.
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