Welcome back my bloody readers! The summer is here and the hot days are reigning
supreme.  Whether you are on the beach enjoying the water and ocean breeze or staying cool in
a comfortable air conditioned area, it is always a good time for a book.  We have two books for
this time.  The first is a battle between humans and vampires, but tables are turned constantly to
keep you on your toes to see who is on top.  The second is a collection of horror/thrillers that
keep you guessing where the jump is coming.  So enjoy these books along with the summer and
have a good time reading!

                                                                                                                                              D.W. Jones

Revenge of the Vampire King by Nancy Kilpatrick
      I was warned ahead of time that this is a graphic book with plenty of violence

and horror to spare along with some sexual content.  Now, I have read a lot of stuff
in my time and it takes a lot to shock me.  Not to say that graphic content is bad
but it has to have its place and not just for the sake of it.  That is what Kilpatrick
does with her story, backs up a well thought out story with the violence backing it
up.  Together it pulls your emotions in all directions from shock and despair to
action and horror.
      The story starts in the middle of a war between vampires and human that

raged for hundreds of years.  A battle just happened and the vampires brings
back a trophy in the form of the daughter of the human king.  The vampire king
glories in this and can’t wait to exact revenge on the daughter in return for the
torture visited upon him during his time of capture. As he plans his revenge and
his using the daughter to kill the human king, something happens to change those plans.
      The vampire king falls for the daughter and learns many things as well as the daughter finding out
things that she has been taught aren’t true.  As a result, things get complicated and leads to the vampire
king’s people doubting him.  Now, will the vampire king go through with his plans or is the daughter up to
no good. Also, will his people continue to back him after finding out information that could jeopardize all
lives involved.
      Kilpatrick tells a story that is not only horror but love story, political and thriller all wrapped in one.  The
main characters are interesting in the way that they bounce back and forth between what they are taught
and what they learn.  I will say that this book is full of graphic violence and sexual nature and is not for
anyone under the age of adults.  It could be a little disturbing at times but plays into the story and adds the
shocking details the story needs.
      I recommend this book who loves vampire stories and are looking for something of a little shock.  This
book is available from the usual haunts where books are found.

Dark Passages by MJ Preston
      There have been many collections that we reviewed for Blood Moon Rising

and the thing about them is they are a quick read and usually give you a varied
selection of stories.  This book is no exception but this is shorter that some of
the collections we review. But Preston packs a lot into those stories to make for
a great read.
      One of the stories I enjoyed is The Children of Roma Phoneutria.  It tells of a

couple who work for caretakers for a building unit.  While doing inspections they
have one left to do where the owner is avoiding them.  They get reports of strong
odors and scittering sounds coming from the apartment.  When the couple inves-
tigate, they found something way beyond their comprehension.  Will they be able
to survive what they find?
      Preston does a great job picking a subject that creeps people out to begin

with. But Preston ramps it up and takes to the horror to another level.  It is the
kind of story that will make your skin crawl, which is perfect. I recommend this book for anyone who wants
a quick read of some short story horror.
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