Welcome my bloody readers! Well spring is here and the season for renewal is upon us.  With
the new season, we have a couple of books to usher you out of the hum drum of winter and into
the warmth of spring.  First we have a book that involves a woman who works in a prison and
has the ability of seeing your past history.  The only problem is you might end up dead.  The
second book involves a young rocker who gets into a lot of trouble after a make out session.  So
enjoy reading in the springtime.
                                                                                                                                                              D.W. Jones

Dark Cloud on Naked Creek by Cindy O’Quinn  
      We know O’Quinn as a writer who contributed to our magazine and was
published several times.  So when she decided to come out with her first
novel, she came to us to see if we would review it.  Well, we said yes and we
were not disappointed.  While it’s not what you would call your typical horror
novel, it does have some supernatural elements along with some bloody
      The story follows Afton Sullivan, a nurse at a men’s prison who has had
a tragic past and tries to survive life and keeps to herself.  To make things
tougher, she has an ability to see into a person’s past when she touches them.  
Unfortunately, a side effect of this is that the person she touches ends up dead.  
As she tries to figure whether it is good or evil, she comes across a new in-
mate that she feels connected to but can’t explain why.  In addition to that, a
coworker makes some strange comment to her.  Before Afton can ask her
what she means, her coworker dies unexpectantly.
      Afton figures if she attends the funeral, she might get some answers to some of her questions.  She
ends up entering a world so unlike the one she knows, that it turns her life inside out.  Now danger is
around her and she has to learn to trust these strangers to help her survive this unknown threat.
      O’Quinn tells a story that hooks you right away and keeps you interested all the way to the end.  Her
writing style reminds me of Dean Koontz where it is a straight forward story that relies on suspense and
drama and uses the bloody gore sparingly.  I believe that this makes for a more compelling story.  The
main character Afton takes a journey that you want to go with and cares about what happens to her.  The
surrounding characters are different enough from the main character to make for good interaction. The
story moves smoothly and makes you keep reading not thinking how many pages are left to the end.
      I recommend this book for anyone who wants to read a well written simply told story that keeps you on
edge more than what you expect.  You can pick up this book at www.maineauthorspublishing.com or

Seed Me by Konn Lavery
      Right off the bat, this book captured my interest.  Between the title name,
cover picture and blurb, I was hooked.  Lavery really knows how to attract the
reader to his book.  But there is a difference between being able to market a
book and making the inside just as could.  And Lavery succeeded in that also.  
      Seed me starts off with Logan, part of a rock band with his best friend
Skip playing around in Edmonton, Canada.  He’s having a tough time since
his girlfriend was murdered.  The police never found the person responsible
for her death and the others as part of the drain killer cases.  
      With his friend Skip, Logan goes out one night to relax and try to move
on with his life.  They go to a club and Logan runs into a mysterious girl in the
alley while having a smoke.  While having a make out session with this girl,
she gets rough and punctures him with something and he breaks away.  
      Now there are people following him and it looks like they’re part of some
cult and are attached to the recent murders.  He runs into some of those people at a recent farmers and he
is tricked into taking something.  Now Logan is sick with something and things are looking bleak.  He sets
out to find out what’s wrong with him and how this cult is attached to the drain cases before he doesn’t
      Lavery starts with a great concept that is full of action and suspense.  The story is a little slow to start
with but the set up is well worth the wait.  He gives you a full background on the characters and feel of
things to get you fully invested before he puts them in peril in the second half of the book.  The characters
are not your usual easy to like people but realistic.  Lavery attention to detail in the surrounding fully
immerses you into the story.
      I recommend this book to anyone who wants to read something a little different that is not afraid of a
little blood in their stories.  You can get this book in the usual haunts like Amazon.
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