Welcome back all my bloody readers.  This Halloween is our sweet sixteenth and it’s going to
better than ever.  We have some good reading for the coming season. The first is a book about
the life of a vampire from the 1300’s to far into the future. Next you have a collection of short
stories that will have you thinking long after you put down the book. Lastly you have a demon
who just loves to torture people no matter what is going on around her.  So enjoy these picks
during this season and have a Happy Halloween!
                                                                                                                                                       D.W. Jones

The Night Man Cometh by Tony-Paul de Vissage
       We have already reviewed a book from Tony-Paul de Vissage back in January
which was really good.  So when I was offered to review this book, of course I said
yes.  I did have one reservation, it was another book about vampires.  But he
succeeds to give the audience a different and wide view of the world of vampires.
       The book is about Damian de laCroix, a man in love and living in the time of
the Black Plague. All he wants to do marry his betrothed Antoinette and live happily
ever after. But when Antoinette gets sick, he strikes out in grief and comes across
a vampire that makes an offer that he can’t refuse.  In his grief, he accepts the deal
and his life is changed forever.
       Now Damian begins his life as a vampire and right off things go awry. Now he’s
immortal and is searching through eternity to get the very thing he had as a human,
albeit a short time.  In his search, he goes through time coming across humans and
vampires in different experiences that always seem to complicate things.  Will he find what he wants or
succumb to life around him.
       De Vissage does a great job with telling the story of Damian deLa Croix.  He treats his character like
a real person, not all good or bad, but a mixture of both.  This is a view that I haven’t seen much, they are
either monster or too civilized.  The story goes through various time periods which seem accurate when it
comes to the past and realistic as to the future.  The story moves smoothly and the style is very much like
the way ‘Forrest Gump’ played out.
       I definitely recommend this book for a change in pace in the vampire lore.  You can pick up this book
at www.classactbooks.com or the usual haunts for books like amazon.

Suicide Stitch by Sarah L Johnson
       With a title like Suicide Stitch, it was a good jumping off point where you need-
ed to find out what was inside.  Here, it is a collection of eleven stories that are
very much in the realm of the Twilight Zone that keeps you hooked until the very end.
       One of the stories I liked is “Little Brother, Little Sister”.  It is about a man you
sort of wandered in his life, decides to leave it all behind and start new.  In his new
apartment building, it is run by a young lady and her brother who are a bit odd.  
Then there are the two kids wandering the building that are stalking him.  He starts
to investigate and start to fall down the rabbit hole. Will he find out what’s behind it
or get lost forever. This is the longest story of the book and while it is a slow burn,
there is a great payoff.
       Another quick story is “The First Wife”. It is a story in the form of a letter be-
tween two people who were once together.  She is angry at him for leaving her and
their life for another woman.  While this is an extremely short story of only a few pages, it has a surprising
       All of the other stories in this collection are just as good as the ones I listed above in different ways.  
The stories are told in a slow burn in the ways of the old time storytellers where you are kept in suspense
until the hook at the end.  It is a skill that not many writers can do successfully. But Johnson pulls it off in
many of the stories in her book.
       I recommend this book for those who love to think while they are reading.  You can get this book at  
www.emppublishing.com and amazon.com.

Nix by J. J. Reichenbach
       Given the name of the book, I was intrigue.  It is very short but there was some-
thing about the name that seemed spooky like Stephen King’s IT.  I was glad that
I wasn’t disappointed because it turned out to have everything you’d want in a horror
novel.  It had the evil presence, the unknowing victim, blood and gore and don’t for-
get a thrilling story.
       The story begins with Nix, a demon possessing a little girl when a group of
hunters coming sniffing around.  When a young lady hunter comes to talk to her,
she decides this is her time to move on and possess the hunter to find out more
information.  Also to have a little fun with them before she kills them all.  
       After spending some time with them and getting bored with her host and her
hunter partners, she’s ready to move on. But before she does, she witnesses a
fellow demon get exorcised like she’s never seen before.  Now she has to find out
more to see what these hunters are up to out of self-survival.  Will she be too attached to her host or will
she find out how to stop them before her whole world disappears.
       Reichenbach does a great job with writing a story that is full of tension and yet you almost delight in
the antics of Nix while wanting the hunters to realize the truth.  The character Nix is true evil and what I like
that Reichenbach does is she keeps her that way and doesn’t try to change her.  The story flows really well
and keeps you attached to it so you keep on wanting to read what happens next.  The surrounding
characters are all interesting to play off Nix.
       I definitely recommend this book for everyone wanting to delve into the dark side a little. Also, if you
are a fan of Supernatural (tv series), you’d definitely like this book.  You can pick this book up at Amazon.
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