Welcome my bloody readers.  It is our 16th Anniversary and we have a couple of great books for
you to read.  First, is about a group of vampires, staying hidden from most of the world, get
caught up in a case involving a serial killer that might result in them being exposed.  Second is a
book that takes the horror movie genre apart and examines it for beginning horror fan and expert
horror movie watchers. So look for these books and enjoy!
                                                                                                                                                            D.W. Jones

After Dark by Rose Titus
    Rose Titus does a lot of writing, especially her contirbution to our magazine
and she still finds the time to write the second book in her Vampire Next Door
series.  I was intigued to see how she was going to follow up the first in the series,
Night Home, and I was not disappointed.  She continues to tell her story from the
unique view of the vampires and does so with all the drama action and horror that
you would expect.

    The story begins with a young woman who sneaks into a vampire’s apartment
to have her end her life in a weak attempt at suicide.  When he doesn’t do it, it
begins an uneasy friendship that grows between the two of them, which leads into
the telling of a story within the story.  At the same time, there is a serial killer roam-
ing the streets killing the homeless, street people and others who make up the in-
visible street life.  The very view humans who do know that vampires exist im-
mediately suspect them and the vampires suddenly have to get involed to prove it
is not one of their kind.  Can they do it and stop the killing or is one of their kind truly responsible for the
multiple murders?

    Rose Titus does a great job with running two main storylines side by side with true effectivenesss.  In
addition to those storylines, she manages to give you a flashback behind the scenes history in the form of
a story within the story.  Here characters are intriguing where the behave in real world scenarios where
everything is not black and white

    Her view of vampires is in the area of the TV show Moonlight (if you haven’t seen it, check it out), where
they live amongst us and aren’t the typical vampires in the movies who are evil and only out to feed upon
us.  This shows them as more human and not the mindless beasts of yesteryear.

    I definitely recommend this book for any vampire lover with a different outlook with enough action to
keep everyone interest.  We reviewed her first book Night Home and while it is not necessary to read this
one before the reading After Dark, it is definitely recommended since there are a couple of mentions from
the first book. You can pick this up at the regular stops for books like amazon.com.

Horror Films by Subgenre: A Viewer’s Guide by Chris and Kathleen
Vander Kaay
    When we heard that Chris and Kathleen Vander Kaay had another book
coming out, we were curious to what the content would be.  Their last book,
The Anatomy of Fear was done so well and took you inside the minds of
different people associated with the making of horror films and reasoning of
why they did what they did and the thinking behind it. This new book looked
like just one of those movie review books that list movies and what they were
about.  But the Vander Kaays didn’t let me down and made it more than that
and made for interesting and great read.

    What Chris and Kathleen did was break down the horror genre into all of
it sub genres and explore them like I have never seen before.  Each of these
sub genres is broken down in four sections.  The first is they explored what
each of the genre is about and why they scare or appeal to the horror movie
fan who may be watching them.  Second is they give you what items you may
typically see in this subgenre.  Third is that they give you a few recommendations that best reflect these
types of movies.  Their picks aren’t the necessarily the best in each category, but ones that best show you
the most common elements you’d find in this subgenre.  Lastly, are a few additional recommendations
without further commentary.

    The Vander Kaays take an objective view of all of these sub genres. They also give you an insight that
one may never consciously think of when watching a film in a particular category and maybe you were
totally aware of.  There is a lot to be learn here and will give you a totally new view of horror movies and
may even get you to watch some all over again.  

    I recommend this book to all horror movie fans alike, whether you are the casual watcher of horror
movies or the avid fan that watches any horror movie to come their way.  I would even go so far as to say
that if you don’t care for certain types of horror movies, you can still learn a little something about the sub
genre and may find a new respect for it.  You can find this book at the publishers site www.mcfarlandbooks.
com or any of the regular haunts for books like amazon.com.
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