Welcome my bloody readers!  It’s the beginning of a new year and hopefully a
bigger and better one for books!  We have three books for you.  The first is an
inside look into the world of horror movies and how directors deal with fear in
their movies.  The second is by our very own Rose Titus who writes about a
young woman who gets an inheritance by an estranged uncle whose research
becomes all too real.  Last but not least is a book  by another long time contri-
butor of BMR, Charles Dunbar who puts together an original collection of
Japanese horror stories.  So read on and enjoy!

                                                                                                       D.W. Jones

The Anatomy of Fear by Christopher and Kathleen
Fernandez Vander Kaay
Our magazine was approached by Christopher and
Kathleen Fernandez Vander Kaay about their new book and
just by the title and cover alone, it got me interested.  I
thought the book was going to be a basic book about what
made people afraid and how certain movies went about ex-
ploiting that.  This book is a lot more than that and makes
you feel good about enjoying horror movies.
Chris and Kathleen book brings horror not only to the
horror lover but to the masses.  They talk about horror movies
from the big time horror movies but also through the lesser
known horror movies and independent movies.  This couple
does this by giving a behind the scenes look at what goes
into making horror movies from the people who made them, the writers and directors
of these movies.  Through their interviews, you hear how the makers of horror
choose the content of their movies, what they did to create the fear in their movies
and how their movies reflected the social issues around the time their movies come
This book does a great job keeping the reader engaged in the interviews.  It gives
them the feeling they are a fly on the wall during their interviews.  The interviews are
insightful and they do a wonderful job getting the most of their subjects.  One of the
things I like about this book is they cover a lot of territory.  They cover specific
genres of horror like monsters, aliens, time travel etc.  The discussions take a
deeper turn into why they went into a certain direction with a character or why they
pick a certain set to film in.  Just when you think you know what is going to be said,
you get surprised into learning something new.
I recommend this books for all lovers of horror movies who dream of the opportunity
to talk to the people behind the scenes.  This is definitely the book for them.  You
can pick this book up at norlightspress.com or the usual places you can get any

Night Home by Rose Titus                                                        
Being a longtime contributor to Blood Moon Rising Maga-
zine, Rose Titus has now published her first novella Night Home.  
Since we are familiar with her writing, we was not surprised on
how well we liked her novella.
Her story starts with Muriel Aubrey, a college student sud-
denly gaining an inheritance from an eccentric old grand uncle
who she didn’t really know except for stories she heard.  She
gained some money and an old house in need of some repair.  
While going through the house, she finds some old journals
from her eccentric uncle.
She starts reading the journals and his research and can’t
believe what she is reading.  Creatures who roam the night and
the strange customs they practice.  Muriel refuses to believe what she is reading but
can’t seem to put the journals down.  She believes her uncle is either stark raving
mad or has proven that this popular mythical creature is real.  One night she learns
their existence is real and believes she can coexist with these creatures.  But
someone is poking around and has an agenda that can endanger Muriel’s new
friends.  Can she protect her new found friends from this new enemy?
Titus does a great job with telling a quick story that keeps you turning the pages.  
She keeps the story rooted in reality and that’s what actually makes this an
entertaining read.  Before you know it, the story is over and makes you wanting
more.  Maybe she’ll make this a series of stories surrounding Muriel and her friends.
I recommend this book for anyone who wants a quick read and that puts a realistic
spin on a familiar story.  You can pick this book up at te usual places like amazon.
com and barnesandnoble.com.

Ghostly Tales by Charles Dunbar
Charles Dunbar is another of Blood Moon Rising Magazine contributor and has done
readings at some of our events.  Now he has come out with his own collection of
stories that are Japanese inspired ghost stories.  This book is well worth the read
and you might even learn something.
One of the stories that I liked is called Laundry.  Tanaka had a favorite suit that
made him successful and powerful.  All the rich and successful send their suits to a
certain cleaner.  He did also until his suit came back flawed.  Each time it came back,
it was worse.  If Tanaka doesn’t take care of the problem, it might affect the luck he
has been having.  Will he goes to desperate measures or will his life fall apart?
Dunbar does a great job telling a good story to keep the reader entertained.  Being
a teller of ghost stories, his stories read as such, feeling like a friend telling a story
on Halloween Night under the blanket with a flashlight trying to scare you.  With such
experience in Japanese anime and stories, it give the stories more weight and
enjoyment.  What I like about this collection of stories is that he give some info and
history about the characters in that particular story.
I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good scary story that is a little
different than the usual horror story.  You can pick up his book at studyofanime.com
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