Welcome my bloody readers!  Summer is here and the heat is on.  Great time
to do some light reading in the comfort of some air conditioning when taking a
break from a steamy afternoon.  We have two books for you to check out.  First
we have a ghost story in modern times and a collection of short stories with a
novella with a new spin on a monster myth.  So enjoy reading and stay cool.

                                                                                 D.W. Jones

Fool’s Gold by Ben Larned                                                        
   At first when I started reading this novel, I thought it was a
ghost story and I always love a good ghost story.  But as I kept
reading it became much more and Ben Larned did a great job
with his first novel.
   His story starts with Sammy Carter, a young man that grew
up in a tough situation and made a few mistakes.  But things
look like they are starting to turn around when his older brother
Allen gets him a job at a country club.  But right off the bat
things are a little.  Strange noises, seeing and feeling things
that shouldn’t be there.  Then people start to turn up missing
and dead.  
   Sammy thinks he is going crazy and knew it was just too good to be true.  At first,
he starts to doubt his sanity at what is happening around him.  But what he can’t
deny is all these things seem to be connected.  Now he is being followed by a
mysterious stranger who has shown up before each person turns up missing/dead.  
Sammy needs to figure out what all this means before he winds up the next victim.  
Can he survive long enough to find out what is all means at the country club?
   Larned tells a good story that patiently develops but keeps you interested
throughout the story until the final pages.  Larned is a film student and you see
where his film skills plays in his writing.  His characters in his story feel real, fleshed
out and jump off the page.  The story at times moves a little slow but the end was full
of action and gore and everything you can ask for as a horror reader.  
   I recommend this book for the new take on the ghost tale for the modern age.  
You can get this book at all the normal places like Amazon.com, Barnes and noble
and the like.  

Delightful Nightmares by Ray Prew
   I have read many short story collections in my time and
when I received Prew’s, I thought it would be more of the same.  
Prew has the usual variety of stories ranging from serial killers
to science gone wrong to monsters.  But what makes his stories
different is that he doesn’t give you the expected ending.  And
this makes this collection worth reading.
   One of the stories I enjoyed is Just Add Blood.  It’s about
Sarandon, a student who needs to pass his local history course
and need to do a project about an obscure person and write
about their life.  In his research, he finds out the person he is
researching was responsible for a great plague while looking for
raising the dead.  Sarandon figures out the mistake he made and chooses to try it
out with unforseen results.  The story itself isn’t new but Prew takes an interesting
perspective to the story which makes you craving for more.
   The other story I thought was good is New Feeding Ground.  This is a story about
a vampire finding his food source scarce so he thinks his has found the holy grail of
new territory.  No competition for human and all you can eat.  But as they say, the
grass is always greener on the other side and the vampire finds this out the hard
way.  I like the twist is this story that you don’t see that often.  
   Prew has a good collection of stories, some that have been done before but most
are told from a different view that gives a fresh look at the same old story.  His writing
is straight forward which makes The novella, which I don’t want to give away, takes a
monster myth and puts him in a new light and is refreshing.
   I recommend this books for anyone interested in some quick reads when taking a
break from the heat.  This book is available in the usual online bookstores like
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