Welcome back my bloody readers to the new year of horror reading.  As
you may have read already, we have had major issues with our computers,
so getting that up was primary to the magazine.  Because of that, we only
have two books for review.  First we have collection of short stories in a
format unseen so far.  And lastly is a story from the Wild West thought they
had it bad and then it got worse.  So enjoy this shorten version and keep

                                                                               D.W. Jones

Blue Plate Special by Harold Kempka
    When I first received this book, I saw that it was another
collection of short stories.  But what made this different from
other collections is that the stories are shorter and it is great
for a quick read when you are short of time.  Kempka man-
ages to squeeze in 25 stories in this short format full of little
hor d’oeuvres of horror.
    One of the stories I enjoyed was The Patient Down the
Hall.  Henry is brought into the hospital after being arrested
for unspeakable crimes.  But he will be treated for something
more than his compulsion to harm.  Another story I liked is
Emancipation.  Jake is a hitchhiker looking for a ride and
after a long wait is finally picked up by a woman in a camper.  
After talking, she invites him to her campsite and thinking he
may get lucky goes along.  But it’s not what it seem.  One more story I enjoyed is the
Nanny.  Amy answers an ad for the nanny for two kids.  All looks good but something
is off.  Then she sees the kids and it might be more than she can handle.
    Kempka has done a great job with these quick read stories perfect for the short
bus or train ride to give you a little taste of horror every day.  The stories are in the
vein of Tales of the Darkside where the stories are pretty straight forward with a twist
that is either good or bad for the main character.  
    I recommend this book for anyone on the run who can’t go without their horror
fix.  It is sold in the usual places like Amazon.

A Bloody, Bloody Mess in the Wild, Wild West by Justin
    This is the first novel I have read that is set in the old
time west.  I have read short stories set in that time frame
and liked it, so I wondered if a full novel would have the same
effect.  It would have to be engaging and this novel by
Bienvenue was exactly that.  
    The story takes place in the town of Toomswood.  Life
is tough for them and the world has not been kind to its resi-
dents.  Any hope for improvement is just met with doubt and
fighting amongst the people.  But it is about to get worse.
    Toomswood sits on an oil deposit that could make life
better.  They deny everyone until smooth talking Javier Jones comes into the picture
and they accept his offer.  Jones took control of everything and rules with an iron
fist.  Little do they know that Jones made a deal with a mysterious man to make him
invincible.  Now it’s up to Emerson Shaw, the former sheriff’s son, to convince the
town to overthrow Jones and start from scratch.  
    Bienvenue does a good job with putting you into the setting of the wild west in his
story and makes you feel as if you are there.  His expression of the hopelessness of
the town in his story, which is an ongoing theme in this story, oozes from the words
he writes.  The beginning of the story goes back and forth a little between the
present and past which slows the story a little but it picks up for an exciting ending
    I recommend this book for a taste of horror with the wild west, which you rarely
see.  Check this book at Amazon..  
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