Welcome back my bloody readers!  It is now the Halloween season and is
the best time for horror all the way around.  From movies, tv shows and yes
even books.  We have a great lineup fro you this time around.  We have two
books with Halloween in its title, full of mayhem as the supernatural world
lets loose on the titled holiday.  Then we have a sequel to High Moor, where
the action never ends.  Lastly we have a collection of short stories all about
the undead.  So enjoy this holiday and all the books you read during this
                                                                                  D.W. Jones

Halloween Night Fever: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall /
Halloween Night Fever: End of the Long Walk by
Dan Graffeo
  There’s nothing like reading a book on Halloween with the
holiday name in the title and that is what Graffeo brings to us
during the season.  The two books sent to us are part of a
book series geared toward the teen readers.  The books are
more like a novella but Graffeo does a great job with the action
and taking you back when you wish things like this existed and
is good for everyone.                  This book series is about a
group of teens chosen through their descendants to join the
Pniese, a group whose soul job is police the night of Halloween,
the night where the veil between our world and the super-
natural world is its thinnest and they can cross over to ours.  Most are here for a
good time but not all of them.  
  In the first book, Halloween Night Fever: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, the group is
preparing to train a new colt (recruit), Jessy Sassacus and prepare for Halloween.  
They suddenly find themselves facing an evil from the past, something that is coming
back to haunt them and looking for revenge.  Her name is Mary, Bloody Mary.  Now
they are in danger and the one person that defeated her before is now dead.  The
Pniese now must stop her before there is any more killing and they must rely on the
help of former Pniese members.  Will they stop her or is this just the beginning of a
  The second book, Halloween Night Fever: End of the Long
Walk, follows the event after Mirror, Mirror on the Wall.  It’s
Vince Thomason last year and he needs to find someone
worthy to take his place.  He has no family to pass the honor
down to you but his best friend’s brother, Willie Hynes, was
chosen.  Willie is a cocky kid who thinks he knows everything
and finds the training difficult.  Willie just wants to get into the
action and fight.  But the Pniese are going against an something
that they never faced before and something even the Devil
banned from Hell.  Their usual weapons don’t work and must
compromise with someone they’ve taken down before.  Can the
Pniese stop this evil before it scours the earth?  
  Even though these books are part of a series of books,
Graffeo writes it in such a way that  you don’t necessarily have to read the previous
book and quickly updates you on the events that happened before.  His main
characters are realistic and behave like real teenagers as they deal with everyday
issues that teenagers deal with.  The stories moves quick, they are fun to read and
keeps your attention.  Though some may think that artwork on the cover is child like,
they represent the book well and give you that much more information to fuel the
imagination as you read.
  I would definitely recommend this book to young teenagers who are into the
superhero phenomena that is the rage these days.  It also is a good introduction to
horror where it mentions many standard horror icons and keeps the bloodletting to a
minimum.  This book is available at Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.

High Moor 2: Moonstruck by Graeme Reynolds                                
  Reynolds continues his werewolf saga in this new novel that
follows the life of John Simpson after the events of the first novel.  
It was going to be a tall order since the first book had plenty of
action and suspense throughout the book.  Unlike the first book,
where it was told mainly in the past, this book is rooted in the
  The story picks up right after the event of the first novel.  
After taking care of the rogue werewolf, he is taken into custody
until the police can sort out what happened.  This puts him on the
radar of a mysterious group leading the actions of werewolves
around the world.  Not to protect the whole, they want to sacrifice
John to prevent their secret from reaching the humans.  Now
John has to worry about being hunted by humans who might soon find out his secret
but be hunted by his own kind.  He will get some help from a surprise source that will
help to protect him from both his enemies and control the wolf.  This will be the key if
he wants to survive to see another day.
  Reynolds continues to tell an engaging story that is full of action and thrills on
almost every turn of the page.  He develops his main characters further as well as
introduce new characters that seamless weave into the story. The action is amped
up and so is the bloodletting so this is not for the faint of heart.  What I like about his
characters is that none is all good or evil but all in the gray area which is much like
real life.  
  I would definitely recommend this book for all fans of horror especially werewolf
fans.  You have all the spine tingling, metamorphosis, and violence that you expect
from such a book.  This can be picked up at your usual favorite book stores.

Tales of the Undead: Suffer Eternal by Nathan Rowark                        
    When I was presented with this book, a couple of things got
me interested right off the bat.  The title itself was enough to grab
my attention.  Then there was the cover art which was really
creepy and you had the feeling that the art was going to come
right off the page.  To finish it off, Rowark was a past contributor
to our magazine.  Now he moved on and gather a collection of
short stories and poetry that will have you looking over your
  While all of the stories and poems are good, there are a few
standouts that I liked to point out and that I thought was good.  
One of them is Mortal is the Hawk by David F. Daumit.  It’s about
a vampire who instead of being thankful for an easy meal, he be-
comes intrigued why a young woman would intentionally walk into a dangerous
situation.  What makes this story good is that the dialogue between hunter and
hunted makes the story and the change in tone of the conversation and situation is
very subtle until the snap of the trap.
  Another story I liked was Three Coke Whores: Last Junkie Standing.  It’s about
four addicted  individuals ending up in hell and given a chance to get out.  They
have to play a game to see who will get to the coke first.  But what they have to do is
worse than what got them there.  Are they willing to do it and if they do, will it actually
get them what they want.  This story reminds me a lot of the Saw movies.  It has all
the gore and twist in a short amount of time.  
  This collection has a wide variety of stories from subtle storytelling to out and out
blood and gore.  There is even some lighter moments in here.  Rowark did a great
job of gather these stories and poems from some talented upcoming writers in the
horror genre.  I do recommend this book for  horror fans of all types.
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