Welcome back my blood thirsty readers!  Winter is pretty much gone and
the time for renewal is here: Spring.  Now most people think this is a happy
time but what you don’t know, next to Halloween, it is the scariest time. That’
s because is tax time. Arrrggh!  To get you through this, we have books that
tell about the end of the world, a troubled girl walking into a worse situation
and a guide to writers on how to get published by the scary people:
editors.  So, pull up a chair in a dark room with a spot light and get reading!
                                                                                                    D.W. Jones

Covenant of Aries by Johnny S. Geddes                                        
    I wish that I could of reviewed this book last year when the
end of the world was going to happen in December because it
would have been perfect.  Though judging by the reaction of
people last year, they might of treated this as non fiction, not the
great story telling of Geddes.  He tells a story that’s based in the
real world and treats it so that you believe it can happen that
    This book is about the start of the end of the world, un-
known disease decimating the world population, mysterious
precipitation that causes disruption in telecommunications and
the breakdown of society as we know it.  But there is something else out there,
something brought on unwittingly by a deranged student.  Now it is coming to us, to
take what they want and to leave nothing behind.
    The only key is four strangers, a Russian fighter pilot, a scuba diver expert,
computer expert and his brother.  All have been haunted by an old hag that have
abilities beyond anything they’ve seen.  They all have a piece of the puzzle that can
help save the world if they can come together and fight as one.  Will it be enough
and can they do it before time runs out on mankind?
    Geddes tells a great story that is realistic and makes you wonder if something like
this happen, would people really act this way.  His characters are down to earth,
flawed and don’t always make the right moves at the right time.  The story is detailed
and at times a little too much which slows the pace down.  But by the end, there is
enough action, suspense and horror to make up for it.  What I like is that he started
the story quickly to draw the reader in and hooks him to have him stay for the
thrilling end.
    I recommend this book because it is a great story grounded in real life and makes
you think about scarier things than monsters and psychopaths.  You can get this
book at Amazon.com.

Nightfall by David K. Ginn                                                        
    When someone has a secret it is a big deal but when a
whole town is hiding a secret, then we have the making of a
good horror story.  This is a story that Ginn has chosen to tell
and he makes it thrilling all the way until the end.
    This novel is about Dawn McKenzie, a young lady trying to
run away from a bad situation in California.  She is hoping to do
that by going to college in Ohio, where she plans to start her
new life.  But it hasn’t been easy adjusting to a small town where
she is the outsider.
    Meanwhile a couple is attacked and the husband is killed.  
The wife is convinced they were attacked by a beast of some kind.  But is ruled an
accident.  The sheriff who is investigating the incident sees something that agrees
with the wife but buries it hoping it goes away.  But then the wife is brutally
murdered.  Now the sheriff is convinced it is something to worry.  
    What connects them is Bleak Forest.  The sheriff knows the truth about the
forest.  There is something dangerous in the forest and now it has come back to
wreak it’s havoc on the town.  Can the sheriff learn from the past to save his town or
is the past threatening to repeat itself.
    This is a great book that has a lot going for it and Ginn has something for
everyone.  It has college kids with angst looking for their place in the world.  Along
with that it has conspiracy with small town secrets that want to stay buried. And most
of all, it has enough thrills, excitement and gore throughout the book for anyone.  
Ginn tells a straight forward story that makes it an easy read that’s hard to put down.
    I recommend this book for anyone who enjoys a little conspiracy with their horror.  
You can get this book at amazon.com

How to Get Published by Magazine Editors by Jeani
    Many of you that are reading this are writers or want to be
writers.  Magazines have a finite amount of space and you need
to make your impact right away.  It’s a tough world out there to
get published even though there are more places then ever to
get your work seen.  Jeani Rector has written this book to give
you an inside look as to what editors are looking for when pick-
ing fiction for their magazines.  She does a great job laying out
the information in a clear and concise manner for writers looking
to get published.
    Included in this book is a guideline of what editors look for when accepting fiction
for their magazines, including Rector’s The Horror Zine.  You get “valuable behind
the scenes” look from editors on what they are thinking when they chose the fiction
for their magazine.  This is a look that I’m sure many writers are looking for.
    Also in this book is a guideline of ideas of how to write a good story to get noticed
by editors.  Part of this is how to start a story, point of view ideas and to finish it to
make the reader want more.  Again, these ideas are coming from authors, writers
and editors alike that have succeeded in the business
    What makes this book a great read is that Rector doesn’t claim to have all the
answers.  She gives you straight forward advice from her own experience as an
editor and writer.  Her advice is common sense that new writers will find very
invaluable and will remind regular writers of things they know already but tucked in
the background.  While Rector happens to have experience in the horror genre, her
advice can be applied to any genre of writing.              
    I definitely recommend this book for every writer looking to get their work out to
their favorite magazine, whether horror, action, thriller or romance.  You can pick this
book up at The Horror Zine and Amazon.com.

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