Welcome back my bloody reading fiends.  With our 12th anniversary
here, we have a wide selection of books for summer reading.  First we
have a book that puts vampire vs. vampire in a bloody fight.  Next we
have werewolves running wild and not quite like you think. Lastly we
have hell coming to earth.  Sounds interesting, then read further and pick
up one of these books for a good summer read.  Enjoy!

                                                                             D.W. Jones

Blood Journey by Henry Lewis Sanders and
Terrie Leigh Relf
    To be honest, when I first saw the cover of the book, it
looked a little weird.  But then I started reading the book and
it all made sense.  And what I realized as I read, is that it sets
the tone for the books and matches the story.  Both Sanders
and Relf combine to tell a unique story that mixes vampires,
witches, demons and all thing erotic into a compelling story.
    The story begins with Vasilie, meeting with his girlfriend
Andora but he is not there for loving.  He is there to kill her.  
It is dangerous because not only is she a vampire like him,
but someone who practices the dark arts.  But it needs to be
done and he completes the task despite the repercussions.
    Now Andora’s followers, lead by Cassandra and the Church of the Dark
Mother, take revenge and will do anything and everything to get back at Vasilie.  
That means going after his friends and acquaintances.  So Vasilie will keep his
friends safe, which include Henry (his trusty assistant), Guenther and Hatshepsut
(long time friends) and his three adopted children Edron, Dorian and Ganymede
and along with some other guests.  At first he tries to avoid the Church of the Dark
Mother.  But he knows sooner or later, he will have to fight to survive.  Can he
save everyone or will it cost him the only people he loves?
    Sanders and Relf does a good job at showing many sides of all the
characters.  Vasilie is not only a vampire bucking the system but shows doubt and
concern.  He gives all the supernatural characters very human like qualities which
you don’t see often.  What I like about this book is it shows the point of view from
the humans who gets mixed up in the middle of this battle.  The story moves along
at a good pace.  What I would liked to see more off is the demon inside of Vasilie
more.  It started off in the beginning but disappeared.
    I recommend this book for fans of the vampire genre but beware there is a lot
of erotic and sexual writing in the book which may not be for everyone.  This book
is published by Sam’s Dot Publishing and you can visit their site
samsdotpublishing.com to buy the book.

High Moor by Graeme Reynolds                                                
    We was sent this book through our website and was
intrigued from the beginning.  I saw the cover and thought it
was cool.  But the cover doesn’t always tell the story.  But as
soon as I started reading, it had me hooked.  Reynolds tells
a story that is exciting from the start and continues through-
out the book.
    The story begins with an animal attack John Simpson
sees on the news in his old neighborhood.  He knows there is
more to the story than meets the eye because it a similar
thing happened when he was young.  He picks up and heads directly there.  
    Here the story flashes back to 1986.  John is dealing
with the usual nightmarish things being a kid.  Bullies, school
and what to do after school.  But when he and a friend are attacked by a werewolf
during a boy scout outing, he has more to worry about.  He is turned into a
werewolf and now must learn to survive without killing his family or anything
around him.  He has the help of the man who saved him.  
    John keeps the animal down until the most recent events when he comes back
and knows he has to deal with the problem.  But will he give in to the animal to
stop the terror today or will he be put down first by the terror or the man who once
saved his life.
    Reynolds does a great job first with taking the different points of view with his
main character John, both as a adult and a kid.  While most of the book takes
place with young John, he shows you the emotional side of things outside the
action and killings of the werewolves.  He also shows contrasting sides of the
werewolf, where it can be controlled and the savage side we all know and love.  
The story moves quickly and it is hard to put the book down.
    I recommend this book for the werewolf fans but also to any horror fan looking
for an exciting story that can blend action, gore and the thinking werewolf  given to
vampires of modern day TV and movies.  You can pick this book up amazon.com.

Late Season by Noah Copley                                                
    When first presented with this book, I was interested.  
The blurb on the back was that hell has come to the town of
Jalagee and the dead were working alongside the living for a
corporations contract.  I thought that it sounded great, mixing
business (where people sell their souls for a buck) and hell
where the devil grinds people to a pulp.  I wasn’t disappointed
but the journey was long.                                                        
    The story starts Early finding himself in hell, not knowing
how he got there.  But with a little help, he is shown the way
back to the living.  Now he remembers that he and a crew of
miners miraculously survive a cave in that no one should of
gotten out alive.  At first everything is good but the survivors are somehow
changed.  Everyone is now working longer and longer hours at the mines and also
reacting to the baser instincts.  
    Except for Early, he is home recovering.  But he is not exempt from the
weirdness as he is having dreams of living another life, one filled with murder and
witchcraft.  As time passes, things go from bad to worse for everyone and nothing
is stopping the workers from completing their task, including drafting family and
friends to the mines and killings those who don’t go.  Will the town of Jalagee
survive the actions at the mines or give in to the darkness.
    Copley tells a great story with a lot of detail about the characters, relationships
and the town of Jalagee.  You really feel that you are a part of the town and could
be a neighbor.  The story itself moves a little slow and demands attention and
patience.  But it pays off as the end of the book is filled with horror and thrills
expected of this book.  
    I do recommend this book for the action and suspense it brings along with the
wonderful writing he uses to tell his story.
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