Welcome back to a new year of Bloody Book Reviews!  We have several
great books to start the new year off right.  To start off, we have a story
about a goth girl able to see creatures unseen by the normal world.  Then
we have a tale of mysterious young girl who is handed off to a family by
her mother who has a strange link to that same family.  After that, there is
a collection of stories with some interesting twist.  Finally we have a
history lesson on werewolves and shapshifters throughout the world.  So
enjoy and keep reading!
                                                                                                   D.W. Jones

Blood Feud - The Saga of Pandora Zwieback: Book 1
by Steven A. Roman
   As soon as I received this book, I knew it looked good.
The cover has a goth girl looking ready for action.  I had the
feeling it looked like the next Buffy.  I was right and wrong
and both pleased me.  Roman tells a great story with
interesting characters and plenty of action.  
   The story introduces you to Pandora, who relocated to
Schriksdorp from NYC after her parents got divorced.  Life
is unbearable for Pan as she is use to life of excitement and
not small town.  But the visions or creatures have slowed
down.  After an incident in the mall with some bullies, it kicks
to high gear and her mother sends her back to NYC with her
   While waiting for her father she follows one of her visions and it leads her to
Annie, a monster hunter who keeps the peace between human and everything
else.  Pan learns she is special and her visions are normal.  As she learns of her
gifts, several supernatural groups are search for a mysterious box of unlimited
power which leads them to Pan’s father, who owns a horror museum and
collection.  Now it’s a race for Annie and Pan to find this box and keep it out of the
wrong hands or it could lead to the end of the world as humans know it.
   Roman brings horror to NYC and spins a tale that keeps the reader enthralled.  
Mix in a little witty dialogue and down to earth characters and you have a great
read.  This is a great book for young readers and particularly girls since many of
the strongest characters are girls who fight back and don’t fit the stereotypical
teenage girl.  I recommend this book for all horror readers and especially to young
girls.  You can find this book at starwarpconcepts.com and amazon.com.

Carmilla by J. Sheridan Le Fanu                                                
   There have been many couplings in the vampire world,
a vampire and human coming together in mutual admiration.  
There is of course Edward and Bella, Bill and Sooki, Dracula
and Mina and let’s not forget Stefan and Elena.  Le Fanu
devleops his own couple with Carmilla and Laura.  It is an
interesting story that twist the fate of both characters.
   The story is told from Laura’s point of view.  Laura is a
young lady living with her father in a large house of privilege
separate from the outside world.  She has no friends except
for the help and longs for a companion her own age.  One
night on a walk with her father, they come upon a carriage
that just had an accident.  After attending to the people in
the carriage, a woman convinces the father to take care of her daughter until she
arrives back from an important meeting.  
   Her father agrees and as soon as the two girls meet, there is an immediate
connection.  They are inseparable for the time together but soon Laura notices
certain things about Carmilla that alarms her like locking her door, her extreme
closeness to Laura and her malaise.  Now Laura is becoming sick and she is
wondering whether she should say something before things get out of hand.
   Le Fanu tells the story in the way a good old fashioned story told around the
fireplace.  It has great detail and takes you deep into the environment.  It reminds
me of how books were written before TV and movies were around, in the vein of
Edgar Allen Poe.  In addition to this, the artwork goes along with the story is great
and there is an extra short story at the end of the book.   I recommend this novella
for any vampire fans.  You can get this book at starwarpconcepts.com.

Twisted Transit by Stephanie Paserba                                        
   Stephanie Paserba is a regular contributor to Blood
Moon Rising Magazine and we are glad to see her strike out
on her own.  She started this process with her first book, a
collection of short stories.  The set up reminds me of Tales of
the Crypt or Outer Limits as in between the stories there is
commentary by a narrator.
   I don't want to give much away, but here is an outline of
the four stories included in her book.  The first is about a
werewolf in therapy.  The second is how the government
being involved in everyone lives goes wrong.  The next is a
take on a classic fairy tale.  The last is the tale of ultimate
   Paserba give a variety of stories simply written that feel
familiar yet the twist is very reminiscent of the Twilight Zone.  The way she
connects the stories and the narration is fantastic and gives it a smooth line from
beginning to end.  I recommend buying this book for a quick and enjoyable read.  
You can pick it up at amazon.com as a paperback or ebook.

Werewolves: Myths, Mystery and Magick by Katie Boyd                
   I was excited when I received this book because were-
wolves seem like they are cut and dry.  Not much to know:
man get bitten by werewolf, man turns to werewolf, man dies
at the end.  That is how most movies and stories go.  But
there is much more to know about the werewolf and Katie
Boyd takes you there.
   Her book is a basic history lesson on werewolves.  She
takes you from the start of werewolves in written history, how
werewolves are not the only creatures that shapeshift.  She
also takes you around the world through different countries
to tell the stories of werewolves and other shape shifting tales.
She also goes through the movies, tv and medical history
behind lycanthropy.
   Boyd does a great job giving you a diverse look at the subject of werewolves
like I never seen before.  She goes into great detail showing how almost every
country in the world has stories.  The biggest shock for me is that there is even
talk of it in the Bible.  Go figure!  She is like one of the teachers you had in school
that made a fun topic even better.  If you thought that werewolves were just a
figment of Hollywood, this book makes you think that they maybe real.  
   I recommend this book for werewolf fans to get an overall knowledge of their
favorite monster.  You can pick this book up at schifferbooks.com or amazon.com
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